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Lost…and Found?

I HATE when I lose stuff. Mostly because it happens so infrequently because of my super duper organization skills…so that when it does happen I can’t imagine how. Just the other night I was given something that was so sweet and cute and something I’ve been wanting for a long time. I accepted the gift, got in the car, drove home, and GONE. It’s nowhere to be seen…I’ve torn the house apart (Alex too) and we’ve come up empty handed.

The same thing recently happened with one of our really nice garment bags that we spent quite a good deal of cash on. It was the best garment bag ever too…and it’s M.I.A. What gives yo? I always put everything back where it belongs, everything has a spot…….ARGHHH!

So guess what I’ll be doing when I get home AGAIN…yup, searching high and low for said item. I bought another one similar to it online (it’s one of those things you can never have enough of), I’m hoping that since I threw in the towel and bought a new one, that it will show up as soon as that package arrives.

…You know your life isn’t THAT bad when your biggest issue is that you can’t find an Ugly Doll key chain. Yup, I live a pretty stress free life over here :-)

January 5, 2010 at 5:40 pm 3 comments

See ya 2009

2009 was good to us…Alex and me that is. Of course the market could have been better and we could have won the lottery and the skies could have rained puppies…but none of that happened. We did however, enjoy our first home for its first year, keep and work at our jobs, and I beat Alex in checkers 4 times. We played a grand total of 7 games…but who’s counting.

So thank you 2009 you weren’t amazing but you didn’t totally suck either. Thanks for keeping me motivated as I returned to competitive swimming for the first time in seven years. Waking up at 5am three times a week and swimming at least two miles wasn’t the easiest but I did it and I way proud of myself for it. It was my New Year’s resolution last year PSBTW. And since I pride myself on a two things; (1) my amazing immune system and (2) being able to keep New Year’s resolutions…I’m going to throw 2010’s resolution out there. I came up with it about 28 minutes ago…I’m going to cook at least one recipe out of each and every one of my cookbooks. I buy them or receive them and RARELY cook out of them. I’m not much of a recipe girl…I like to stray from them (a trait I KNOW I get from my mother) or I have a dish in mind that I know I want to cook and I’ll just hit up I have yet to count all of the cookbooks I own…but there really aren’t that many. If I had to guess I’d say…10. So yes, this is a very doable resolution…but last year’s was freakin’ hard and I’m still going at it.

The crackle of premature fireworks just sounded in the background and the dog just freaked out. We’re off to get ready for a fancy New Year’s party at a friend’s house. So ciao for now…be safe tonight peeps and see ya in 2010!

January 1, 2010 at 3:49 am 3 comments

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