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What? I always carry a gun while jogging.

It’s stories like these that make us level headed Texans appear to be trigger happy buffoons.


Excuse me sir. But you carry a gun while jogging because you’re afraid of snakes? I’ve grown up and lived in Austin since I was four, I’ve ran through heavily wooded areas and suburban neighborhoods more times than I can wave a stick at (see Texas jargon) and have never come across a snake. They’re there, I know they are…but something has to be said to the fact that most wild animals (snakes and coyotes included) are more afraid of us than we are of them.

I know he said the coyote was taking interest in his dog…but said nothing about the wild animal charging, snarling, or howling. Pretty sure he was just aware of you and your laser gun (which seconds later took him down). Also pretty sure that if you just kept jogging nothing would have happened and nothing would have gotten harmed.

To see a once wild coyote living harmoniously with his best dog pal go here.

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The Cove, a must see!

I’ve been a basket case the past two days. I heard about this documentary a few weeks ago, detailing the hunting, capture, and inhumane slaughter of over 23,000 bottle nose dolphins each year in Taiji, Japan. I watched the trailer that Alex sent me and was of course taken aback by some of the “lighter” scenes shown within it. He recommended we put it on our Netflix queue to become more educated about what is going on and I agreed. Two days later, I’m REALLY glad I got through it, however, I’m thinking I may have been better off with a Cliff Notes version.

Let’s just start off by saying that I LOVE dolphins, everything about them. I’ve had an affinity for them ever since I was young and saw the Little Mermaid. I would swim around my grandparent’s pool when I was 5, 6, and 7 pretending I was Ariel, whipping around the water with my imaginary dolphin friends. My grandma would insist that I tie back my hair into a pony tail before swimming (maybe to combat the tangles) and I would always object…I needed to have long, flowing hair like Ariel’s.

They’re such smart, fun, caring, wild animals that deserve to be free of captivity and our selfish want to watch them flip and jump in Sea World tanks and swim with them at places called Discovery Cove and Dolphin Adventures. When my family went on a Caribbean cruise after my senior year of high school I asked my parents if we could swim with dolphins at one of the ports. They gave in…because they’re awesome, and my dad and I had an amazing experience swimming with two trained bottle nose dolphins in the bay of Cozumel…that was caged off of course. We got to ride on their dorsal fins, were propelled up into the air by way of our feet and their noses, and held bars high above our heads for them to jump over. Towards the end we all lined up for the obligatory picture of the dolphin kissing us on the cheek, I went first, and the dolphin overshot a bit and rammed me in the side of the head with its nose. It hurt a lot…but so does what we’re doing to them. In the documentary Richard O’Barry (my new hero) states that “the dolphin’s smile is nature’s biggest deception, because it leads us to believe that they’re always happy.” After swimming with dolphins when I was 18 I knew it was something I wanted to do again and again and again. As much as the opportunity would present itself to me, I wanted to keep doing it. I can state now, that I will never promote these programs again, because chances are the dolphin that rammed me in the side of head was a dolphin that was once happily living off the coast of Japan…

…before it was captured in the cove in Taiji.

The Cove details marine biologists, free divers, and dolphin activists from all over the world uncovering the bloody and sickening secret that Taiji, Japan has kept quiet for so many decades. When you enter the city there are dolphin sculptures, signs, lights, and even a museum showcasing the amazing species. It’s pretty sick and twisted how you can truly watch the dolphins perform in a concrete tank and eat dolphin meat at the same time. Not even a few miles away is the bay of Taiji where every morning fishermen extend long metal poles into the water and bang on them with metal rods. They do this because dolphins have an amazing sense of sound that is extremely delicate and easily agitated, the banging noises lead them into a specific area where they’re panicked and confused. They’re led to a cove close to the shore and then trapped their by means of nets. The next morning dolphin trainers and dealers come out and measure them, inspect them, and ultimately find their “Flipper” for their parks and “swim with the dolphins” programs. The ones that are selected are the lucky ones, the others are led to another cove…the killing cove.

The amazing crew of The Cove somehow managed to get cameras mounted on all angles of this cove so they could have documented proof of what was actually going on. They needed this footage for the dolphin’s cause. Near the end, they show this footage. It’s the worst thing I’ve ever seen, I couldn’t nearly have prepared myself for the torturous and sickening techniques the fishermen use to end the lives of these magnificent creatures. The cove that was once blue and beautiful turns into a death tank of what can only be described as thick, red kool-aid.

I have a problem with this, a huge problem. Not only are they ending the lives of these amazing creatures in the most inhumane of ways but it’s so unnecessary in the first place. You see, dolphin meat is extremely toxic to humans, and probably many animals because it contains extremely high levels of mercury. Which then leads to mercury poisoning, which can lead to death or extreme birth defects. Much of the sushi and other fish products in Japan, but also all over the world, have dolphin meat in them, disguised as other types of fish. The Japanese and other people around the world don’t know they’re eating dolphin and if given the choice, wouldn’t want to be. It’s an undesirable meat source. And what’s worse is the Japanese government is putting dolphin meat in school lunches. Up top Japan, nice one!

YES, PROBLEM. HUGE PROBLEM. I want people to watch this documentary and to tells others to watch this documentary and I want people to get MAD!

I’m REALLY MAD about this. But alas, there are things we can do. As westerners we are very fortunate, and therefore, can speak with our dollars. Go here to donate and learn more about the documentary and the cruel practices that are taking place every September through March.

