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Tasty Thanksgiving

We had a lovely Thanksgiving this year. We were able to sit back and not travel (I loathe traveling during this holiday) and I managed to whip up some tasty recipes thanks to the internet and the Food Network.

If you haven’t checked out Closet Cooking yet, you need to (his newest Thanksgiving leftover post is gravy). This guy makes amazing traditional and not-so-traditional recipes and takes incredible photos of them all. I was shown this recipe by a friend weeks ago and vowed that it would be a part of our Thanksgiving table this year. It got rave reviews.

As did the stuffed portabello mushroom caps that Ina from the Food Network showed me just two days before Turkey Day. My dad’s fav part of Thanksgiving is the stuffing, this year I said I’d take it on. He was skeptical and worried (to the point where he made a small dish of his tried and true stuffing recipe). Needless to say, his turned out dry and mine turned out FABULOUS. I dare say that it was the talk of the table :-)

November 26, 2010 at 9:52 am 2 comments

the day I blushed with foodie pride

Saturday Alex and I took my mom out for a birthday lunch to Mother’s Cafe & Garden in Hyde Park. A place I’d been meaning to try for the past few years. I knew it had to be pretty good since it was a meat lover that recommended this vegetarian only restaurant to me.

So Saturday I got my chance. My mom and Alex both enjoyed artichoke and mole enchiladas while I had their mushroom, black olive, and spinach quiche with a yummy limeade.

The ambience was great, quirky and peaceful and the food was quality. I’ll be back.

Across the street we spotted Antonelli’s Cheese Shop which we’d both read about in Austin Monthly and decided to check it out. It’s an adorable yet sophisticated shop with great owners that really know their product. The service was impeccable and we were able to sample whichever cheese, salami, chocolate, honey, etc. that we pleased. After many oohs and ahhs Alex and I decided on a sharp cheddar from England and raw Tupelo honey. The two paired great together and I knew it would be a hit at home with some rice crackers and vino.

On the way out we sampled some incredible chocolate made in the St. Louis area with only the highest quality of ingredients. I forget the brand, d’oh. Upon trying their milk chocolate variety I exclaimed to the owner:

“Was this made with goat’s milk?”

She responded with a puzzled look because it was made with cow’s milk…however, upon reading the ingredients was informed that goat milk powder was also added.

Schwing! Let’s just say that eyebrows were raised while she uttered, “You have an impeccable palette!”

It kind of felt awesome. I can’t say that palette is educated in the wine area but dammit I know my chocolate!

P.S. Alex never believes me when I say I can taste goat’s milk or cheese for that matter. Says it doesn’t taste any different to him than cow’s milk or cheese. Which I think is crazy talk…having him standing right there during my victory made it that much sweeter :-)

July 21, 2010 at 5:52 am 4 comments

Something I need.

I dream of one day owning a craftsman bungalow with beautiful crown molding, original wood floors, and a stained glass window or two.

The above picture is the exact representation of the architectural/design elements that I’d totally adore in a sitting/living room. All that is missing of course is the stained glass.

I picture myself in said house with the perfect modern/contemporary furniture and home accessories. Let me tell you, the place looks great…in my head.

Homes like this in Austin will cost me an arm and a leg. Perhaps I’ll be ready for that sacrifice one day. I mean, just look at that nook of awesome!!!

July 8, 2010 at 12:42 pm 5 comments

La Roux

A little late for this post but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share how great the La Roux show was that we saw on June 1st.

While standing for 4 hours straight almost killed me. I’m old, be nice. Once Elly Jackson hit the stage with her red faux hawk and 80s synthpop attitude I knew everything was going to be okay. Adrenaline is a great remedy for achey legs and humid concert venues.

And just like after any good concert I’ve been on a post concert high for the past two weeks. Can’t get enough of Tiger Lily

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Ever heard of a yarn bomb?

Well thanks to the city I call home I do.

Towards the end of April we noticed random signs and poles in our beloved city being wrapped in fantastic knits. Confused? Yeah I was too at first, take a glance below to see what I mean…

Austin newcomer Magda Sayeg has been yarn bombing all over town lately and I absolutely love it. Of course whenever I come across the crafty masterpieces I never have a camera on me. So alas I’ve had to grab some pictures from online.

I’ve read articles about her here and here. But just today was scrolling through one of my regular photo blogs and saw that there was something similar going on in Rome.

“Hmmm.” I thought and then something inside me just knew that they came from the same place. I love when my two worlds collide, that is my Austin world and my lovely Italian world :-)

My intuition proved right and after some light research realized they were indeed the work of Magda.

photo courtesy of Jessica Stewart, an expat photographer in Rome.

I adore the juxtaposition of old, monochromatic structures mixed with the bright colors and soft texture of the yarn.

Brilliant…keep an eye out for this gal in your hometown…

May 23, 2010 at 2:53 pm 6 comments

Kat Edmonson

Yesterday our good friends invited us along to the Texas Hill Country Food and Wine Festival. We had a great time, talking, drinking, eating, and sloshing through mud.

One of the highlights for me was seeing Kat Edmonson perform for the second time just this spring. We were lucky enough to catch her one Monday evening at Ming Cafe for a free jazz show. She was sweet and dreamy as ever on stage yesterday. Check out the video for one of her songs, (also Alex’s new tumblr site that he just started last week). The content will mostly be music, but he throws in some design and art related content as well.

April 19, 2010 at 8:43 pm 2 comments

SXSW 2010

Alex and I pretended to be some of the cool kids yesterday and tried to soak up just a touch of SXSW. Of course it was beautiful and in the high 60s and 70s all week except for the day we decided to go downtown. We battled high 40s and low 50s all day and my denim jacket definitely wasn’t cut out for the job.

We started at Flackstock at the Convention Center and were totally overwhelmed by the amount of beautiful posters that we immediately wanted to adorn our walls. We finally decided on a poster by Hero Design Studio based out of Buffalo, NY. It’s a concert poster for The Decemberists and features a yellow sparrow and some lovely circular patterns that I swooned over.

Highlights from Flatstock were running into some good friends, meeting a fellow lover of all things owl (pictured above), and Alex getting hit on by a very confident man. Also if you have been wondering why your local mall and trendy boutiques are fresh out of skinny jeans, especially of the black variety, wonder no more. They were all walking the streets, bars, and lounges of downtown Austin. Those greedy hipsters what are the rest of us supposed to do now?

Later in the day we checked out the Garden Party at the French Legation and listened to a really great pair but were forced back inside thanks to the cold and sipped hot cocoa and feasted on empanadas and tres leches cake at Casa Colombia. Our favorite bipolar waitress was there and made the afternoon that much more entertaining.

After popping into Uncorked to listen to some quirky band we ended the night with sushi but not before buying a Mac Mini…stay tuned for more on that!

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