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I’m like happy and stuff

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Since being laid off I’ve been enormously happy and relieved. I’m no longer sitting at a desk wasting my time at a job that I am thoroughly bored at. I also have a boss now that I LOVE LOVE LOVE. Her name is Olive and she’s currently propped up in her bumbo with leopard footy pajamas and a binky with a purple cat on it.

My days aren’t nearly as scheduled as they were a mere month ago. They consist of naps (sometimes for both me and Olive), me checking my email, Olive crying that she’s bored, Saci letting me know that she too is bored, and just hopefully doing some of the stuff that is required to get a small business off the ground.

I’m not making huge paychecks right now. BUT I’m making like ginormous happiness paychecks that I cash in on daily and everybody around me is probably a wee bit happier because of that too. Also, it’s spring in Austin and I have a happy baby girl who now eats solids.

photo credit goes to first time parents Chris and Subina Garyet. That’s me and Olive enjoying their new bundle Ashni!!

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