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OliveGrams – who wants one?

Screen Shot 2013-03-18 at 7.29.16 PM

With a name like Olive the girl needed her own custom stationery. And if you give a kid their own custom stationery they’re gonna also ask for their own custom stamp. Naturally.

My mom is the craftiest of all crafty grandmas. Every time I see her she’s showing off some new art project she’s dreamed up in her craft room. I’m in love with the OliveGrams she made for us a few weeks ago.

And then you guys are already well aware of the custom stamp I commissioned Leonora of YellowHeartArt to make for us.

Together they’re perfect and I can’t wait to send OliveGrams to all our favorite people.


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Oieeee I can’t wait until this comes in my mailbox!

A handful of weeks ago I was browsing, the reason my wallet is skinnier and my home is prettier, and came across Leonora’s adorable shop (Yellow Heart Art). Everything she makes is just all the cuteness x ten and well, I couldn’t leave without asking her if she was up for creating a custom stamp for Lil Miss Olive. I’d had the idea for awhile that all of Olive’s mail, the kid is single handedly keeping USPS in the black, would have a stamp on the back that read “From Olive Us.” 

Thankfully, Leonora quickly turned into my favorite etsy shop owner to ever live and quickly turned around an adorable, custom stamp just for Olive. 


This photo was taken by Leonora btw (please don’t beat me up for stealing it L). You can visit her groovy blog here and her amazing etsy shop here. Go and shop and be merry now!!!

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I have an artist crush

Ever since finding her site and her etsy shop I’m totally smitten. Geninne Zlatkis is incredibly talented with pencil and paint brush in hand. She’s known for her very detailed bird and animal watercolor prints. The colors and compositions just sing.

Upon visiting her etsy shop on an every other day basis these days I have trouble not buying them all. Recently I purchased two…one for me and one for my mom (who is equally obsessed). As she lives in Mexico the packaged took about 3 weeks to get to my doorstep. But oh man, when it arrived I was over the moon. They’re just as beautiful in person as they are on her site.

The “Love Wins” one is for our home while the blue bird with yellow flowers adorns my parent’s casa. Ours is the perfect addition to our little window seat art nook and I’m already thinking about which ones I’m buying next. I think I need at least one more, I mean it only makes sense…

AND if I didn’t need reason to love Geninne even more, she’s a dog lover. Check out her dog Turbo’s blog!

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Pretty Papers


Just ordered this cute little notebook from etsy. It was a modest impulse purchase…one can never have too many brightly colored notebooks to jot thoughts and drawings into.

Dozi’s paper products are quite nice…take a look!

February 24, 2009 at 10:17 pm 1 comment

Political Mojo for our Tree!


I just joined…until recently I started discovering how awesome of a site it is. Artists, potters, jewelry makers and creative people alike are able to share the products they make with love for profit!

So I started snooping around and came across these! I couldn’t resist the Obama and Gay Rights crane ornaments. They’ll hang happily from our tree from now on! Thanks Nancy for your fanciful cranes!

December 19, 2008 at 5:26 pm 5 comments


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