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Revisiting our world travels…

I was browsing a new blog I came across yesterday. It was a lovely little blog and there were so many photos of this couples’ world travels, instead of marveling at their good fortune I unfortunately became jealous that we haven’t traveled lately. Then I mentally punched myself in the face because, HELLO, we’ve been fortunate enough to have quite a bit of world travels ourselves.

So instead of jealously scrolling through somebody else’s trips and vacays I started going through our old photo archives and caught up on our last big trip. Back in September of 2011 Alex and I visited the Canary Islands (Tenerife to be exact) and Barcelona, Spain. It was a 3 week long trip packed with lots of beaches (with various colored sands), locals noms, and epic hikes. Below are two collages I put together. The first of our time in Tenerife!


I had been to Gran Canaria once before, although I was just a wee tot, but neither Alex nor I really knew what to expect of Tenerife. We were greeted with warm weather, UVs my skin wasn’t prepared for (this place is like right on the equator), lots of Spanish inspired foods, blue blue blue ocean waters, and soooo many British tourists ;o

Screen shot 2013-05-03 at 12.35.50 PM

Next up, Barcelona. I visited Barcelona with my roommate Becca when we studied abroad together in 2004. I instantly fell in love with this Catalonian city at first glance and was blown away with all the new sites, sounds, and the shopping DEAR GOD THE SHOPPING! On our return I was so excited to show Alex this vibrant city full of so much spirit and energy. Together we ate our way through Barcelona, walked so many miles upon miles through all its quirky neighborhoods, went swimming in our underwear when we forgot our swimsuits, and went on an amazing food tour where we ate all the tapas and pintxos our little hearts desired. It’s also where I adopted the nickname “Pintxo” for Alex. Pronounced “Peen-cho.”


One of the best things we did in Barcelona was paying the money and waiting in the long line to enter La Sagrada Familia. It was the most mind-blowing architectural structure either one of us have ever entered. All the colors, all the height, all the grandeur. There’s simply no other cathedral quite like it in this world.

Screen shot 2013-05-03 at 12.34.43 PM

And while we’re on the topic of great things happening in Barcelona, let’s not forget our fashion show in the H&M dressing room…


One day we’ll travel again, until then I’m going to snuggle my little nugget named Olive who thinks passport stamps are overrated.

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Apparently Buenos Aires is the place to go if you’re on a budget

Picture 5

I was haphazardly browsing because I was in daydream mode. I was picturing prancing around top notch travel destinations in the perfect outfit…no really I was. Then I stumbled upon THIS AMAZING APARTMENT in Buenos Aires’s Recoleta neighborhood. The location, furnishings, and views are all stunning and then I got to the crazy part…it’s $490/week and $1390/month in the high season. Yes, Alex and I could stay there for an entire month well under $1500. Prices like that are unheard of for me.

Picture 1

Picture 6

Now I just need to find some cheap air fare and some more vacation days. gahhhhhhh

Buenos Aires was already on the list of places I really really really want to go to…now it’s numero uno.

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Last year this time…

…we were here. on the Ponte Vecchio taking pictures of the sunset…pretty sure of it. Down to the minute I wouldn’t be surprised. Alec calls me a memory ninja and I totally agree!


And I once again long to go back and traipse about my favorite gelaterias, ristoranti, and monumenti. Today I was speaking with a man that works in my building whose son I went to high school with, he was telling me that his wife and him just went on a “small trip” to Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay. Sounds like an amazingly huge vacation to me…but I’d go on a vacay like that any day.

I need to get my passport renewed with this new name I have so taking international trips can once again be possible…

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travel itch.


It was almost exactly last year this time that Alex and I were jittery with excitement and anxious with anticipation for our upcoming 3 week long Italian adventure. It’s gotten me in a mood of nostalgia, I’ve been going back through online albums lately of our time there last year and how it was more perfect than I had planned. And holy crap did I plan. If you’re ever at our house ask me to see “The Binder.” In this binder I created tabbed sections and logged each and every detail of our trip. I had hotel and apartment details down to the renter’s middle name and favorite gelato flavor. I had restaurants in every neighborhood of every city that we were visiting that I was told by the Travel Channel and other bloggers that we should try. I even had key phrases I may have to utter at particular instances jotted down in there for the “just in case” scenarios. I’m getting organizing thrills and chills just thinking about this epic binder. BUT BASTA (enough)! This is about me wanting to travel…again and more.

Preferably it’d be to a European or Latin destination…but Alex and I are lending the American economy a hand during these “shoot me in the face” times and are traveling nationally. On May 1st we’ll be driving to Denver from Austin. DRIVING TO DENVER FROM AUSTIN. Since I’ve already complained to everyone I know in person about the road trip that hasn’t even begun I will complain to you all…again! Any good road trip suggestions? I really wasn’t prepared for these sort of adventures as a kid. If we went somewhere, chances are we flew there.

On the way back we’re stopping in Santa Fe, where we’ve already made arrangements to rent a cute little house that’s within walking distance of the city center. booyah.

I think I’ll be fine, I can do this. I’ll watch some birthing videos before hand and start practicing the breathing techniques. I’ll be fine.

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