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Interview with Holly Hanna

Yesterday I was featured on the uber successful blog The Work at Home Woman. I was super honored to be interviewed by Holly and obviously very grateful for the opportunity. In the interview she asks me questions about being an entrepreneur and running a small business while caring for a super squirmy baby.

I grew up spending lots of time in the home Holly grew up in. Her mom would watch my brother and I after school and I always thought Holly was super cool as she would dash down the stairs wearing clothes I wish I was old enough to wear and hanging out with her high school friends. These days Holly is the author of The Work at Home Woman and making a living writing while she cares for her daughter who is now in Kindergarten.

Screen Shot 2013-06-04 at 8.44.34 AM

Click here to read my interview!!

Thanks again Holly, I appreciate the internet love!

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Revisiting our world travels…

I was browsing a new blog I came across yesterday. It was a lovely little blog and there were so many photos of this couples’ world travels, instead of marveling at their good fortune I unfortunately became jealous that we haven’t traveled lately. Then I mentally punched myself in the face because, HELLO, we’ve been fortunate enough to have quite a bit of world travels ourselves.

So instead of jealously scrolling through somebody else’s trips and vacays I started going through our old photo archives and caught up on our last big trip. Back in September of 2011 Alex and I visited the Canary Islands (Tenerife to be exact) and Barcelona, Spain. It was a 3 week long trip packed with lots of beaches (with various colored sands), locals noms, and epic hikes. Below are two collages I put together. The first of our time in Tenerife!


I had been to Gran Canaria once before, although I was just a wee tot, but neither Alex nor I really knew what to expect of Tenerife. We were greeted with warm weather, UVs my skin wasn’t prepared for (this place is like right on the equator), lots of Spanish inspired foods, blue blue blue ocean waters, and soooo many British tourists ;o

Screen shot 2013-05-03 at 12.35.50 PM

Next up, Barcelona. I visited Barcelona with my roommate Becca when we studied abroad together in 2004. I instantly fell in love with this Catalonian city at first glance and was blown away with all the new sites, sounds, and the shopping DEAR GOD THE SHOPPING! On our return I was so excited to show Alex this vibrant city full of so much spirit and energy. Together we ate our way through Barcelona, walked so many miles upon miles through all its quirky neighborhoods, went swimming in our underwear when we forgot our swimsuits, and went on an amazing food tour where we ate all the tapas and pintxos our little hearts desired. It’s also where I adopted the nickname “Pintxo” for Alex. Pronounced “Peen-cho.”


One of the best things we did in Barcelona was paying the money and waiting in the long line to enter La Sagrada Familia. It was the most mind-blowing architectural structure either one of us have ever entered. All the colors, all the height, all the grandeur. There’s simply no other cathedral quite like it in this world.

Screen shot 2013-05-03 at 12.34.43 PM

And while we’re on the topic of great things happening in Barcelona, let’s not forget our fashion show in the H&M dressing room…


One day we’ll travel again, until then I’m going to snuggle my little nugget named Olive who thinks passport stamps are overrated.

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GIF obsessed. Like OBSESSED.

I’m a little slow catching onto trends. Like the totally awesome neato thing where you make your own gifs and then share them with the ¬†internet. So I’m catching up for lost time.

Here is a gif about Olive’s favorite TV show GIRLS. It’s not exactly age appropriate but she’s far from forming memories, so we’ll just continue to watch Hannah Horvath trot around Brooklyn nakedly.


And here’s one about mustaches. Olive has no interest in facial hair…but I do. Along with the rest of the internet.


Many more gifs to come because they’re like so much fun.

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Shhh, this is a whisper post

Screen shot 2013-02-09 at 9.47.24 PM

Olive is an eater. Not that we’re surprised, both her parents can put down some serious food without batting an eye.

On my first week back to work I was pumping 15-16 ounces of pure, liquid gold during every work day. I remember picking her up from “school” the very first day and learned she drank exactly how much I had pumped that day. I felt kind of awesome.

Then the real stress of being back at work kicked in and my supply started to poop out. I am currently getting anywhere from 9-12 ounces during a work day. I’ll pump 3-4 times a day. And boy is it FUN.

And because Olive has an appetite the size of forever I’ll come home, feed her off my boob, immediately pump off the excess, feed her off my boob before bed, stay up an extra few hours and pump more. Then sometimes I will even set the alarm for the middle of the night for a time she wouldn’t be up feeding so I can pump more. And if I still don’t have the longed for 15 ounces for that day I’ll pump one more time before work, after feeding her from the boob of course.

It’s a lot of freakin’ work.

Alex finally convinced me that giving her ONE (JUST ONE) bottle of formula before she goes to bed isn’t the end of the world. It’s just another source of food to sustain our growing chunk-a-lump.

