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Ever heard of a yarn bomb?

Well thanks to the city I call home I do.

Towards the end of April we noticed random signs and poles in our beloved city being wrapped in fantastic knits. Confused? Yeah I was too at first, take a glance below to see what I mean…

Austin newcomer Magda Sayeg has been yarn bombing all over town lately and I absolutely love it. Of course whenever I come across the crafty masterpieces I never have a camera on me. So alas I’ve had to grab some pictures from online.

I’ve read articles about her here and here. But just today was scrolling through one of my regular photo blogs and saw that there was something similar going on in Rome.

“Hmmm.” I thought and then something inside me just knew that they came from the same place. I love when my two worlds collide, that is my Austin world and my lovely Italian world :-)

My intuition proved right and after some light research realized they were indeed the work of Magda.

photo courtesy of Jessica Stewart, an expat photographer in Rome.

I adore the juxtaposition of old, monochromatic structures mixed with the bright colors and soft texture of the yarn.

Brilliant…keep an eye out for this gal in your hometown…

May 23, 2010 at 2:53 pm 6 comments

Spaghetti (err Penne) con Vongole

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to cook one recipe out of each of the cook books I own. We only have about a dozen or so so it shouldn’t be toooooo hard.

I’ve only cooked out of one up until today and just because I want to be counter productive I decided to cook out of that same cook book today.

So not much progress made on the resolution front but I really adore that cook book and sometimes it’s hard to break away.

I made spaghetti con vongole (clams). Well that was the plan at least, of course the only thing we forgot at the store was spaghetti. oops. The penne worked fine but it wasn’t quite the same of what I remembered from a seaside trattoria we ate at in Positano.

Also a note to those who wish to try cooking this recipe, scrub your clams before using them rather than just soaking them. There was a bit of sand in the sauce…not my favorite. But the flavors were delicious at least.

May 16, 2010 at 3:36 pm 5 comments

Drawer Reveal

Remember I wrote about my OCD organization here? And how excited I was to go home on a week night and revamp our bathroom drawers and cabinets?

Well I finished them, awhile ago actually but it took until now to take pictures of them. I’m sure you all haven’t been able to sleep thinking about the big reveal. Me either…

You like?

I do.

And with the scented graphic drawer liners you get a nice whiff of spring each time you open a drawer. Success.

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My bro’s wedding

This past weekend my brother married his partner Jin. The event was held at Mandola’s Winery in Driftwood, Texas and was lovely.

Besides us enjoying the ceremony, beautiful weather, wine tasting, and each other’s company we enjoyed what was the best meal I’ve had in years.

Some highlights were the antipasto platter during the tasting, the four cheese hand-made ravioli, and the cheesecake which I believe was life changing!

May 7, 2010 at 11:44 am 1 comment

Because I needed it.

I’m not ashamed to admit that The Food Network is my all time favorite network. HGTV, Bravo, and The Travel Channel are really high up there, but alas, they lack in comparison…for me at least.

I have favorites on this network…obviously. Giada De Laurentiis, Ina Garten, and Ace of Cakes.

But of the three, Giada is my food TV personality soul mate. I want her home with its amazing vistas of the Pacific, mature agaves, modern architecture, and her many cooking accessories.

The above is an accessory I’ve seen her eggs housed in several times…so naturally I needed it. The item has been on my list of things I want/need for awhile now and I was able to cross it off this past Saturday.

Thanks to Anthropologie I now have a ceramic egg tray in Robins Egg Blue. Wayyy better than Giada’s white one.

May 5, 2010 at 10:10 am 3 comments

I’ve got no more splainin’ to do

As my friend says, “I’m a delicate flower whose petals wilt” in the heat and indirect sunlight.

I’m pale…”porcelain” as Alex likes to say. I burn way easy.

I’ve recently signed up for another six months of boot camp. The time I’ve made a habit of showing up to since January is at 6:10pm after work. In the winter it’d be dusk when we started and dark when it was over. This was perfect for me…no sun exposure.

Now, it’s late spring and the temps here in the ATX are reaching high 80s and almost low 90s…in the beginning of MAY! Come a month or two I’m going to be dying…not literally but you get the picture.

A month ago I started applying the best of sunscreens everywhere the sunlight may touch before camp. And now I’ve started wearing a hat, sunglasses, and am doubling up on tshirts so as to receive as little sun exposure as possible.


And I’m kind of sick of that. No longer will I try to get a tan like I did in high school. Because well, I don’t tan. I’ve gotten a few (one in particular) really bad sun burns from doing so and never again will I apologize or justify protecting my skin.


I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been chuckled at or asked to explain myself for these practices. NO MORE PEOPLE. So from now on I’m going to continue being a sun dork and protecting my delicate skin and if you have a problem with it…I will smack you with an SPF drenched hand.

Another thing that I do deemed uncool:

Taking care of my automobile by parking far away from store entrances and parking on the fourth floor of the company parking garage where only expensive cars with paranoid owners park.

I put a sizable down payment down on my ‘lil Perla, and within the first hour of ownership got rear ended while at a standstill in rush hour traffic. Some aloof UT freshman instantly put $2,000 worth of damage on my brand new bumper. Oh man did that suck!

Since then I’ve been an extra careful and cautious car owner. Driving defensively (not that I didn’t before), being a paranoid parker, cleaning/waxing Perla on a regular basis, and routinely taking her in for tune ups and oil changes.

And you know what, my car looks great…always!

Last week a man in our office scratched the back bumper of my car while he was parking (don’t worry he left a note). I got his car paint buffed off mine for free (thanks Jesse) and a bystander wouldn’t be able to tell that anything happened at all.

But to be safe Alex took her into Honda and sure enough the bumper was knocked off kilter a wee bit and needs $641.38 worth of repairs. Thank goodness the guy who hit me is honest and kind, he paid for it without asking questions.

But then I had at least 7 different people question why I wouldn’t just pocket that money…I mean you can’t tell anything is wrong anyway.

Is your name on the title of my car?


So don’t worry about it, it has nothing to do with you, and YES from now on I will park on the next floor up of the parking garage with the Porches and Audis thankyouverymuch.

May 4, 2010 at 9:01 am 2 comments

la la la landscaping

We landscaped our front flower bed last year. You may remember…I posted about it. Unfortunately we lost five of the plants we planted. Big bummer, especially because we really liked the ones that bit the dust because of the winter freezes this year.

Have I mentioned that it snowed in Austin this year?

So I figure that it’s not a huge deal that we had to do some minor upkeep this spring. We only spent around $50 and added a good amount of new plants and replaced the holes the dead ones were in. awwww.

Our garden is now a wee bit more colorful than the previous year and NOW WE HAVE 12 DIFFERENT TYPES OF SUCCULENTS. weeeeeee

Does anyone have tips for keeping our prized plants from dying this next winter? We’ll probably just end up covering the majority of it with a tarp…but anything else. Come all ye green thumbs…

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