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Maria’s Taco Xpress

We made our first stop on our journey to find the best breakfast taco in Austin this past Monday.

Taco Xpress on S. Lamar can’t be missed (literally), while traveling down the busy street you see what seems to be a junk yard with brightly colored objects in it (kidding…well not really). The place is definitely funky and DELICIOUS.

I ordered a breakfast taco with egg, cheese, potato, and chorizo as well as a picadillo taco and horchata. Alex got two picadillo tacos as well as a barbacoa…and a friend ordered some queso that we sampled.

All the food was great, my chorizo breakfast taco was definitely the best I’ve had in Austin so far (crazy right, on the first stop I’ve already topped my list of favs) and the picadillo was the perfect blend of spice and flavor. The salsas frescas were full of bright flavors and a good amount of heat. My first time trying the famed horchata was faboo. It was perfect match to a taco because it instantly cooled down your mouth after a spicy bite! And as I was telling my dining mates, it had a distinct flavor that brought me straight back to childhood. I STILL can’t put my finger on the exact spice/memory I was tasting. It’s going to drive me nuts.

I wish Taco Xpress had another location because I would frequent the place…for now I’ll have to deal with making the trek down south for some yummy am snacks.

Onto the next…La Mexicana Bakery here I come!

July 6, 2010 at 11:41 am 4 comments

I’m on a mission here…

…to find the best breakfast taco in Austin.

photo courtesy of Maggie’s Austin

I know where to find my favorite taco in Austin but as far as breakfast tacos go they’re always just good…I want to find one that is GREAT!

Places I’ve already tried that are just good are Rudy’s, Taco Shack, Jim’s, Taco Cabana (I lie, these aren’t that good), and J&J BBQ.

The following are a list of places I’d like to hit that I’ve either heard have great breakfast tacos or through some extensive googling have read about their am treats!

Taco Xpress

Nueva Onda

La Mexicana Bakery

Enchiladas Y Mas


Taqueria Arandas

Taco Xpress is up first this coming Monday which we have off. Woot. I’ll report back!

Anybody in Austin with other suggestions that I should hit up???

July 2, 2010 at 5:45 am 7 comments

The Cup

I had been totally juiced for the World Cup to start this month!!! Yup, too much Jersey Shore for me.

Like the Olympics, it’s an international sporting event that occurs every four years, so of course I’m a fan. I’m a worldy one I am :-)

During our trip to Florida I was worried we weren’t going to be able to watch much, I was wrong…our mornings started off with the 9:30 game and a cup of hot chocolate (even though it was already blazing outside). It was so relaxing and so darn exciting all at the same time!

The U.S. is really impressing me this Cup, I’m so happy for them and totally stoked for us to be able to watch such exciting soccer this summer.

Landon Donovan is going down in history as one of my heroes (I want to squeeze his cheeks in the above picture) and I can’t wait to watch the start of the next round starting on Saturday at 1:30pm against Ghana!


June 24, 2010 at 10:06 am 2 comments

I’ve got no more splainin’ to do

As my friend says, “I’m a delicate flower whose petals wilt” in the heat and indirect sunlight.

I’m pale…”porcelain” as Alex likes to say. I burn way easy.

I’ve recently signed up for another six months of boot camp. The time I’ve made a habit of showing up to since January is at 6:10pm after work. In the winter it’d be dusk when we started and dark when it was over. This was perfect for me…no sun exposure.

Now, it’s late spring and the temps here in the ATX are reaching high 80s and almost low 90s…in the beginning of MAY! Come a month or two I’m going to be dying…not literally but you get the picture.

A month ago I started applying the best of sunscreens everywhere the sunlight may touch before camp. And now I’ve started wearing a hat, sunglasses, and am doubling up on tshirts so as to receive as little sun exposure as possible.


And I’m kind of sick of that. No longer will I try to get a tan like I did in high school. Because well, I don’t tan. I’ve gotten a few (one in particular) really bad sun burns from doing so and never again will I apologize or justify protecting my skin.


I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been chuckled at or asked to explain myself for these practices. NO MORE PEOPLE. So from now on I’m going to continue being a sun dork and protecting my delicate skin and if you have a problem with it…I will smack you with an SPF drenched hand.

Another thing that I do deemed uncool:

Taking care of my automobile by parking far away from store entrances and parking on the fourth floor of the company parking garage where only expensive cars with paranoid owners park.

I put a sizable down payment down on my ‘lil Perla, and within the first hour of ownership got rear ended while at a standstill in rush hour traffic. Some aloof UT freshman instantly put $2,000 worth of damage on my brand new bumper. Oh man did that suck!

Since then I’ve been an extra careful and cautious car owner. Driving defensively (not that I didn’t before), being a paranoid parker, cleaning/waxing Perla on a regular basis, and routinely taking her in for tune ups and oil changes.

