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Delightful Dishware

I’ve never expressed on this blog how much I adore our dishware.

I fell in love with the set we registered for about 6 months before we got married. We of course registered for it and it was the number one item I looked forward to receiving. Of course, it was also the most expensive item we registered for…

Luckily we have some awesome friends and family members who bought the entire set for us and we’ll be eternally grateful! It matches the decor of our home so well and each time I use it, even if it’s just for my morning bowl of cereal, I still appreciate it!

It’s the set above of course…from Crate & Barrel. I recently came across this article on Apartment Therapy of a fellow fan of the set who had her heart broken when the set was discontinued…after she had finally saved up enough money for it. OH THE HEARTBREAK.

I too had the exact same fear, 6 months before we got married when we registered for it. I told Alex one day, “That’s it…I’m just going to buy it myself because I KNOW it’s going to be discontinued.” Thankfully it was not…until we received each last piece. Phew!

To the woman out there who lost her dream dishware, don’t fret, I’m sure a lovely set will come along soon that will be just as gorgeous. Meanwhile, I’m going home…to spoon with my plates, bowls, mugs, and platters.

August 17, 2010 at 5:08 am 3 comments

I’m totally doing this.

Or should I say, “we’re” totally doing this?

Because I don’t touch power tools, and this project would involve one…in a minute way. But still I DON’T TOUCH POWER TOOLS.

My fear of power tools arose freshman year of college when I took my required 3D Foundations art class where you guessed it, we made 3D objects. The class involved a lot of art installations as well as one huge board game that the entire school came together to make. It was really cool. BUT all of this 3D-ness involved utilizing the wood shop. A place I associated with saw dust and blood after our first project in said class was to make our own wooden tool box. I made one successfully and we still use it in our home. huzzah. But the process of getting there kind of sucked.

I was made aware of how powerful and real those saws were when Haans, the wood shop purveyor held out his right hand before grabbing hold of one of the saws. HE HAD FOUR FINGERS. AHHHH. I of course, wanted to keep all mine. And if a person that was trained and skilled using this type of machinery could do that type of damage, god knows what I’d be able to pull off. Or should I say, “cut off.” Ack.

Anyway, wow, so yes…Alex will be helping me with this project. I saw it yesterday on one of my favorite blogs and I love this artful solution for their office. It’s the perfect place to display all of the smaller art we own without having to frame it all. AND when you grow tired of a certain piece being displayed you can simply swap it out for another. Perfection.

Our guest bedroom is in a bit of a transition stage right now. Last Friday we had a paint party and changed the drab white walls to silver drop and deep aubergine. Picture a nice light, warm gray and a deep, earthy purple accent wall. Pictures are coming soon!

The bedding matches the current wall color now perfectly and now all we need are some cool wall graphics and this art project that I can’t wait to finish! A rug would probably be nice too! Oh and a new lamp shade for that sad looking lamp on the night table.

Anyway, I’ll try to document the process along the way. I usually just like taking “After” shots, basically because I never think to take a “Before” picture. And in this case I did too, it’s just that Alex randomly took pictures of our entire house months ago…so voila. Behold, the “Before” pictures…iccckkkk!

July 25, 2010 at 12:26 pm 2 comments

the day I blushed with foodie pride

Saturday Alex and I took my mom out for a birthday lunch to Mother’s Cafe & Garden in Hyde Park. A place I’d been meaning to try for the past few years. I knew it had to be pretty good since it was a meat lover that recommended this vegetarian only restaurant to me.

So Saturday I got my chance. My mom and Alex both enjoyed artichoke and mole enchiladas while I had their mushroom, black olive, and spinach quiche with a yummy limeade.

The ambience was great, quirky and peaceful and the food was quality. I’ll be back.

Across the street we spotted Antonelli’s Cheese Shop which we’d both read about in Austin Monthly and decided to check it out. It’s an adorable yet sophisticated shop with great owners that really know their product. The service was impeccable and we were able to sample whichever cheese, salami, chocolate, honey, etc. that we pleased. After many oohs and ahhs Alex and I decided on a sharp cheddar from England and raw Tupelo honey. The two paired great together and I knew it would be a hit at home with some rice crackers and vino.

On the way out we sampled some incredible chocolate made in the St. Louis area with only the highest quality of ingredients. I forget the brand, d’oh. Upon trying their milk chocolate variety I exclaimed to the owner:

“Was this made with goat’s milk?”

