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Snappity Doo – Blog Challenge 2 – Name(s)

This weekend was not good for me…or for my blogging at least. We were super busy, did a lot of fun things as well as productive things. Yesterday I made a list. I love lists. This one had many items on it, some devoted to cleaning, other devoted to calling old friends, and we were able to cross off each item! Awww, success! But not for the blog.

So today, I will post twice. Yesterday’s topic was chosen by Alec…and I can totally understand why she chose this topic…read hers and you will too!

picture-110My name for this post will not be my own, rather “Adele.” Only because she is currently one of our favorite musical artists AND we scored two tickets to her upcoming show in March! YAY! We’ve been waiting to see her now for over a year. She was at ACL this year but alas, we did not go due to just getting married in Italy and purchasing a house. Two justifiable reasons. Her buttery yet strong vocals bring us both right back to the streets of Florence where we first started listening to her in April. Basically hearing her reminds me of one of the best times we’ve had…getting married and traveling around Italy. Also, the show is at La Zona Rosa, a venue we’ve never seen a show at yet.


Also in names, we learned the names of four of our neighbor’s across the street from us. They brought us freshly baked chocolate chip cookies as a “Welcome to the Neighborhood” gift. Three months late, but whatever, better late than never!

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