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Materialism is a tricky beast

I know most of us are like this. We buy something great and then a few weeks (or months) later we’re over it. It’s like, yes beautiful, adorable vase that I bought 13 days ago…you look great, but I’m over your cuteness and I need something else. Maybe something that I can put inside of you, perhaps some beautiful orchids or handmade poppies. Something to dress you up. Because I’m bored with you.

I get like this, with clothes (especially), home decor (more times than I can count), and much much more. I’ll be perusing the world wide web of wonderful things I can purchase for myself or loved ones and this wave will come over me of how much I NEED a certain item. Then I think about my bank account and how we’re trying to save AND how I have a home and a life full of amazing things already that I should cherish and be grateful for. And that is when I put my credit card back into my wallet and whip out a paint brush…or a pair of scissors, or any piece of equipment that allows me to create inexpensive art.

This practice is really helpful for me, creating something new that is rather cheap, but beautiful that I can hang or place in my home. Also you gain a true sense of accomplishment after YOU make something that you’re proud of and willing to show off.

For those of you that will whine on the inside while reading this, “I don’t have an artistic bone in my body!” “I don’t know what I would make!” There are hundreds of design/craft/art blogs and forums out there showing the inexperienced and non-Picassos of the world just how to make amazing things. For inspiration and know how, go to the following sites: Design*Sponge (for inspiration), YoungHouseLove (for both inspiration and step by step), Ohdeedoh (for “child-like” inspiration), or even decorology (for cute ideas).

Happy Crafting/Arting! I’m off to buy myself an easel for upcoming painting projects…

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