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Halloweeny stuff

Picture 6

Alex and I are throwing a Halloween costume party this Saturday. I didn’t really plan on having many decorations at all, perhaps an arrangement of smallish pumpkins and gourds and some tea candles. I just came across an article detailed some very Martha Stewart-esque decoration ideas. I MAY, MAY take some of the ideas into account. But that’s a big MAY. I really like the pumpkin drink cooler idea. However, I’m my father’s daughter when it comes to carving pumpkins, in that…it breaks my heart. They’re so cute and dare I say, beautiful, and cutting into them bothers me kind of. I know. weird.

Picture 7

Happy Halloween…pics of the party to follow. My costume pretty much rocks.

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scrumptious living area

Picture 6

For some reason I can’t take my eyes off this ensemble of lickable furniture. Love the mid-century modern style of the sofa AND the pop of green in the chair. The color palette is creamy and fresh, much like an avocado. I can see myself sipping wine in this room and eating chocolate…always eating chocolate.

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Picture 3

This picture was taken of my cousin Kevin recently for a calendar being made of disabled athletes. He looks pretty fierce here, definitely wouldn’t mess with him. Love this photo, can’t wait to see the finished product!

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Spooky Beautiful

Picture 2My good friend sent this picture to me today. Florence is and probably always will be my favorite city…after seeing photos like this I am always reminded why.

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midday snack

I stopped by my fav bakery/sandwich shop in Austin (San Franciso Bakery) for a cookie and a latte this afternoon. I love this place because they bake all their own breads, have quality/inventive sandwiches, and I know the owners and therefore, am always greeted with smiles when I go there. The chocolate chip/toffee cookie was mind blowing and right out of the oven, while the latte was rich and delicious.Picture 2

Thanks to Kevin for the iphone photo and John and Phuong for the great food!

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Our daughter

Picture 1

Yesterday Alex had his company’s camera plus awesome camera equipment including lights AND two really cool lenses. So we took a few pics of our dog. Because we love her so. This is one of my favorites!

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Betty’s Best


My grandmother, Betty has been known for a lot of things…but mostly, for her cooking. She’s scrappy with a sharp, sometimes crass tongue and a love for NBA basketball. She’ll keep you on your toes for sure and will always surprise you with what’s going to come out of her mouth next.

I have sooo mannny fond memories of my grandmother, who we fondly call Nannie. I know it’s spelt “Nanny” but I have spelt it with the “ie” ever since I can remember. Most of my memories revolve around her kitchen, she’s had quite a few kitchens in her lifetime but the smells, tastes, and sounds coming out of them are always the same. I know her well for her eggs and bacon that she’d make us in the morning while she would just make herself an English muffin with heaps of butter and a cup of English tea. Other family favorites are her spaghetti sauce, eggplant parmesan (you’d swear she was Italian), potato salad, chicken noodle soup, and her holiday cherry bars.

She’d been talking about putting together a cookbook of her most well known recipes for quite some time. Finally, while out visiting her this past July I decided to help her out and created “Betty’s Best” using I started by copying all of her recipes that she wanted in the book by hand…we couldn’t find most of them and she had to tell them to me. There were many rounds of spelling and grammar checks, then I designed a custom cover and started using the interface to build it. Sprinkled throughout are old black and white family photos.

The best part was all family members who were interested in a copy were able to go onto after I uploaded the cook book to order as many copies for themselves as they wanted. She called me after she received hers in the mail and while she’s a woman that becomes bashful sometimes when it comes time to say “thank you,” I could tell that she was really touched and thought it came out great.

I’ve used the book quite a few times already. There were always a handful of recipes that I’d always be calling her for so she could rattle off the ingredients and steps to me, those include: her famous banana bread (secret ingredient: sour cream and banana extract) and her Continental Cake Frosting!

My mom is currently out in Scottsdale, Arizona taking care of her while she recovers from hip replacement surgery. As she’s old and has quite a few preexisting conditions her recovery will more than likely be on the slow side. She’s a tough woman and her scrappy side is bound to shine through soon.

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Austin City Limits Festival


Alex and I really enjoyed ourselves this year at ACL. It’s one of those festivals that I don’t get pumped for until the day of…a lot of people find this weird. But really, for the two weeks leading up to it I get intimidated by thoughts of long lines, sizzling sun, and being outside all day. Then the day of my adrenaline/excitement kicks in and I’m all about it.

