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Portfolio Pizazz

Have I posted about my portfolio site here? I honestly don’t think I have which is silly beans.

I’d been wanting to create a little space on the internet for awhile with all of my most favorite design work. Something that wasn’t from some online portfolio site where you simply upload images, rather more personal and something I designed fully.

My dear friend sat with me for countless hours and helped me painstakingly code it via CSS and PHP. Jesus help me but I may never understand computer languages…I’m just not wired that way it seems.

Alas, we were victorious and I’ve had my portfolio site up and running since early summer. NOW, I’ve slacked a lot since the initial launch and haven’t made any changes. It still needs help, like smaller images for loading, a favicon, and the like.

But for now, it’s still a nice little place where I can send friends and clients to see what I do for a living.

Enjoy, oh and hit me up if you ever need design work done!

October 1, 2010 at 11:57 am 2 comments

Clawfoot Denial

I’ve longed for the perfect clawfoot tub for awhile now. Reading multiple design blogs on a daily basis doesn’t help as THEY’RE ALL OVER THE PLACE when I scroll down the pages of eye candy perfection.

I would like two (one for each bathroom), but would of course settle for just one.

I spoke to the contractor my parent’s habitually use this past Friday and everything he said about them was negative. They’re expensive, the claws oftentimes fall off of the vintage ones, you’d have to tile underneath them and all around them on all three walls, the plumbing would have to be rerouted to come from underneath rather from the side like we have it now, and our space may not even be big enough for one to fit correctly.

Shattered were my hopes and dreams.

The possibility of one isn’t COMPLETELY out of the picture…but the dream of having a clawfoot is becoming a little more distant. I think I can accept that we may not have one in our current home…a dream to look forward to in years to come perhaps.

We can still put down beautiful flooring and a rad back splash to pull the room together. I’m accepting the reality…BUT then I saw the below picture. Basically the same tub and tile I was dreaming of…damn you internet! Why won’t you let me grieve?

August 30, 2010 at 12:13 pm 5 comments

Organizing just feels so good.

I saw this post today from my all time favorite and was totally inspired to do the same thing to our bathroom drawers.

Calling all compulsive organizers, please step up…

…I am always standing in this line.

So on my lunch hour I made it a point to go to The Container Store. It’s no more than a mile from my place of work (how perfect is that?) and just upon walking in your life is more organized :-)

I purchased some graphic and scented drawer lining, clear/stackable plastic compartments for small knick knacks, a canvas bin for larger lotions and hair products AND a jewelry organizer for the back of our closet door. Because I felt like getting a little cah-ray-zay!

I’ll see if I can post an equally gorgeous after picture like the one seen above. It’ll be an exciting evening at Casa Chandler, let me tell you!

April 28, 2010 at 6:03 pm 7 comments

a few of my favorite things…

I’ve had a habit for a really long while now.

I peruse the internet, see something I like, quick, take a screen shot of that liked something, and then leave it to clutter my desktop for weeks to come. Then eventually I’ll begin to organize these aesthetically pleasing somethings into ambiguously named folders, i.e. “i like” or “april inspiration.”

I have a lot of these somethings floating around at the moment. So I thought I’d share some with you. Their whereabouts come from the multitude of design/cooking blogs I scour on a daily basis.

that sofa and painting sing sweet nothings to me

have I mentioned how much I adore owls and bud vases? no?

it’s that time of year again where images of succulent gardens start popping up everywhere. I unfortunately don’t have anymore indoor space for anymore succulents. We’re busting at the seams I tell ya!

love the colors and handmade whimsy in this living area

crazy about the yellow and taupe linens as well as the fresh flowers and mid century bedside table. This is from the bedroom of one of my favorite bloggers, besides being hilarious she’s got great taste!

NOM, definitely saved the best for last. If I don’t make these soon my mind may explode.

April 14, 2010 at 2:58 pm 2 comments

Before & After fail

Oh Design Sponge, when have you ever led me wrong? I dare say never…until today. I’m a huge fan of the site’s before and after posts. Basically they find a vintage or just beat up piece of anything and refurbish it to be fabulous. When I saw the the before photos of both instances below I was intrigued…but then found that the owner decided to go with the woolly mammoth look.


Who thought this was going to be a good idea? Also, I really want to know the statistics of readers who also saw this post and nodded their heads in approval. I will smack you, I really will. I feel like this is such a shame against the integrity of the original pieces.