She responded with a puzzled look because it was made with cow’s milk…however, upon reading the ingredients was informed that goat milk powder was also added.

Schwing! Let’s just say that eyebrows were raised while she uttered, “You have an impeccable palette!”

It kind of felt awesome. I can’t say that palette is educated in the wine area but dammit I know my chocolate!

P.S. Alex never believes me when I say I can taste goat’s milk or cheese for that matter. Says it doesn’t taste any different to him than cow’s milk or cheese. Which I think is crazy talk…having him standing right there during my victory made it that much sweeter :-)

July 21, 2010 at 5:52 am 4 comments

The Sunshine State

Alex and I have just arrived back home from a lovely stay in Florida. A state that wouldn’t have been our first choice for a summer vacation (we tend to choose cooler locales than our home state of TX for the summertime) but we were attending a family reunion there anyway so we decided to make a vacation out of it.

After two days in Orlando for the family reunion we were both ready to hit the road two hours north to beautiful St. Augustine. Orlando was way too commercial, chain restaurant dotted, and theme parky for our taste. Not to mention that the full humidity in 95 degree heat actually made my body hurt.

St. Augustine was recommended to us by fellow blogger Erin. She and her husband Chris share a home on St. Augustine Island and spoke very highly of their hometown!

We knew why as soon as we entered the downtown area (which is still said to be owned by Spain). The architecture was lovely and almost made me feel like I was walking around a small Spanish town rather than one in north eastern Florida.

We stayed at The Carriage House which I hands down, wholeheartedly recommend to anyone who’ll be in the area needing a place to rent. It was chock full of history and Americana nostalgia and was sooo adorable. As soon as we pulled into the long driveway we immediately gasped. The house was nicely set back about 25 yards from the main road and had a giant 200 year old oak tree with Spanish moss hanging from its branches looming overhead. The mossy green home had a charming balcony in the front as well and it reeked of southern charm. The house got even better as you walked through the front door and discovered its three spacious bedrooms, two baths, fully stocked kitchen, a parlor, large dining room, and a spacious terrace. And thankfully the homeowner had the AC cranked so it was a comfortable 74 degrees throughout our entire stay!

During the four days we were in St. Augustine we were able to do a lot of sightseeing, shopping, beach going, watching of the World Cup :-), and EATING. We ate really well there. Our favorite restaurant of the trip was The Tasting Room, a Spanish fusion tapas bar with great ambiance, live music, and fantastic food. We feasted on spinach and pine nut empanadas, mussels with a Thai curry broth, and seafood paella! They even had a psychic walking around that was “on the house” that entertained us while we waited in between courses.

Besides eating in many great restaurants while there we were lucky enough to visit Erin and Chris’s home on the island where they made a proper Italian meal for us. Alex and I were insanely impressed with their mad pizza making skills. Having recently returned from a special trip to the island of Ischia they brought back a recipe they sampled while there. The pizza that I will forever refer to as Ischia Pizza was FABULOUS and I’ve vowed to make it this Saturday for our late Father’s Day celebration (I’ll blog about it in detail then)! Also on the menu was a tasty arugula, corn, and tomato salad, and a scandalous dessert of homemade brownie topped with lemon marscapone and candied lemon slices. So impressive!

I was spoiled even more the next morning when Chris made me a marocchino, an Italian coffee I’d never sampled before. You can read how they make it here. The process was a bit tedious, but oh man the end result was fantastico. I literally felt like I was back in Italy sipping in a small cafe. Bravo! Moments later I was out their front door on the two block walk to St. Augustine Beach where I enjoyed some AM waves before traveling back home. Oh to live by the beach, I can’t imagine how great that would be…

With full bellies, heavy suitcases, and slight tans :-) we headed back to Austin this past Monday.

We were so excited to see Saci who had been staying with my parents the entire week (thanks Mom!) and get back to our normal grind. The week prior to going to Florida I was in Denver for a conference while Alex was in Ohio for work as well. Living out of a suitcase was growing old and we missed the comfort of our own bed. The house was EIGHTY THREE degrees when we walked inside. Yuck. But soon cooled off and we’re settling in for what may be a gruesome summer of 3 digit heat. Eek.

June 24, 2010 at 7:46 am 3 comments

home feels so good

Alex and I were in Cincinnati for a long weekend for a good friend’s wedding.

