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Reese me to Pieces

Who out there has the balls to eat this? I think if I attempted a feat like this diabetes would instantly ring my doorbell and punch me in the face with Type 2. BAM.

The idea is cute and kind of brilliant.

I bet whoever eats this will immediately chase it with this.

April 30, 2010 at 12:02 pm 2 comments

Organizing just feels so good.

I saw this post today from my all time favorite and was totally inspired to do the same thing to our bathroom drawers.

Calling all compulsive organizers, please step up…

…I am always standing in this line.

So on my lunch hour I made it a point to go to The Container Store. It’s no more than a mile from my place of work (how perfect is that?) and just upon walking in your life is more organized :-)

I purchased some graphic and scented drawer lining, clear/stackable plastic compartments for small knick knacks, a canvas bin for larger lotions and hair products AND a jewelry organizer for the back of our closet door. Because I felt like getting a little cah-ray-zay!

I’ll see if I can post an equally gorgeous after picture like the one seen above. It’ll be an exciting evening at Casa Chandler, let me tell you!

April 28, 2010 at 6:03 pm 7 comments

What? I always carry a gun while jogging.

It’s stories like these that make us level headed Texans appear to be trigger happy buffoons.


Excuse me sir. But you carry a gun while jogging because you’re afraid of snakes? I’ve grown up and lived in Austin since I was four, I’ve ran through heavily wooded areas and suburban neighborhoods more times than I can wave a stick at (see Texas jargon) and have never come across a snake. They’re there, I know they are…but something has to be said to the fact that most wild animals (snakes and coyotes included) are more afraid of us than we are of them.

I know he said the coyote was taking interest in his dog…but said nothing about the wild animal charging, snarling, or howling. Pretty sure he was just aware of you and your laser gun (which seconds later took him down). Also pretty sure that if you just kept jogging nothing would have happened and nothing would have gotten harmed.

To see a once wild coyote living harmoniously with his best dog pal go here.

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Do you know Charley Harper?

Our past two trips to Ohio I’ve been bombarded with artwork from Charley Harper, especially on this past trip to Cincinnati. After asking a sales clerk at a local book shop I learned that it’s because he’s from Cinci.

I adore his geometric animal prints. They’re so simple and whimsical and I’m aching to purchase my own one of these days.

My friend Sam had an amazing giraffe one in her bedroom that I am totally in love with. And to make me even more jealous, it’s one of his original prints. SAY WHAT?!?!?! Yes, she’s one lucky girl!

I think they’re perfect for a child’s bedroom, or any room of the house really. I will have one on our walls soon, just you watch…

April 27, 2010 at 9:40 pm 4 comments

home feels so good

Alex and I were in Cincinnati for a long weekend for a good friend’s wedding.

While there we discovered that Cincinnati really is a cooler town than either of us imagined and enjoyed staying in my friend’s craftsman house where she rents out the second and third story. I took some pictures of her nicely decorated abode…

The city was filled with hills, lots of tall, green trees, and a lot of joggers. I love being in a town with a lot of healthy conscience people…it usually means that they also care about the environment and keeping their city looking fabulous. Definitely one of the things I adore most about Austin.

We also celebrated our two year anniversary on the same day that I was a bridesmaid in Kristi’s wedding. The event was glorious and despite some fog and drizzle the day went off without a hitch!

Now we’re home and getting back to the daily grind. Home and MY BED feel so good!

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Kat Edmonson

Yesterday our good friends invited us along to the Texas Hill Country Food and Wine Festival. We had a great time, talking, drinking, eating, and sloshing through mud.

One of the highlights for me was seeing Kat Edmonson perform for the second time just this spring. We were lucky enough to catch her one Monday evening at Ming Cafe for a free jazz show. She was sweet and dreamy as ever on stage yesterday. Check out the video for one of her songs, (also Alex’s new tumblr site that he just started last week). The content will mostly be music, but he throws in some design and art related content as well.

