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What? I always carry a gun while jogging.

It’s stories like these that make us level headed Texans appear to be trigger happy buffoons.


Excuse me sir. But you carry a gun while jogging because you’re afraid of snakes? I’ve grown up and lived in Austin since I was four, I’ve ran through heavily wooded areas and suburban neighborhoods more times than I can wave a stick at (see Texas jargon) and have never come across a snake. They’re there, I know they are…but something has to be said to the fact that most wild animals (snakes and coyotes included) are more afraid of us than we are of them.

I know he said the coyote was taking interest in his dog…but said nothing about the wild animal charging, snarling, or howling. Pretty sure he was just aware of you and your laser gun (which seconds later took him down). Also pretty sure that if you just kept jogging nothing would have happened and nothing would have gotten harmed.

To see a once wild coyote living harmoniously with his best dog pal go here.


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Fredericksburg, Texas Day Trip

Some plans changed this weekend and freed up some time for us on Saturday. After reading this post by a shop owner whose store I’ve been meaning to pay a visit to I made a rash decision to make a day trip to Fredericksburg for the day. This quaint hill country town (southwest of Austin) is known for its peaches, pecans, vineyards, German influences, and charming main street.

It was a perfectly sunny day that got up into the high 60s and gave us a hint of how sweet spring will be. While there we ate Weiner Schnitzel and Goulash, window shopped up and down main street, and gazed at architecture from days past.

Of course we stopped in Enid on Main Street so I could see what all the fuss was about. I’ve seen products from this store on various design blogs for awhile now, the owner’s aesthetic is right up my alley. I walked away with a turquoise bud vase to help dull my ever present obsession with mini vases and cute ceramics. We were also lucky enough to meet and speak with owner Lara Collins Bobo about her shop and Fredericksburg in general.

On the way to and from town we saw dozens of empty peach stands awaiting the summer months to ripen the fruit that doesn’t exist yet :-) We plan on going around late June or early July and vow to find some incredible peach cobbler!

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HOW Design Conference 2009 – Austin, Texas


I really lucked out this year since the famed HOW Conference was in the good ‘ole ATX! Being able to go and share in the excitement with fellow creatives was so refreshing and really, just what I needed.

I had a handful of friends that I perused conference workshops, seminars, luncheons, and other events with. (I even ran into an old professor from college) It’s always better when you have people to bounce ideas off of and discuss what you have just learned. It was amazing how easy conversation flowed between complete strangers, we all really just wanted to get the most out of the 4 day event.


Overall it was a great success. I, like every other person there, attended one or two not so great sessions. Whether it be the speaker that was suffering, their content, or sometimes both. However, there were plenty of excellent and stimulating sessions and workshops that totally made up for their peer’s flops. The Closing Keynote was by far the most inspiring for me, and I really think for most people. Mark Randall spoke about how we as designers can make differences in our communities…and it wasn’t too broad as I really expected it to be. His words and his message truly seems doable by simply starting small and locally. I won’t get into too much detail, but check out his word at Worldstudio Inc. in New York.

P.S. this conference was the keeper of the best SWAG of my life :-)

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sweet sweet Adele


Last night we saw one of our favorite singers. We’ve loved the British singer/songwriter, Adele since before going to Italy last April in ’08 and fell in love with her even more while over there. Her song “Chasing Pavement” was aired constantly on Italia MTV and when I hear it it brings me right back to the tiny/cute apartment we rented on Via Chiara in Florence! It also reminds me of the few days right before we got married…and the morning of. It’s a special song to us.

We jumped at the chance when we saw she was coming to Austin about 2-3 weeks ago!

Last night worked out so beyond perfectly! We left work an hour early, dropped Saci off at my parent’s house, got an awesome parking spot right outside the venue (La Zona Rosa), and went to one of our favorite Thai restaurants well before the show started.

I was a little bummed, because after dinner we waltzed around downtown Austin before returning to the venue. When we got there we heard that Adele had been chatting up the people in line, ugh jealousy! Oh well, what ya gonna do?


Gary Clark opened for Adele. He’s someone I’d never heard of before, but after doing some light research learned that he was a gifted local guitarist. I loved that his sound check was non-existent and he casually strolled on the stage, picked up his guitar, and just started singing. His style/voice was very reminiscent to Amos Lee. Very impressed and a great start to the evening!

Adele came out next and absolutely blew us away. She was full of energy and cute quirkiness. I wasn’t expecting such a successful artist to be so humble. Her dialogue with her audience was meaningful and never cut short. She even stated that she purposefully did this show a day before SXSW so tickets could remain affordable and so her true fans could come see her rather than industry peeps. Thanks Adele, much appreciated!

And HER VOCALS. dang. This girl’s range at the age of 20 is something all artists would kill for. She hits notes I didn’t even knew existed without flinching! Take a listen to “Daydreamer” that Alex recorded from the show…it’s short and sweet. Please listen and support this wonderful artista!!!

I’m glad we got there early, we were so close being in the second row and were able to really connect with the artist! We’ll be seeing her again!

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