Go here to learn about saving the whales…AGAIN. Because, yes, dolphins are whales too.

Now, I know some of you out there are shaking your heads and wagging your fingers at me. “How ethnocentristic of me to judge the Japanese for slaughtering dolphins while we and others slaughter cows, and pigs, and lambs, and goats, etc.” I KNOW. I’m guilty of eating beef that isn’t local and probably from farms where they’re crowded into pens eating grain and corn until D-day arrives. I AM. However, starting this past weekend I am taking measures to only buy meat that comes from local farmers who actually adhere to the “free range” practice. I’m even looking to cut out red meat, because I refuse to preach about these poor dolphins and ignore the poor cows and pigs that exist only miles away.

Also, I’ve been talking about this to a lot of friends lately and a few of them have said, “I know this is horrible, but shouldn’t we first concentrate on people, and the horrible things that are happening in this world to PEOPLE?”

Why yes, I care about people, I really do…even more so than animals. I even donate money to “people” from time to time. But sometimes you have to look out for the animals too, because they don’t have a voice dammit! And are the ultimate in being helpless at times.

So judge me if you want for being so passionate and distraught over this. OR GET MAD WITH ME and see how you can help too!

Watch the Trailer!

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beyond grateful

Picture 4

Ok, who else out there bawled like a hyena while watching the live footage? My mouth was open, fluids pouring out, and I made some incomprehensible noises. Saci was concerned.

Oh man, it’s such a relief to see these two women home, free, and safe with their families. I can’t imagine the pain and heartache they all went through, there must have been countless dark hours. When the dust settles I’m very curious to hear/read interviews detailing their time there and how they were treated.

And can I get a “Hell yeah!” for good ‘ole Slick Willie. I told a friend earlier today, that because of this, he’s kind of my hero right now…at least for the next 48 hours. The same friend also commented about how Bill Clinton is pretty much awesome and gets a lot of flack despite his accomplishments. Can anyone out there imagine Bush Junior pulling off a feat like this one? It would never happen, he’d offend Kim Jong Il in some way and then high tale it to the nearest Korean Barbecue restaurant. So again, good job Bill, you kind of rocked it…hard.

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This poor child…

Picture 1

Who signs a writhing and screaming baby? Oh yeah, the former governor of Alaska.

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Alex and I know a couple that got married on a whim and within only a month of knowing each other. We have bets on how long it will last because they’re completely wrong for each other and aren’t known for making good decisions. However, it’s their right to make this bad decision, go down to the courthouse, obtain a marriage license, and reap the benefits of marriage in the United States.

It’s a shame that the gay couple my mom cares for (one 92, the other 82) can’t have the same benefits. They’ve been together for at least half a century.

This is a sad sad world sometimes!

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We can all breathe easy now in knowing that the Obamas finally have their pup in the White House. Thank Jeebus! He’s adorable, even though I wish they would have adopted a hypoallergenic dog…I guess I can forgive them…sometime.

April 13, 2009 at 6:05 pm 2 comments

Do I need to slap a ho?

Tammy Bruce was on the Laura Ingraham Show recently and called Michelle Obama “trash.”


Quote: “That’s who he’s married to, what does that tell you? This is what we’ve got — you know what we’ve got? We’ve got trash in the White House.”

So the only thing I can think of is that Tammy Bruce must be blind, deaf, and on crack. I really can’t think of ANY other explanation.

March 25, 2009 at 4:20 pm 3 comments

Snappity Doo – Blog Challenge 2 – Inspirational

This made me really happy and hopeful! This guy is kind of amazing…I HAVE to see “Milk.” And there HAS to be equal rights for everyone. I really think that this is one of those things that we’ll look back on 30 years from now in disbelief that it was legal back then. When I’m faced with a person who tells me that “it just isn’t right for two men or two women to get married” I answer back with, “well back in 1967 it was still illegal for Alex and me to get married.” That makes things really uncomfortable…good!

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Swimming Stronger

I kind of had a breakthrough this week…as far as swimming goes. The first two weeks were brutal. I was battling with finishing sets and making intervals, leg cramps, shoulder pain, etc. However, this past Monday I finally caught my stride…for now at least! I had the “fresh” feeling that I would feel occasionally while swimming in High School. The “I’ve been working hard in the water, but am recuperating nicely” feeling. Hard to explain I guess…my strokes just felt smooth (finally), and even though I was still challenged by the work out…I just felt strong. Tuesday’s practice followed through with the same feelings…and so did last night’s. Now it’s time to start challenging myself a bit more…not going to get too comfortable. I still like the feeling of barely being able to lift myself out of the pool because I worked hard in the water.

So there’s that…I’m also still flying high since the inauguration on Tuesday. WE HAVE A NEW PRESIDENT YO! I love hearing him being referred to as the president…in the past those words evoked feelings of frustration and distrust…now they conjure up feelings of hope and prosperity! We’re in good hands once again, worthy hands!

On the house front we’re slowly but surely still making small improvements in the more neglected rooms (i.e. the office and garage). Yes, the garage, since before even moving in Alex has had grand visions of painting the garage a bold color and putting up wall graphics…we did the same to the office last night. We’re both excited with the outcome of the office walls and now need to purchase two new (very streamlined) desks. Thank God for IKEA…we’ve already picked them out! Pictures to come soon!

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I’m rolling around in Republican tears today…the speech, the crowds, the whole lot was amazing and so inspiring! Here’s to the next four years…that we surely won’t be ashamed of!

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