Writing this post makes it more real, and in turn, makes me feel more guilty. But liberated. But guilty. OH THE GUILT. dammit.

I wanted to be the mom that fed her baby seamlessly for an entire year (at least) with just breast milk. But it didn’t happen…and that’s ok.


Shhhh. Sometimes I feed my baby formula at night. Shhhh.

February 9, 2013 at 6:05 pm 4 comments

The Cup

I had been totally juiced for the World Cup to start this month!!! Yup, too much Jersey Shore for me.

Like the Olympics, it’s an international sporting event that occurs every four years, so of course I’m a fan. I’m a worldy one I am :-)

During our trip to Florida I was worried we weren’t going to be able to watch much, I was wrong…our mornings started off with the 9:30 game and a cup of hot chocolate (even though it was already blazing outside). It was so relaxing and so darn exciting all at the same time!

The U.S. is really impressing me this Cup, I’m so happy for them and totally stoked for us to be able to watch such exciting soccer this summer.

Landon Donovan is going down in history as one of my heroes (I want to squeeze his cheeks in the above picture) and I can’t wait to watch the start of the next round starting on Saturday at 1:30pm against Ghana!


June 24, 2010 at 10:06 am 2 comments

The Sunshine State

Alex and I have just arrived back home from a lovely stay in Florida. A state that wouldn’t have been our first choice for a summer vacation (we tend to choose cooler locales than our home state of TX for the summertime) but we were attending a family reunion there anyway so we decided to make a vacation out of it.

After two days in Orlando for the family reunion we were both ready to hit the road two hours north to beautiful St. Augustine. Orlando was way too commercial, chain restaurant dotted, and theme parky for our taste. Not to mention that the full humidity in 95 degree heat actually made my body hurt.

St. Augustine was recommended to us by fellow blogger Erin. She and her husband Chris share a home on St. Augustine Island and spoke very highly of their hometown!

We knew why as soon as we entered the downtown area (which is still said to be owned by Spain). The architecture was lovely and almost made me feel like I was walking around a small Spanish town rather than one in north eastern Florida.

We stayed at The Carriage House which I hands down, wholeheartedly recommend to anyone who’ll be in the area needing a place to rent. It was chock full of history and Americana nostalgia and was sooo adorable. As soon as we pulled into the long driveway we immediately gasped. The house was nicely set back about 25 yards from the main road and had a giant 200 year old oak tree with Spanish moss hanging from its branches looming overhead. The mossy green home had a charming balcony in the front as well and it reeked of southern charm. The house got even better as you walked through the front door and discovered its three spacious bedrooms, two baths, fully stocked kitchen, a parlor, large dining room, and a spacious terrace. And thankfully the homeowner had the AC cranked so it was a comfortable 74 degrees throughout our entire stay!

During the four days we were in St. Augustine we were able to do a lot of sightseeing, shopping, beach going, watching of the World Cup :-), and EATING. We ate really well there. Our favorite restaurant of the trip was The Tasting Room, a Spanish fusion tapas bar with great ambiance, live music, and fantastic food. We feasted on spinach and pine nut empanadas, mussels with a Thai curry broth, and seafood paella! They even had a psychic walking around that was “on the house” that entertained us while we waited in between courses.

Besides eating in many great restaurants while there we were lucky enough to visit Erin and Chris’s home on the island where they made a proper Italian meal for us. Alex and I were insanely impressed with their mad pizza making skills. Having recently returned from a special trip to the island of Ischia they brought back a recipe they sampled while there. The pizza that I will forever refer to as Ischia Pizza was FABULOUS and I’ve vowed to make it this Saturday for our late Father’s Day celebration (I’ll blog about it in detail then)! Also on the menu was a tasty arugula, corn, and tomato salad, and a scandalous dessert of homemade brownie topped with lemon marscapone and candied lemon slices. So impressive!

I was spoiled even more the next morning when Chris made me a marocchino, an Italian coffee I’d never sampled before. You can read how they make it here. The process was a bit tedious, but oh man the end result was fantastico. I literally felt like I was back in Italy sipping in a small cafe. Bravo! Moments later I was out their front door on the two block walk to St. Augustine Beach where I enjoyed some AM waves before traveling back home. Oh to live by the beach, I can’t imagine how great that would be…

With full bellies, heavy suitcases, and slight tans :-) we headed back to Austin this past Monday.

We were so excited to see Saci who had been staying with my parents the entire week (thanks Mom!) and get back to our normal grind. The week prior to going to Florida I was in Denver for a conference while Alex was in Ohio for work as well. Living out of a suitcase was growing old and we missed the comfort of our own bed. The house was EIGHTY THREE degrees when we walked inside. Yuck. But soon cooled off and we’re settling in for what may be a gruesome summer of 3 digit heat. Eek.