And you know what, my car looks great…always!

Last week a man in our office scratched the back bumper of my car while he was parking (don’t worry he left a note). I got his car paint buffed off mine for free (thanks Jesse) and a bystander wouldn’t be able to tell that anything happened at all.

But to be safe Alex took her into Honda and sure enough the bumper was knocked off kilter a wee bit and needs $641.38 worth of repairs. Thank goodness the guy who hit me is honest and kind, he paid for it without asking questions.

But then I had at least 7 different people question why I wouldn’t just pocket that money…I mean you can’t tell anything is wrong anyway.

Is your name on the title of my car?


So don’t worry about it, it has nothing to do with you, and YES from now on I will park on the next floor up of the parking garage with the Porches and Audis thankyouverymuch.

May 4, 2010 at 9:01 am 2 comments

Trailer Park & Eatery

This past weekend was beyond productive, I crossed off so many things from my to-do list. The act of crossing things off a list thrills the bajeebus out of me.


One of the things I crossed off was eating at the Trailer Park & Eatery. We drove down to South 1st yesterday and parked in the gravel parking lot that also contains Torchy’s Tacos and Lee-Dee-Dah. I have been dying to try Torchy’s for I dunno…six months and mamma mia was it worth the wait. Alex and I both ordered two of their tacos: I got the Carnitas Pulled Pork and Green Chile taco on a double corn tortilla and the Baja Shrimp on a flour tortilla. Alex got the Jamaican Jerk Chicken with mangoes and the Trailer Trash (with fried chicken), both on flour tortillas. Each taco was served with a lime wedge and an individual sauce paired appropriately with each taco variety. There were water coolers close by so one didn’t need to order a drink, when all was said and done we paid $11.95 for the both of us. If you live in or around Austin GO GO GO GO to this place. We dubbed them the best tacos we’ve had.


For dessert we skipped La-Dee-Dah to try Holy Cacao which I had heard about in Austin Monthly to sample a few of their famed cake balls. Sadly, they weren’t worth the hype and quite frankly, I’ve had better balls…cake balls that is. I had Holly’s Favorite and we both tried the Red Velvet which left a lot to be desired. The Red Velvet especially tasted as if it had been pre-made and then frozen. A no no in my book, especially when you just had a rave review in one of the city’s most popular publications.

We’ll be back to Torchy’s for sure, there are various other taco combos I must try, including their breakfast tacos.

August 4, 2009 at 12:59 am 4 comments

Some firsts

This past three day long/holiday weekend was glorious. We were busy busy with a wedding, a birthday party, hanging out with friends, and lots of other stuff. It was also a weekend of firsts…

It was the first time I’d ever been to a Hindu wedding at an amazing temple called Barsana Dham.

wedding 2

The first time I went to a wine tasting.

wedding 5

and finally, the first time I actually enjoyed sushi. If you’re in Austin go try Imperia on Colorado St. Great rolls and lots of other yummy, non-sushi choices!

Picture 2

May 27, 2009 at 8:33 pm 1 comment

Acupuncture…friend or foe?

Friend! Definitely! But before I share my Eastern Alternative Medicine experience with you I’d like to tell all in need of a good laugh to go see Pineapple Express.

Since the flick involved a lot of the same actors and makers of Superbad (which we adore) we knew we’d really enjoy ourselves. We saw it at the famed Alamo Drafthouse where we were able to eat a meal while watching the movie, the food is nothing special, yet the concept rocks!

We laughed the entire time and I fell in love with Saul, Jame Franco’s lovable pothead character. Don’t go into the movie expecting it to make a lot of logistical sense…it doesn’t, but it makes you laugh really loud :-)

Ok…so acupuncture…yes?

Alex’s company recently held a silent auction where a donated $75 acupuncture session was up for bid. Knowing that I have been interested in the practice for awhile Alex bid on it for only $30 and won it! I called and made my appointment with Christine at Blue Heron Acupuncture and two weeks later there I was lying on a massage table in this woman’s home having her poke me with needles. Haha. Ok, it wasn’t as strange and creepy as I just made it out to be. Christine was incredibly welcoming and answered all my questions with ease and made sure that I had a relaxing and positive experience.

The session started with me filling out a form of my health history, you know the drill, and we spoke about my sleep, eating, and exercise habits. I was deemed healthy and already very relaxed, which she said is great but I may not be able to feel the full benefits of acupuncture as most her patients are high-strung individuals with stressful jobs and who have sadly forgotten what it feels like to relax!

I laid down on the table and relaxed as she lightly tapped the thin needles into certain pressure points, about 9 total.

Did it hurt, you ask?

