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Alex and I have been sleeping on his college mattress for almost three years now. We’d wake up from eight hours of sleep (we’re serious about our sleep) and would wince with back pain, proceed to stand up out of bed and practically teach ourselves how to walk again. You guys know the drill…or you’ve known it before…right? We basically thought that it was normal to feel like you’re 55 in the mornings when in fact we’re 30 years younger, or at least I am (sorry Alex).

Thankfully Alex put his foot down last week and proclaimed, “We need a new mattress!” I agreed. In which case he started doing mass amounts of research like he always does before we make even a medium sized purchase. Then last Saturday we walked into our local Mattress Firm on a mission, a mission to find a mattress that didn’t make us feel like we were 80 in the mornings. After careful consideration and much mattress testing…I hope they clean those mattresses, because if not we were laying where hundreds have laid before, we found THE MATTRESS. Now, I could go into the bedroom and tell you the exact make and model, but I’m lazy, and I don’t feel like leaving my plush computer chair. So I will just tell you that it’s a Stearns & Foster mattress and it’s a hybrid, as in it’s part Memory Foam part Smart Latex. And oh my the difference, the difference is sweet and priceless. I admit, I was skeptical. I did not think that we’d feel a difference at first, I just thought it’d be gradual and non-obvious. But that very next morning I POPPED out of bed at 7:15 am…that’s right POPPED. My body was like, “Hey you, you’re well rested, now pop outta here.” And I did. While making the habitual trek to the bathroom I felt not one ache and/or pain. I felt great, well rested and perhaps like I had been stretching and then massaged over and over again while sleeping. But in fact, I was just laying there…letting THE MATTRESS work its magic on my broken body.

So yeah, if you’re having a lousy night’s sleep…really all you need to do is go mattress shopping. That is all my friends, you’re welcome and good night!

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