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Clawfoot Denial

I’ve longed for the perfect clawfoot tub for awhile now. Reading multiple design blogs on a daily basis doesn’t help as THEY’RE ALL OVER THE PLACE when I scroll down the pages of eye candy perfection.

I would like two (one for each bathroom), but would of course settle for just one.

I spoke to the contractor my parent’s habitually use this past Friday and everything he said about them was negative. They’re expensive, the claws oftentimes fall off of the vintage ones, you’d have to tile underneath them and all around them on all three walls, the plumbing would have to be rerouted to come from underneath rather from the side like we have it now, and our space may not even be big enough for one to fit correctly.

Shattered were my hopes and dreams.

The possibility of one isn’t COMPLETELY out of the picture…but the dream of having a clawfoot is becoming a little more distant. I think I can accept that we may not have one in our current home…a dream to look forward to in years to come perhaps.

We can still put down beautiful flooring and a rad back splash to pull the room together. I’m accepting the reality…BUT then I saw the below picture. Basically the same tub and tile I was dreaming of…damn you internet! Why won’t you let me grieve?

August 30, 2010 at 12:13 pm 5 comments

Delightful Dishware

I’ve never expressed on this blog how much I adore our dishware.

I fell in love with the set we registered for about 6 months before we got married. We of course registered for it and it was the number one item I looked forward to receiving. Of course, it was also the most expensive item we registered for…

Luckily we have some awesome friends and family members who bought the entire set for us and we’ll be eternally grateful! It matches the decor of our home so well and each time I use it, even if it’s just for my morning bowl of cereal, I still appreciate it!

It’s the set above of course…from Crate & Barrel. I recently came across this article on Apartment Therapy of a fellow fan of the set who had her heart broken when the set was discontinued…after she had finally saved up enough money for it. OH THE HEARTBREAK.

I too had the exact same fear, 6 months before we got married when we registered for it. I told Alex one day, “That’s it…I’m just going to buy it myself because I KNOW it’s going to be discontinued.” Thankfully it was not…until we received each last piece. Phew!

To the woman out there who lost her dream dishware, don’t fret, I’m sure a lovely set will come along soon that will be just as gorgeous. Meanwhile, I’m going home…to spoon with my plates, bowls, mugs, and platters.

August 17, 2010 at 5:08 am 3 comments

I need a Pouffe!

If you asked me yesterday what a Moroccan leather Pouffe was I’d probably give you a twisted look.

However, if you showed me one, I’d be all, “Oh yeah, I’ve been seeing those all over my favorite design blogs and I kind of want one.”

Fast forward to today…I kind of NEED one. Only, they’re pretty expensive…a little more than I’d care to pay for any type of pouffe really.

In any case, it’s now on the list of “Things I want.” I will budget accordingly…

August 12, 2010 at 11:55 am 2 comments

Frame Frenzy

Friday was a good shopping day for me. Well really it was more like FANTASTIC!

I purposefully hit up Aaron Brothers because they were having their biannual penny sale, buy one frame get the second for a penny. um Amazing!

I walked away with 8 frames of varying sizes (three of them being 18 x 24″) for only $100. I felt a like I had won a mini lottery…a mini frame lottery because I’m a dork.

We have countless art pieces that were just sitting in a closet at home and NOW we can frame the majority of them. Yesterday, with Alex’s help we hung them. It’s so great having my favorite pieces adorn my favorite walls. Some areas of our home even feel like an art gallery because of it…mainly the hallway with its white walls.

I have a few more pieces in mind that must be framed but for now…I’m a happy and content girl!

August 1, 2010 at 1:45 am 2 comments

I’m totally doing this.

Or should I say, “we’re” totally doing this?

Because I don’t touch power tools, and this project would involve one…in a minute way. But still I DON’T TOUCH POWER TOOLS.

My fear of power tools arose freshman year of college when I took my required 3D Foundations art class where you guessed it, we made 3D objects. The class involved a lot of art installations as well as one huge board game that the entire school came together to make. It was really cool. BUT all of this 3D-ness involved utilizing the wood shop. A place I associated with saw dust and blood after our first project in said class was to make our own wooden tool box. I made one successfully and we still use it in our home. huzzah. But the process of getting there kind of sucked.

I was made aware of how powerful and real those saws were when Haans, the wood shop purveyor held out his right hand before grabbing hold of one of the saws. HE HAD FOUR FINGERS. AHHHH. I of course, wanted to keep all mine. And if a person that was trained and skilled using this type of machinery could do that type of damage, god knows what I’d be able to pull off. Or should I say, “cut off.” Ack.

Anyway, wow, so yes…Alex will be helping me with this project. I saw it yesterday on one of my favorite blogs and I love this artful solution for their office. It’s the perfect place to display all of the smaller art we own without having to frame it all. AND when you grow tired of a certain piece being displayed you can simply swap it out for another. Perfection.

Our guest bedroom is in a bit of a transition stage right now. Last Friday we had a paint party and changed the drab white walls to silver drop and deep aubergine. Picture a nice light, warm gray and a deep, earthy purple accent wall. Pictures are coming soon!

The bedding matches the current wall color now perfectly and now all we need are some cool wall graphics and this art project that I can’t wait to finish! A rug would probably be nice too! Oh and a new lamp shade for that sad looking lamp on the night table.

Anyway, I’ll try to document the process along the way. I usually just like taking “After” shots, basically because I never think to take a “Before” picture. And in this case I did too, it’s just that Alex randomly took pictures of our entire house months ago…so voila. Behold, the “Before” pictures…iccckkkk!

July 25, 2010 at 12:26 pm 2 comments

Something I need.

I dream of one day owning a craftsman bungalow with beautiful crown molding, original wood floors, and a stained glass window or two.

The above picture is the exact representation of the architectural/design elements that I’d totally adore in a sitting/living room. All that is missing of course is the stained glass.

I picture myself in said house with the perfect modern/contemporary furniture and home accessories. Let me tell you, the place looks great…in my head.

Homes like this in Austin will cost me an arm and a leg. Perhaps I’ll be ready for that sacrifice one day. I mean, just look at that nook of awesome!!!

July 8, 2010 at 12:42 pm 5 comments

the Fox Hole

On Sunday Alex and I finally stepped up to the plate and tackled a project we’d been talking about for probably a year.

Saci sleeps in a medal kennel that resides next to our bed. It’s been a constant eye sore ever since we brought her home and the Star Wars sleeping bag that was draped over it was no longer cutting it design-wise.

So we went to Home Depot, bought some MDF board that we had custom cut while there, bought an electric drill/screwdriver (finally), and came home to start on our project.

Alex was mostly in charge of building it while I held things in place and then we both painted it “Pensive Sky” the subtle blue wall color that we already have in our bedroom. And the paint was leftover from painting the walls a year and a half ago so we didn’t have to buy more. Score.

Once dry I went online here to find a cool graphic that I could just free hand onto the piece of furniture. Because Saci has fox ears I went with this and I think it turned out splendidly. I just used the accent wall color that we have on the wall behind the piece in “Painted Turtle” and mixed an orangey-red hue with some acrylic paints I had laying around.

We now call her new abode The Fox Hole :-)

June 3, 2010 at 11:11 am 2 comments

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