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Fitness-Week 1 wrap up

If you refer back to this post from last week you can view my suggested day by day plan. I’m happy to report back that I followed that to a T and am on track this week to do the same, had a very challenging pool work out this morning with lots of sprint work and kick board drills.

My body feels surprisingly great, last Monday’s boot camp gave a whole new meaning to the word “sore.” But the soreness has gone away and I’m ready to do it all over again :-)

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Getting My Fitness On

Last week I was contacted via Facebook by a good friend from High School that I used to swim with. He informed me that his cousin runs Camp Gladiator here in Austin and that I should come out and give them a shot. For those of you not in the know Camp Gladiator is a boot camp (something huge here in Austin) where a group of people gather in a parking lot, park, soccer fields, etc before or after work and do a wide range of running drills, ab work, jump rope, weight training, basically any form of conditioning that will kick yo ass into shape. Oh, and did I mention that Ally (owner of Camp Gladiator) won American Gladiator in 2008…no?

I went last night with a group of co-workers and friends to my first camp at a close by grouping of sports fields. I definitely used muscles that I hadn’t used since high school and came home with freezing hands and sore muscles. A hot bath and a couple of Tylenol seemed to do the trick as I wasn’t completely immobile this morning.

I’m pairing these boot camp work outs with my swimming of course. Schedule goes as follows:

Monday: swim 5:30 am (2.5ish miles) boot camp at 6:10 pm
Tuesday: long walk with hubs and Saci and AMERICAN IDOL BABY :-)
Wednesday: same as Monday
Thursday: work out at office gym on lunch break for 45 min.
Friday: swim 5:30 am (2.5ish miles)
Saturday: Jazzercise with mom at 9:30 am
Sunday: work out at Cedar Park rec center for 1 hr.

The above has definitely been the most I’ve worked out since high school. Don’t know how long it will last or why I’m on this sudden kick…but it feels good!

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See ya 2009

2009 was good to us…Alex and me that is. Of course the market could have been better and we could have won the lottery and the skies could have rained puppies…but none of that happened. We did however, enjoy our first home for its first year, keep and work at our jobs, and I beat Alex in checkers 4 times. We played a grand total of 7 games…but who’s counting.

So thank you 2009 you weren’t amazing but you didn’t totally suck either. Thanks for keeping me motivated as I returned to competitive swimming for the first time in seven years. Waking up at 5am three times a week and swimming at least two miles wasn’t the easiest but I did it and I way proud of myself for it. It was my New Year’s resolution last year PSBTW. And since I pride myself on a two things; (1) my amazing immune system and (2) being able to keep New Year’s resolutions…I’m going to throw 2010’s resolution out there. I came up with it about 28 minutes ago…I’m going to cook at least one recipe out of each and every one of my cookbooks. I buy them or receive them and RARELY cook out of them. I’m not much of a recipe girl…I like to stray from them (a trait I KNOW I get from my mother) or I have a dish in mind that I know I want to cook and I’ll just hit up I have yet to count all of the cookbooks I own…but there really aren’t that many. If I had to guess I’d say…10. So yes, this is a very doable resolution…but last year’s was freakin’ hard and I’m still going at it.

The crackle of premature fireworks just sounded in the background and the dog just freaked out. We’re off to get ready for a fancy New Year’s party at a friend’s house. So ciao for now…be safe tonight peeps and see ya in 2010!

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I want to swim in this pool…

…it exists in Sydney, Australia. I’m taking up donations for a flight and accommodations while I’m there. I’m also in the market for a baby koala, so hopefully I’ll be able to cross that off the list during my stay.

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butt = kicked

The last two practices at Nitro in the morning have successfully left me gasping for air and red in the face. I like these kinds of workouts, and I’ve been left sore for the past four days. I particularly remember a warm-up set last Friday where we all lined up at the far edge of the pool. Each person dove in, swam a length, climbed out, did a push up, and dove in the next lane and swam back (repeating until we “snaked” down all 23 lanes). oy. My butt hurt Saturday morning…didn’t understand it much but appreciated the extra burn in my buns, makes me feel like I’m working hard!

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MY SWIM MEET, oh yeah and the rest of my weekend…

So the swim meet went well. Not great, but good. We got there about 25 minutes into the warm up which caused me to freak out repeatedly on the way up there. Especially when we had to stop and get directions.


was my reaction when we made a wrong turn and had to turn around. Frantic Eryn was in full swing. You could tell especially when we parked the car as I was 28948503 steps ahead of both my mom and Alex ready to plunge into the warm up pool the first chance I got.

Turns out, I was worried for nothing. I had more than enough time to warm up and do a few practice starts off the blocks. To my surprise our friends Kearney and Robin showed up as well to cheer me on. I was really touched by the gesture, especially since they had to wake up at 7am on their Saturday morning.

I was signed up for five events and had no clue that Masters meets run A LOT quicker than the meets I was used to in high school. Instead of 87 heats separating my events from each other I only had one heat separating my first two events. EEK. Especially since my first two events were my hardest. You can see me swimming the 200 free in the below video that Alex took. (You can’t miss me, I’m the blinding white spot in lane 2). You can also hear my mom exclaim during the first 50 yards, “Pick up the pace.” Yayyy. Unfortunately, I listed my best high school time as my seed time and was thus put into a heat with people who could still swim that time…I on the other hand cannot. And in this video it shows….so yes, I do come in last in this event, and to save me misery Alex said he stopped taping when he realized that. AWWW how sweet of him.

