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Interview with Holly Hanna

Yesterday I was featured on the uber successful blog The Work at Home Woman. I was super honored to be interviewed by Holly and obviously very grateful for the opportunity. In the interview she asks me questions about being an entrepreneur and running a small business while caring for a super squirmy baby.

I grew up spending lots of time in the home Holly grew up in. Her mom would watch my brother and I after school and I always thought Holly was super cool as she would dash down the stairs wearing clothes I wish I was old enough to wear and hanging out with her high school friends. These days Holly is the author of The Work at Home Woman and making a living writing while she cares for her daughter who is now in Kindergarten.

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Click here to read my interview!!

Thanks again Holly, I appreciate the internet love!

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Small business me up


Alex bought me a way cute necklace that got delivered today to our front doorstep. I asked what the occasion was and he told me how proud he was of me for the job I’m doing raising Olive and for all the work I’ve done trying to get our photog business off the ground.

Thank you.

Most days I just feel like I’m not doing enough. Well I should say…not doing enough of the right stuff. Life is all about making decisions. And in this case I’m wondering if I’m making the right decisions on how I should spend my time each day I’m home. 

Should I spend my time emailing this guy about this gig that doesn’t pay well but could offer some good business exposer? 


Should I spend my time designing another flyer that I can pass out to people that are more than likely just throwing it away. THEY BETTER AT LEAST RECYCLE IT.

How do I small business?

When I was in art school I took an oil painting class. I loved it. Most of it at least, one time I was cleaning my glass palette with a razor blade that my professor handed me with one instruction, “Don’t cut yourself.” You can guess what happened next…oh the horror. 

I loved getting into the groove of a painting, I just hated all the setup and cleanup. And I really hated sitting in my dorm room, clear on the other side of campus, wondering if I should go into the studio to work on whatever painting it was I was working on that week. Odds are I’d be able to finish it in time if I didn’t go in on the weekends to make little dabs here and little dobs there. But the point was it made me feel better to go in and go through the process of being a good student and being a better painter.

That’s kind of how I feel these days with this whole small business thang. Even if I go and sit at my computer and send off emails that probably won’t get responded to and design flyers and headers and business cards that probably won’t make that much of a difference it feels good just to be there, sitting there trying to make something happen. Rather than sitting on the sofa with Olive dreaming up epic to do lists.

Oh the thinking of the to do lists.

How do I small business?

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