This was our second year to attend…and again, like back in ’07 we only went for one day. We’re just not cut out for three days of that festival and we SO picked the right day this year. We went on Friday to see The Knux, The Avvett Brothers, Raphael Saadiq, Phoenix, John Lengend, and The Kings of Leon. It was a day jam packed with great performances and great food vendors. (of course I was always thinking about my next meal while there!)

So yeah, this year there was all of this hype about the new grass that had been planted throughout the main side of Zilker Park. This grass was planted by ACL itself and was fenced off for months, I dare say at least half a year to take root and grow into a beautiful, level surface. We got there on Friday and frolicked atop the green carpet that just happened to be alive. Once we found a spot at each show we’d take off our shoes and squish our toes around in its lovliness. THEN Saturday came, and so did the rain…it started to get muddy. THEN Sunday came with even more rain and the somewhat muddy park turned into a full on squishy mud pit that smelt like a zoo (so I hear). Why did it smell like dirty safari animals you ask? Because it was a mix of dillo dirt and treated sewage, what I like to refer to as Poop Mud. The Poop Mud was tracked all over the city of Austin. Just think about the fact that there were over 65,000 people trudging through it on both Saturday and Sunday and the surrounding areas. Not to mention the hundreds of taxi cabs, personal cars, Capitol Metro buses, and charter buses that were once clean and were soon caked in Poop Mud. oy.

A lot of people were up in arms about how disgusting and ruined the park got, stating that “ACL is ruining our parks here in Austin and next year it should be held in a parking lot.” Never once considering the fact that ACL PAID FOR THE NEW GRASS and brought 46 MILLION DOLLARS into our city for that ONE WEEKEND. Zip it people!

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art projects up the a**

Picture 3

My mental list of art projects I need/want to sit down and do is becoming a little unmanageable lately. Which is good, it’s good to be inspired and stuffed to the gills with ideas and colors and textures. But it doesn’t help that I read about a gahzillion art/design blogs a day and am constantly bombarding myself with cool and fresh ideas that others like AND cooler than me have already created. SOOO what am I going to do about it, well thankfully, I’m a highly organized artist. I make lists, organize and sort my supplies into neat cubbies, and rarely start a new project until the other one before it has been completed. So yes, I’m going to finally finish the photo album for my semester abroad in Florence, yeah that’s right, that semester FIVE years ago. I KNOW!

Then after that there’s this totally awesome painting that I want to start…the idea, I think, is totally awesome…so that will give me some extra motivation to get a move on with this dated photo album…and because I love you guys I’m leaving you with a beautiful picture of bright fabrics. yay fabric :-)

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miracle mattress


Alex and I have been sleeping on his college mattress for almost three years now. We’d wake up from eight hours of sleep (we’re serious about our sleep) and would wince with back pain, proceed to stand up out of bed and practically teach ourselves how to walk again. You guys know the drill…or you’ve known it before…right? We basically thought that it was normal to feel like you’re 55 in the mornings when in fact we’re 30 years younger, or at least I am (sorry Alex).

Thankfully Alex put his foot down last week and proclaimed, “We need a new mattress!” I agreed. In which case he started doing mass amounts of research like he always does before we make even a medium sized purchase. Then last Saturday we walked into our local Mattress Firm on a mission, a mission to find a mattress that didn’t make us feel like we were 80 in the mornings. After careful consideration and much mattress testing…I hope they clean those mattresses, because if not we were laying where hundreds have laid before, we found THE MATTRESS. Now, I could go into the bedroom and tell you the exact make and model, but I’m lazy, and I don’t feel like leaving my plush computer chair. So I will just tell you that it’s a Stearns & Foster mattress and it’s a hybrid, as in it’s part Memory Foam part Smart Latex. And oh my the difference, the difference is sweet and priceless. I admit, I was skeptical. I did not think that we’d feel a difference at first, I just thought it’d be gradual and non-obvious. But that very next morning I POPPED out of bed at 7:15 am…that’s right POPPED. My body was like, “Hey you, you’re well rested, now pop outta here.” And I did. While making the habitual trek to the bathroom I felt not one ache and/or pain. I felt great, well rested and perhaps like I had been stretching and then massaged over and over again while sleeping. But in fact, I was just laying there…letting THE MATTRESS work its magic on my broken body.

So yeah, if you’re having a lousy night’s sleep…really all you need to do is go mattress shopping. That is all my friends, you’re welcome and good night!

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