Despite the pain and overall fatigue that came around with each event I really had a great time. It was nice to be back in the meet atmosphere and there were a handful of NITRO swimmers present that cheered me on.

Someday I’ll swim at another Masters meet, but first I want to get a wee bit stronger in the water…and next time I’ll learn from my mistakes and won’t sign up for more than 3-4 events in one day.

After the meet on Saturday I spent the rest of the day primarily in a horizontal position on a bed or sofa or floor. Drooling was involved as well as Saci snuggles. It’s as if she knew how bad my body was hurting.

Today I had a spotting. A celebrity spotting on South Congress!!!! Let’s just say that I was sitting at a crepe trailer while Alex retrieved the nutella and strawberries crepe from the window. I then peered a great pair of sandals walking by with a great dog attached as well. “What cute sandals!” I exclaimed to myself, although I heard myself gasp. Then I gazed up at the owner of cute footwear and exchanged a lip pursed smile with Drew Barrymore. It was pretty coo!

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Big day tomorrow…

…or big morning at least! Tomorrow morning at 8:30am my first swim meet in seven years begins! EEK. I’ve been a little anxious all week leading up to it…mostly because I signed up for five events and really want to do well in the majority of them.

I have no idea where my times will be in comparison to where they were in high school. My coach has been timing me sprint at practice lately, and they seem to be right on. So we’ll see!

This morning I got my yearly physical…and ladies, we all know what a yearly physical entails. All of that plus a tetanus shot (mine had expired), urine sample, and getting blood drawn before 8am is more productive than I’ve been in months. Many many months. And I want to give a big shout out to Ben, the lab tech that drew my blood. He was a rock star and was in and out of my vein within seconds. I was very very impressed…and so very thankful!

Now I’m just hoping that the achiness in my left shoulder caused by the tetanus shot subsides before the meet tomorrow!

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sharp shoulders


I heart this model. For one reason and one reason only. She has sharper and larger shoulders than I do. YIPPPEEEEE! And she’s displaying them proudly in this ad…which was a Macy’s ad in my inbox this morning but that’s besides the point.

When I started swimming in high school my ever growing “swimmer shoulders” were brought to my attention by a fellow swimmer friend. Me and this other dude on my team were the female and male specimen of what true swimmers looked like. Since starting up Masters Swimming this past January I’ve been told that they look larger….GAH, NOOOOOO!

I wonder what event this model swam…because ya know, I’ve already decided that she’s a swimmer. SHE HAS TO BE! Oh and she apparently has an Asian husband…or lovah.

April 29, 2009 at 5:14 pm 2 comments

I went.

Just in case you were wondering. I managed to drag myself out of bed at 4:58 AM, put contacts into tired eyes, fed myself a few handfuls of cheerios, and jumped into a chilly pool by 5:30.

There were a lot more people than I was expecting. I venture to say at least 30-40 people. And a lot of them really gave me a run for my money in the water. It felt good to be up WAY before the sun and to be getting in a great workout!

It came at a price though. All night I tossed and turned in anticipation of the alarm going off at an unwelcome hour. Don’t you just hate that game you play with your mind? And now i’m so tired and have “jell-o” arms. But when I go home tonight, I get to sit my ass down and watch Dancing with the Stars. Because that’s what’s important in life. Oh yeah, we’re also going to make kabobs on the grill. gimme gimme!

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I have to post again…

…so each time I log on to my blog I don’t see my crazed face from the below post.

I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned before on this blog how competitive I am. In sports yes, but also in all aspects of life! It’s kind of different…some examples are as follows:

• when I swim at masters practice I strive to be the fastest in my lane if not in the entire group that night. If someone passes me I have to catch up…otherwise I feel like I didn’t work as hard as I could. I don’t take into consideration that I just started back up a month ago after pretty much being out of the water for 6 years.

• you may not like me if we ever play board games together. well you probably will…only because I try really hard to mask my emotions. I tend to shout and make fast body movements in frantic, “crap, I may lose” situations! Don’t even try to cheat, I’ll eat you alive!

• when Alex was about to propose to me he needed to make sure he was having the ring sized correctly. He however didn’t have the slightest idea what my ring size was. Because he knows me all too well he enlisted my good college friend, Kristi, to help in the quest. He told Kristi to call me one day and make an excuse to talk about ring sizes….because he knows that I know that I have the smallest/skinniest fingers I’ve ever come across….I challenge all people who say they have skinny fingers!

Kristi: “I think my ring size is 6, that’s small right?”
Me: “Um NOOO, I’m a 4.5….beat that HO!”

Yes folks, that’s right, without even asking me what my ring size was I volunteered the information in an effort to let Kristi know that I HAVE SMALLER FINGERS THAN HER!

• Last night things got a little crazy, before falling asleep Alex and I watch “Friends” reruns…pretty much every night. It’s all for him…he needs TV and other “white” noise to fall asleep, ugh. Be forewarned that you may not totally get this example if you’re not an avid “Friends” fan. Anyway, it was an episode where Phoebe mumbled “oh no.” after she made an “eff” up. Alex then mentioned that Phoebe does that a lot and tried to come up with another instance where she said that in other episodes. He failed at said task and turned over to fall asleep. In an effort to beat his score of ZERO, my mind kept churning and came up with SIX. Alex pleaded with me after number six to let it go. But not before I made him proclaim that, “I WON!” and what I had just done was “Really Impressive!”

that is all for now. I’m sure me being competitive in some weird way will make its way back into this blog sooner or later!

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