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la la la landscaping

We landscaped our front flower bed last year. You may remember…I posted about it. Unfortunately we lost five of the plants we planted. Big bummer, especially because we really liked the ones that bit the dust because of the winter freezes this year.

Have I mentioned that it snowed in Austin this year?

So I figure that it’s not a huge deal that we had to do some minor upkeep this spring. We only spent around $50 and added a good amount of new plants and replaced the holes the dead ones were in. awwww.

Our garden is now a wee bit more colorful than the previous year and NOW WE HAVE 12 DIFFERENT TYPES OF SUCCULENTS. weeeeeee

Does anyone have tips for keeping our prized plants from dying this next winter? We’ll probably just end up covering the majority of it with a tarp…but anything else. Come all ye green thumbs…

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Last weekends accomplishments.

I’ve been a bad, lazy blogger…i know. So here’s a quick post so I feel better about myself and to gloat about our new landscaping. I know it’s not much but Alex and I are really proud of it.

Picture 4

After helping my brother and his fiance move into their new house last weekend we happened upon Agave Nursery and Landscaping and HAD to stop. Their greenhouse was amazing and filled with my favorite things…and we all know what those are.

Picture 5

Anywho, the next morning (while still sore from moving) we woke up at 7am and planted our new succulents and poured our new river rocks into the front flower bed. We first had to dig out all the previous mulch and plants we no longer wanted. We were done by 9:30 and did nothing but relax for the rest of the day!

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adorable potted plants


I practiced having a green thumb on Friday. The real test will come when we finally get around to landscaping the front flower bed.

There’s a Succulent Show in Austin on April 4th and 5th. So you know where I’ll be that weekend…at least for an hour or two!

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scrumptious succulents


We’re looking to landscape our front yard this spring! We’ll leave the backyard for next year…just not in the budget right now! I’ll blame our lack of flower beds and walkways in the back on the economy. So not only is my 401K suffering, but so is my foliage.

Anywho, we’re going for the southwest theme in the front. It’s all about the xeriscaping and the SUCCULENTS. I don’t know where my obsession of plump/sturdy plants originated. But everytime I come across them lately I have to sigh with pleasure and if not too prickly reach out and touch. I apparently never learned my lesson after falling into a slew of prickly pear cacti when I was about 6 or 7. I just remember lying stomach down on the carpet and my mom picking the cacti needles out one by one. Le suck.

Of course succulents are some of the more expensive plants…but I don’t care. I need them badly! I’m also learning all about the different varieties. Who knew there were so many varieties of agave and aloe vera, it’s mind boggling. And being in central Texas is a big plus…every development/storefront seems to have the same ideas as us. So there are dozens of locations we come across on a daily basis where we can see other’s creative xeriscaping.

I’m a little nervous about over watering them. It’s something I’ve had trouble with in the past. When in doubt, I water…not the case with succulents though. They say in the summer to water them once (maybe twice) a week, and even less in the winter. Someone will have to hide the watering can from me. Killing expensive plants would make me so sad.

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