No, but on a few of the needles I could feel a dull sting, in response she moved the needle a few millimeters from the current spot and re-tapped it in. Va bene.

After the needles were assembled she placed a heat lamp over my feet (as they cool down significantly during the process), a blanket over my torso, and a scented eye mask over my eyes. Ambient noises of waves crashing was turned on in the background and I was left to relax for 30 min. So basically…naptime. While she was gone I would move body parts around to re-stimulate the needles and would in turn feel a numbness and heaviness in my muscles…slightly euphoric I would say. But nothing ground breaking. I guess if I had an ailment such as a sprained ankle or chronic back pain acupuncture would definitely be the way to go.

For now I’ll stick to massages as I find them more rewarding.

Christine explained to us on our way out the benefits of Eastern medicine and how she uses it for EVERYTHING from headaches to the flu. She also mentioned that she hasn’t used antibiotics for the past 25 years…wow. I would love that type of independence from American healthcare…at least for the small stuff.

So along with my other new hobbies I’m wanting to educate myself more with Eastern medicine, I think it could really impact Alex and I in a very positive way!

August 24, 2008 at 9:50 pm 2 comments

With a little encouragement and some Olympic Inspiration…

I’ve decided to sign up for Masters swimming! I swam competitively throughout much of middle school and all of high school and am wanting to get back into the swing of things. Unlike 6 years ago when I was swimming doubles (two practices a day) each consisting of about 5500 yards (a little over three miles per practice) I will take in about 3-5 practices a week each consisting of a little over 2 miles.

A huge factor in me deciding to start masters is one of my old coaches Mike opened a great indoor swimming facility called Nitro Swimming just a 5 min. drive from where our new house is going to be. This will make getting in the pool a lot easier! Mike is one of the best coaches I’ve ever been around, he knows the first and last name of every kid in his pool (of all age groups) and makes everything his business. Beyond that he has to be one of the most positive people I’ve ever met!

Two years ago Mike came to me with his idea for opening a swim facility and asked for me to design the logo. Now I see the logo all over Austin as proud parents display it on their back wind shields and little kiddos run around in their swim team t-shirts!

This past Saturday I drove out to the Nitro Swim Club for the first time and was amazed at how beautiful the pool is. It’s huge and is accompanied by a smaller/shallower swim lesson pool. And along with swimming masters I’ll also have access to the fitness center which includes tread mills, free weights, weight machines, and much more!

I jumped in for a “pre” workout where I followed the Masters Workout that was drawn up on the pool deck. I really pushed myself, which was tough, being the first work out I’ve completed over 2.2 miles in 6 years! The water felt great but my muscles ached after the first 500 yards.

Upon completion I drove back home and very slowly made my way up the 3 flights of stairs to our apartment. Needless to say the next four hours were spent napping about and eating (swimming makes you soooo hungry)!

It’s been three days and my shoulders are still sore! Can’t wait to get back in though :-)

August 19, 2008 at 4:29 pm 3 comments

Olympic Fever…

…Have I explained to everyone before that I’m an olympic junkie. It’s quite nerdy of me….but whatever. I get so very hyped for both the Summer and Winter Games every two years and when they finally start I watch most all events for the next 17 days. If you ever have any Olympic-based questions…come to me for your answers!

So, pretty much that’s what Alex and I will be watching in HD for the next 2 1/2 weeks. So far they’ve been very exciting. And did anyone catch that monumental Opening Ceremony? If not, I urge you to hop over to youtube or some other source to watch some of the highlights! The sheer artistry, precision, and technology put to work were insane…Alex and I hosted a Chinese themed Opening Party and the 7 of us watched with wide eyes and mouths wide open!

August 10, 2008 at 8:10 pm 3 comments

My Weekend…..phlog!

I thought I’d give this “phlogging” thing a try. It seems to be a good alternative to just blogging when strapped for time or when just wanting to share multiple photos. So here goes:

Friday evening started off with Alex playing with Saci before we left for “B Scene.”

B Scene” is held the first Friday of every month at The Blanton Museum of Art.

We were “seen” and enjoyed yummy appetizers, dessert bars, drinks, a new Japanese Block Art exhibit, and a poetry slam.

Afterwards I was inspired and took artsy pictures.

On the way back to the car we came upon a vintage Porche I imagined myself driving. Drove home and went to sleep.

Saturday I made a no bake cheesecake whose recipe I found here (and if you try this recipe and like your desserts to be on the sweet side, add a 1/2 C of sugar, despite the recipe not asking for it)!

Sunday we dragged ourselves and Saci out for a hike on a day where it reached 105 degrees!

Where we found a heart shaped pebble…and just barely escaped heat exhaustion.

August 5, 2008 at 3:20 am 3 comments

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