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Dear Mubs,

Only after I held my own baby girl in my arms did I realize what an impossible job we share now. I’m not sure if I can ever express just how much I love/adore/appreciate/heart you but I do. I love you with all my love and am so happy to call you my mom. Even though I have to share you with a stinky brother :)

Cha Cha

Ten Things about my mom…

1. We have rhyming names (Taryne and Eryn)

2. She’s the only person I ever want to clean my teeth. 

3. She can’t sit still when her favorite song is playing.

Screen shot 2013-05-11 at 10.21.14 PM

4. She’s nice to everyone she meets.

5. She gives those she loves crazy/ridiculous nicknames (i.e. “Cha Cha”)

6. She always used to tell me growing up that all she ever expected from me was to “do my best.”

7. Her and my dad gave me and my brother the best childhood EVERRR.

8. She can cook her ass off.

9. She can craft her ass off. 

10. I can’t live without her.

Love. Love. Kiss. Kiss.


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Florence Love Walls

I was introduced to this new blogger through another fabulous blogger and absolutely love her site. The images bring me right back to my days in beautiful Italia. Especially the one shown below.

This I presume is in front of Palazzo Strozzi, as the stones look very similar to the facade of that building. I guess it’s a fairly common practice for lovestruck teens and twenty somethings to gravitate towards these public benches to show themselves and the rest of the world how much they adore eachother.

The below photo is one I took for my final photography project in my Photography I course. It is not in front of Palazzo Strozzi, rather in front of Palazzo Medici near San Lorenzo, a spot I passed daily to get to school. I did a series on the people of Florence and walked around with my camera and snapped a lot of images of locals going about their everyday business. I got some really good ones. Including this one, which kind of breaks my heart as I imagine they’re breaking up…or crying about how the pasta they had for lunch wasn’t al dente.

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loved the book…will probably love the movie.

Alex just sent me this link and now I can’t wait for the movie to be released!

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this makes me sad.

This image series kind of breaks my heart. I really want to interfere, scoop up the puppy and love him/her. I’d also give the cat some sort of fish treat for providing comfort to the puppy. These are the kinds of things I think about…


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