I must go now…to form PETF (People for the Ethical Treatment of Furniture)

March 25, 2010 at 7:05 pm 8 comments

Fredericksburg, Texas Day Trip

Some plans changed this weekend and freed up some time for us on Saturday. After reading this post by a shop owner whose store I’ve been meaning to pay a visit to I made a rash decision to make a day trip to Fredericksburg for the day. This quaint hill country town (southwest of Austin) is known for its peaches, pecans, vineyards, German influences, and charming main street.

It was a perfectly sunny day that got up into the high 60s and gave us a hint of how sweet spring will be. While there we ate Weiner Schnitzel and Goulash, window shopped up and down main street, and gazed at architecture from days past.

Of course we stopped in Enid on Main Street so I could see what all the fuss was about. I’ve seen products from this store on various design blogs for awhile now, the owner’s aesthetic is right up my alley. I walked away with a turquoise bud vase to help dull my ever present obsession with mini vases and cute ceramics. We were also lucky enough to meet and speak with owner Lara Collins Bobo about her shop and Fredericksburg in general.

On the way to and from town we saw dozens of empty peach stands awaiting the summer months to ripen the fruit that doesn’t exist yet :-) We plan on going around late June or early July and vow to find some incredible peach cobbler!

February 28, 2010 at 8:47 pm 1 comment

This Condo Sings Sweet Nothings to me

Upon scouring one of my favorite blogs the above image provided me with shear comfort, pleasantries, and WANT of everything in the space. An artist in Chicago lives here and MUST call me first when he decides to have a fire sale. The colors, textures, and composition of everything in his home sends chills through my designer bones. Help me.

Go here to see the entire house tour. be careful.

January 8, 2010 at 10:42 pm 2 comments

Materialism is a tricky beast

I know most of us are like this. We buy something great and then a few weeks (or months) later we’re over it. It’s like, yes beautiful, adorable vase that I bought 13 days ago…you look great, but I’m over your cuteness and I need something else. Maybe something that I can put inside of you, perhaps some beautiful orchids or handmade poppies. Something to dress you up. Because I’m bored with you.

I get like this, with clothes (especially), home decor (more times than I can count), and much much more. I’ll be perusing the world wide web of wonderful things I can purchase for myself or loved ones and this wave will come over me of how much I NEED a certain item. Then I think about my bank account and how we’re trying to save AND how I have a home and a life full of amazing things already that I should cherish and be grateful for. And that is when I put my credit card back into my wallet and whip out a paint brush…or a pair of scissors, or any piece of equipment that allows me to create inexpensive art.

This practice is really helpful for me, creating something new that is rather cheap, but beautiful that I can hang or place in my home. Also you gain a true sense of accomplishment after YOU make something that you’re proud of and willing to show off.

For those of you that will whine on the inside while reading this, “I don’t have an artistic bone in my body!” “I don’t know what I would make!” There are hundreds of design/craft/art blogs and forums out there showing the inexperienced and non-Picassos of the world just how to make amazing things. For inspiration and know how, go to the following sites: Design*Sponge (for inspiration), YoungHouseLove (for both inspiration and step by step), Ohdeedoh (for “child-like” inspiration), or even decorology (for cute ideas).

Happy Crafting/Arting! I’m off to buy myself an easel for upcoming painting projects…

November 12, 2009 at 5:23 pm 3 comments

scrumptious living area

Picture 6

For some reason I can’t take my eyes off this ensemble of lickable furniture. Love the mid-century modern style of the sofa AND the pop of green in the chair. The color palette is creamy and fresh, much like an avocado. I can see myself sipping wine in this room and eating chocolate…always eating chocolate.

October 30, 2009 at 6:44 pm Leave a comment

art projects up the a**

Picture 3

My mental list of art projects I need/want to sit down and do is becoming a little unmanageable lately. Which is good, it’s good to be inspired and stuffed to the gills with ideas and colors and textures. But it doesn’t help that I read about a gahzillion art/design blogs a day and am constantly bombarding myself with cool and fresh ideas that others like AND cooler than me have already created. SOOO what am I going to do about it, well thankfully, I’m a highly organized artist. I make lists, organize and sort my supplies into neat cubbies, and rarely start a new project until the other one before it has been completed. So yes, I’m going to finally finish the photo album for my semester abroad in Florence, yeah that’s right, that semester FIVE years ago. I KNOW!

Then after that there’s this totally awesome painting that I want to start…the idea, I think, is totally awesome…so that will give me some extra motivation to get a move on with this dated photo album…and because I love you guys I’m leaving you with a beautiful picture of bright fabrics. yay fabric :-)

October 7, 2009 at 5:51 pm 2 comments

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