April 19, 2010 at 8:43 pm 2 comments

I have this thing…

…this thing where I’m not able to enjoy things to their absolute fullest. Before sitting down to write this I thought, this may be a hard one to explain to the interwebs, or maybe not at all, I’ll give it a shot…

I’ve known about this for quite awhile. I think it started when I was little and my birthday would end and I would get sad, sad that the day that was all about me, that only comes around only once a year, was…over. The next year, being aware of the inevitable sadness that would come with sundown, I would spend a good part of the day dreading the end. The day before, oh so exciting, the day of YAY YAY YAY ME ME ME, the day after NO NO noooo.

I know, I’m horribly self centered, well at least it appears that way.

(note: I just got through watching a flick with Emma Thompson, so if I come off like I’m English it’s because I’m thinking in a British accent. Yup, welcome to my little Eryn world :-)

Ok so yes birthdays, I enjoy mine, I really do…but I fear I’m not enjoying them as much as I could because I’m just waiting for the end. So I can take a deep breath, realize, “That wasn’t so bad, was it?” and go on with my 26 year old self until another year comes along and tacks on another numeral.

Fresh flowers. The whole reason I’m writing this post is because I was thinking about getting some fresh blooms in honor of Spring opening herself up to us these past few weeks.

“What a lovely addition some fresh sprigs of lilac and perhaps a few tulips would bring to our dining room table.” Oh but wait. Flowers…they die. They do. And I know this about flowers, ever since I was little and witnessed them losing their color and spryness and turning into dry crumbles. So every instance I have them in my adult life I feel like I need to soak them all up until they’re no longer beautiful and alive. Every time I walk past them, sit near them, or even think about them I feel as if I need to be smelling them. YES HELP ME. It’s like the birthday thing, I know soon it’s going to be over, so how oh how can I soak them in before their inevitable demise?

Maybe this is why I adore potted plants so very much.

Other things I do this with…sunsets, beautiful vacation destinations (while on our honeymoon on the Amalfi Coast I would spend exaggerated amounts of time taking in the view on the balcony…not a bad thing I guess) but nonetheless, an annoying thing.

You do this too?


Just me huh.

April 18, 2010 at 4:21 am 1 comment

Izze Fizze

A couple of night’s ago Alex brought some groceries home to cook a nice, yet simple meal. He got home and I stood and watched him unload the few grocery items from our non-disposable grocery bag. The last item to unveil itself was a six pack of Grapefruit Izze Soda…I may have jumped with glee having seen it.

I LOVE THIS STUFF. An almost equally delicious flavor they carry is Clementine.

I say I don’t drink soda…but I drink THIS “soda” as it’s just fruit juice with carbonation. It adds a festive kick to any meal.


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a few of my favorite things…

I’ve had a habit for a really long while now.

I peruse the internet, see something I like, quick, take a screen shot of that liked something, and then leave it to clutter my desktop for weeks to come. Then eventually I’ll begin to organize these aesthetically pleasing somethings into ambiguously named folders, i.e. “i like” or “april inspiration.”

I have a lot of these somethings floating around at the moment. So I thought I’d share some with you. Their whereabouts come from the multitude of design/cooking blogs I scour on a daily basis.

that sofa and painting sing sweet nothings to me

have I mentioned how much I adore owls and bud vases? no?

it’s that time of year again where images of succulent gardens start popping up everywhere. I unfortunately don’t have anymore indoor space for anymore succulents. We’re busting at the seams I tell ya!

love the colors and handmade whimsy in this living area

crazy about the yellow and taupe linens as well as the fresh flowers and mid century bedside table. This is from the bedroom of one of my favorite bloggers, besides being hilarious she’s got great taste!

NOM, definitely saved the best for last. If I don’t make these soon my mind may explode.

April 14, 2010 at 2:58 pm 2 comments

26 and Bow

Yesterday (April 6) I turned 26. I really like the even numbered years. Call me crazy.

I celebrated by taking the day off work, eating Indian food, and watching foreign films. Alex got me this sweet bow necklace from bluhour’s etsy shop. I love it a little too much!

April 7, 2010 at 2:26 pm 3 comments

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