la la la landscaping

May 4, 2010 at 7:11 am Leave a comment

We landscaped our front flower bed last year. You may remember…I posted about it. Unfortunately we lost five of the plants we planted. Big bummer, especially because we really liked the ones that bit the dust because of the winter freezes this year.

Have I mentioned that it snowed in Austin this year?

So I figure that it’s not a huge deal that we had to do some minor upkeep this spring. We only spent around $50 and added a good amount of new plants and replaced the holes the dead ones were in. awwww.

Our garden is now a wee bit more colorful than the previous year and NOW WE HAVE 12 DIFFERENT TYPES OF SUCCULENTS. weeeeeee

Does anyone have tips for keeping our prized plants from dying this next winter? We’ll probably just end up covering the majority of it with a tarp…but anything else. Come all ye green thumbs…

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Reese me to Pieces I’ve got no more splainin’ to do

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