June 24, 2010 at 7:46 am 3 comments

I’ve got no more splainin’ to do

As my friend says, “I’m a delicate flower whose petals wilt” in the heat and indirect sunlight.

I’m pale…”porcelain” as Alex likes to say. I burn way easy.

I’ve recently signed up for another six months of boot camp. The time I’ve made a habit of showing up to since January is at 6:10pm after work. In the winter it’d be dusk when we started and dark when it was over. This was perfect for me…no sun exposure.

Now, it’s late spring and the temps here in the ATX are reaching high 80s and almost low 90s…in the beginning of MAY! Come a month or two I’m going to be dying…not literally but you get the picture.

A month ago I started applying the best of sunscreens everywhere the sunlight may touch before camp. And now I’ve started wearing a hat, sunglasses, and am doubling up on tshirts so as to receive as little sun exposure as possible.


And I’m kind of sick of that. No longer will I try to get a tan like I did in high school. Because well, I don’t tan. I’ve gotten a few (one in particular) really bad sun burns from doing so and never again will I apologize or justify protecting my skin.


I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been chuckled at or asked to explain myself for these practices. NO MORE PEOPLE. So from now on I’m going to continue being a sun dork and protecting my delicate skin and if you have a problem with it…I will smack you with an SPF drenched hand.

Another thing that I do deemed uncool:

Taking care of my automobile by parking far away from store entrances and parking on the fourth floor of the company parking garage where only expensive cars with paranoid owners park.

I put a sizable down payment down on my ‘lil Perla, and within the first hour of ownership got rear ended while at a standstill in rush hour traffic. Some aloof UT freshman instantly put $2,000 worth of damage on my brand new bumper. Oh man did that suck!

Since then I’ve been an extra careful and cautious car owner. Driving defensively (not that I didn’t before), being a paranoid parker, cleaning/waxing Perla on a regular basis, and routinely taking her in for tune ups and oil changes.

And you know what, my car looks great…always!

Last week a man in our office scratched the back bumper of my car while he was parking (don’t worry he left a note). I got his car paint buffed off mine for free (thanks Jesse) and a bystander wouldn’t be able to tell that anything happened at all.

But to be safe Alex took her into Honda and sure enough the bumper was knocked off kilter a wee bit and needs $641.38 worth of repairs. Thank goodness the guy who hit me is honest and kind, he paid for it without asking questions.

But then I had at least 7 different people question why I wouldn’t just pocket that money…I mean you can’t tell anything is wrong anyway.

Is your name on the title of my car?


So don’t worry about it, it has nothing to do with you, and YES from now on I will park on the next floor up of the parking garage with the Porches and Audis thankyouverymuch.

May 4, 2010 at 9:01 am 2 comments

la la la landscaping

We landscaped our front flower bed last year. You may remember…I posted about it. Unfortunately we lost five of the plants we planted. Big bummer, especially because we really liked the ones that bit the dust because of the winter freezes this year.

Have I mentioned that it snowed in Austin this year?

So I figure that it’s not a huge deal that we had to do some minor upkeep this spring. We only spent around $50 and added a good amount of new plants and replaced the holes the dead ones were in. awwww.

Our garden is now a wee bit more colorful than the previous year and NOW WE HAVE 12 DIFFERENT TYPES OF SUCCULENTS. weeeeeee

Does anyone have tips for keeping our prized plants from dying this next winter? We’ll probably just end up covering the majority of it with a tarp…but anything else. Come all ye green thumbs…

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Reese me to Pieces

Who out there has the balls to eat this? I think if I attempted a feat like this diabetes would instantly ring my doorbell and punch me in the face with Type 2. BAM.

The idea is cute and kind of brilliant.

I bet whoever eats this will immediately chase it with this.

April 30, 2010 at 12:02 pm 2 comments

Organizing just feels so good.

I saw this post today from my all time favorite and was totally inspired to do the same thing to our bathroom drawers.

Calling all compulsive organizers, please step up…

…I am always standing in this line.

So on my lunch hour I made it a point to go to The Container Store. It’s no more than a mile from my place of work (how perfect is that?) and just upon walking in your life is more organized :-)

I purchased some graphic and scented drawer lining, clear/stackable plastic compartments for small knick knacks, a canvas bin for larger lotions and hair products AND a jewelry organizer for the back of our closet door. Because I felt like getting a little cah-ray-zay!

I’ll see if I can post an equally gorgeous after picture like the one seen above. It’ll be an exciting evening at Casa Chandler, let me tell you!

April 28, 2010 at 6:03 pm 7 comments

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