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Florence Love Walls

I was introduced to this new blogger through another fabulous blogger and absolutely love her site. The images bring me right back to my days in beautiful Italia. Especially the one shown below.

This I presume is in front of Palazzo Strozzi, as the stones look very similar to the facade of that building. I guess it’s a fairly common practice for lovestruck teens and twenty somethings to gravitate towards these public benches to show themselves and the rest of the world how much they adore eachother.

The below photo is one I took for my final photography project in my Photography I course. It is not in front of Palazzo Strozzi, rather in front of Palazzo Medici near San Lorenzo, a spot I passed daily to get to school. I did a series on the people of Florence and walked around with my camera and snapped a lot of images of locals going about their everyday business. I got some really good ones. Including this one, which kind of breaks my heart as I imagine they’re breaking up…or crying about how the pasta they had for lunch wasn’t al dente.


August 3, 2010 at 12:40 pm 2 comments

Spooky Beautiful

Picture 2My good friend sent this picture to me today. Florence is and probably always will be my favorite city…after seeing photos like this I am always reminded why.

October 16, 2009 at 7:42 pm 6 comments

Un Anno

Happy One Year Anniversary to us! We’re exchanging our gift of “paper” tonight and cooking dinner from our Florentine cookbook. Perhaps I’ll add onto this post sometime tomorrow with pics of our future fabulous meal. I hope…


April 24, 2009 at 3:25 pm 4 comments

Last year this time…

…we were here. on the Ponte Vecchio taking pictures of the sunset…pretty sure of it. Down to the minute I wouldn’t be surprised. Alec calls me a memory ninja and I totally agree!


And I once again long to go back and traipse about my favorite gelaterias, ristoranti, and monumenti. Today I was speaking with a man that works in my building whose son I went to high school with, he was telling me that his wife and him just went on a “small trip” to Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay. Sounds like an amazingly huge vacation to me…but I’d go on a vacay like that any day.

I need to get my passport renewed with this new name I have so taking international trips can once again be possible…

April 23, 2009 at 6:47 pm 1 comment

Schmap Florence Guide

I was recently notified via my Flickr site that one of the photos I had taken in Mercato Centrale this past April had been selected for the 6th edition of the Schmap Florence Guide. The guide is supposed to come out mid-February of ’09.

I’ve never heard of these guides but am flattered nonetheless! However, the photo they selected…I’m not crazy about. It’s “okay” I guess, I’m pretty sure it’s way out of focus though. I wish they would have chosen either this or this photo that I took in the market that same day.


Below is part of the message that I received from them with more details:

While we offer no payment for publication, many photographers are pleased to submit their photos, as Schmap Guides give their work recognition and wide exposure, and are free of charge to readers. Photos are published at a maximum width of 150 pixels, are clearly attributed, and link to high-resolution originals at Flickr.

February 3, 2009 at 7:02 pm 1 comment


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