While there we discovered that Cincinnati really is a cooler town than either of us imagined and enjoyed staying in my friend’s craftsman house where she rents out the second and third story. I took some pictures of her nicely decorated abode…

The city was filled with hills, lots of tall, green trees, and a lot of joggers. I love being in a town with a lot of healthy conscience people…it usually means that they also care about the environment and keeping their city looking fabulous. Definitely one of the things I adore most about Austin.

We also celebrated our two year anniversary on the same day that I was a bridesmaid in Kristi’s wedding. The event was glorious and despite some fog and drizzle the day went off without a hitch!

Now we’re home and getting back to the daily grind. Home and MY BED feel so good!

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Kat Edmonson

Yesterday our good friends invited us along to the Texas Hill Country Food and Wine Festival. We had a great time, talking, drinking, eating, and sloshing through mud.

One of the highlights for me was seeing Kat Edmonson perform for the second time just this spring. We were lucky enough to catch her one Monday evening at Ming Cafe for a free jazz show. She was sweet and dreamy as ever on stage yesterday. Check out the video for one of her songs, (also Alex’s new tumblr site that he just started last week). The content will mostly be music, but he throws in some design and art related content as well.

April 19, 2010 at 8:43 pm 2 comments

Izze Fizze

A couple of night’s ago Alex brought some groceries home to cook a nice, yet simple meal. He got home and I stood and watched him unload the few grocery items from our non-disposable grocery bag. The last item to unveil itself was a six pack of Grapefruit Izze Soda…I may have jumped with glee having seen it.

I LOVE THIS STUFF. An almost equally delicious flavor they carry is Clementine.

I say I don’t drink soda…but I drink THIS “soda” as it’s just fruit juice with carbonation. It adds a festive kick to any meal.


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26 and Bow

Yesterday (April 6) I turned 26. I really like the even numbered years. Call me crazy.

I celebrated by taking the day off work, eating Indian food, and watching foreign films. Alex got me this sweet bow necklace from bluhour’s etsy shop. I love it a little too much!

April 7, 2010 at 2:26 pm 3 comments

Puppy Love

Found these adorable images on one of my favorite blogs. Even if you’re a cat person you have to admit that dogs FREAKIN’ RULE!!!

And speaking of dogs ruling Alex just called me to tell me how Saci spent the last 3 minutes licking food bits from his hands after he ate lunch…I think he ate hot dogs. mmmm greasy meat remnants.

We also caught Saci licking the bottom of our garbage can when the wind blew it over last week. Who knows what was at the bottom of that receptacle. I imagine she had a nice midday snack of chicken grease, grass bits, and vacuum cleaner dust. Three of my favorite things too.

February 11, 2010 at 7:03 pm 4 comments

Such a Scamp

So apparently our dog Saci majored in making us feel like complete a** holes when we leave the house to go to work. She always knows it’s coming when we start getting ready in front of the bathroom mirror. She’ll come in and out of the bathroom with us about 5348925 times just to check that we haven’t left her yet. Then, when I make the last go round and make sure all the doors are locked and the alarm is turned on she runs (tail between her legs) into the office under the desk and stares at the floor…or at us with large pleading brown eyes. IT KILLS ME EVERY TIME. When I didn’t have a dog for about 2 years before Saci, not feeling the ever present guilt for leaving her at home was the only welcome side effect.

We go through this every year. CORRECTION, I go through this every year. Where I feel that it’s a good idea to turn our one dog household into a two dog household, for Saci’s sake…not ours. I then get on and find the PERFECT dog in so many ways. Well 3 outstanding ways to be exact:

Picture 1

1) SCAMP, it’s name is SCAMP…that’s my second favorite word in the entire English dictionary, second to “scrappy” (because c’mon, “scrappy” is a damn good word.

2) THAT FACE. I mean it’s just so pathetic and cute and pathetic and cute.

3) THOSE EARS. The one up one down thing just adds to the pathetic factor and gives it about 48935 awesome points.

Then I started throwing the idea around in my head for real. Picturing little Saci and little Scamp romping around the backyard together, playfully snarling at each other, curling up with one another on the big dog bed, and Saci teaching Scamp the correct begging procedures.

Ok, SOLD. I want this dog…so I called Alex knowing exactly what he would say, and then he said it.

“I realllyyy don’t want a second dog.”

“But think about Saci, she needs the company, they would enjoy each other.”

“It’s expensive.”

“But it’s cute.”

“There’ll be more dog hair, dog poop, and dog messes to clean.”


The end. (except not, because I’m going to start calling Saci “Scamp.”)

September 22, 2009 at 10:13 pm 6 comments

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