Austin City Limits Festival

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Alex and I really enjoyed ourselves this year at ACL. It’s one of those festivals that I don’t get pumped for until the day of…a lot of people find this weird. But really, for the two weeks leading up to it I get intimidated by thoughts of long lines, sizzling sun, and being outside all day. Then the day of my adrenaline/excitement kicks in and I’m all about it.

This was our second year to attend…and again, like back in ’07 we only went for one day. We’re just not cut out for three days of that festival and we SO picked the right day this year. We went on Friday to see The Knux, The Avvett Brothers, Raphael Saadiq, Phoenix, John Lengend, and The Kings of Leon. It was a day jam packed with great performances and great food vendors. (of course I was always thinking about my next meal while there!)

So yeah, this year there was all of this hype about the new grass that had been planted throughout the main side of Zilker Park. This grass was planted by ACL itself and was fenced off for months, I dare say at least half a year to take root and grow into a beautiful, level surface. We got there on Friday and frolicked atop the green carpet that just happened to be alive. Once we found a spot at each show we’d take off our shoes and squish our toes around in its lovliness. THEN Saturday came, and so did the rain…it started to get muddy. THEN Sunday came with even more rain and the somewhat muddy park turned into a full on squishy mud pit that smelt like a zoo (so I hear). Why did it smell like dirty safari animals you ask? Because it was a mix of dillo dirt and treated sewage, what I like to refer to as Poop Mud. The Poop Mud was tracked all over the city of Austin. Just think about the fact that there were over 65,000 people trudging through it on both Saturday and Sunday and the surrounding areas. Not to mention the hundreds of taxi cabs, personal cars, Capitol Metro buses, and charter buses that were once clean and were soon caked in Poop Mud. oy.

A lot of people were up in arms about how disgusting and ruined the park got, stating that “ACL is ruining our parks here in Austin and next year it should be held in a parking lot.” Never once considering the fact that ACL PAID FOR THE NEW GRASS and brought 46 MILLION DOLLARS into our city for that ONE WEEKEND. Zip it people!


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