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Our future child

Alex and I are always talking about what our future child will look like. Almost to the point where our friends think we’re weird. Needless to say we’re super excited for when that day comes that we get to meet him or her and see what features they get from the both of us.

My good friend Alec knows this and totally made my day today by posting this to her site.

Picture 4

And to top it all off this one loves dolphins…SO our child.

August 31, 2009 at 9:31 pm 4 comments

CSS Class

I’ve been prompted to start learning CSS. Something I’ve known that I should learn for almost a year, but have been lazy, and thus have put it off. With an extra nudge from a few employees we’ve started up CSS Class at work, compliment of Professor Nuut. Today is the first day of class, he has provided us with a CSS cheat sheet, CSS tutorials, and a CSS test. So far I’m working my way through the tutorials (very slowly) trying to make sense of each new step and example that I’m being shown.

I don’t want this learning experience to be a lot like the other self-imposed learning experiences I’ve had. You know how it goes, “I’m going to learn French,” so you download a tutorial, listen to it with a half-ass attitude, and let the idea of learning beginning French slowly fall to the wayside. I want this to be more like my Flash learning experience. I took two classes, practiced, and have implemented the use of the software at my job. I’m still a beginner and know that I should build on my basic knowledge…but at least I have basic/working knowledge.

My goal is to be able to use CSS in the workplace and at home. I want to build a website with it…once I’m comfortable enough. So, I guess, here goes nothing…

August 27, 2009 at 5:53 pm 3 comments

August Food Finds

So yes, I’ve taken a wee vacation from el blog. A friend recently said that we’re all in a blogcession. And I agree. Anyway, I thought I’d share some of the yummy new restaurants we’ve tried.

A few weeks ago, and then again this past Friday we joined friends at Momiji. A no frills sushi restaurant in Northwest Austin that boasts quality sushi at affordable prices. We’ve only been on Fridays to enjoy their $3 menu. But they also have half price sashimi, rolls, and hand rolls Sunday through Thursdays as well. So back to this $3 menu, there are drinks, appetizers, rolls, hand rolls, sashimi, and desserts all for $3. It’s pretty amazing. And the stuff is goooooood. This last time we went we each had our own appetizers (pork dumplings for me and shrimp (shumai) dumplings for Alex), three rolls (a sweet potato, spicy tuna, and eel roll to share), and fried bananas for dessert. And for all that we paid $19. We were so excited we wanted to sing afterwards.

Picture 3

Picture 4

We also tried Buenos Aires Cafe for the first time a few weeks ago with a friend. It’s on South 1st in Austin and is a wee little place with cramped seating, but I really couldn’t care about that after I walked in and saw the astonishing dessert bar. There was an array of cakes, tortes, and chocolate dipped somethings that all cried out my name in unison. Needless to say we all feasted on wonderful salads, inventive empanadas, and Argentine pot pies. And then of course we had dessert. The waiter made a mistake and brought us three desserts (one each) instead of just two like we asked for. There were two cuatro leches cakes (beat that tres leches!) and a dark chocolate and raspberry torte. They were all freakin’ to die for. However, the waiter charged us for all three. And he was so darn nice that we didn’t want to be losers and correct him. So we paid the extra five dollars and rolled ourselves out of the tiny cafe. Despite the bill hiccup we’ll surely be back.

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butt = kicked

The last two practices at Nitro in the morning have successfully left me gasping for air and red in the face. I like these kinds of workouts, and I’ve been left sore for the past four days. I particularly remember a warm-up set last Friday where we all lined up at the far edge of the pool. Each person dove in, swam a length, climbed out, did a push up, and dove in the next lane and swam back (repeating until we “snaked” down all 23 lanes). oy. My butt hurt Saturday morning…didn’t understand it much but appreciated the extra burn in my buns, makes me feel like I’m working hard!

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The first step to getting better is…

Picture 6

…admitting you have a problem. I’ve told a few people out there about a certain addiction I have. That addiction would be that of smelling one’s hair frequently throughout the day. Yes, I do that. I have a habit of using too much shampoo and conditioner, thus, my hair smells extra yummy. THUS, I twirl it around my fingers and smell it all the time. I KNOW. My dear friend knows of this addiction and sent me the above gift. I couldn’t love it more. I can now bond with Garnier Fructis Junky Squirrels. Thank goodness I have “someone” to empathize with.

August 9, 2009 at 10:06 pm 4 comments

My favorite won

Alex ALWAYS picks the winners of reality competition shows from the first or second episode. It’s really annoying, especially because I’ll pick my favorite to win then as well and to no avail they’re usually sent home 2-3 episodes later.

His streak is over and I seem to be getting better at this game. My two favs from So You Think You Can Dance were in the top two last night during the season finale and my fav WON. Jeanine, the winner, is so cute and bubbly and one hell of a dancer. She also looks a lot like one of my close friends, you be the judge!

Picture 6

August 7, 2009 at 3:38 pm 2 comments

beyond grateful

Picture 4

Ok, who else out there bawled like a hyena while watching the live footage? My mouth was open, fluids pouring out, and I made some incomprehensible noises. Saci was concerned.

Oh man, it’s such a relief to see these two women home, free, and safe with their families. I can’t imagine the pain and heartache they all went through, there must have been countless dark hours. When the dust settles I’m very curious to hear/read interviews detailing their time there and how they were treated.

And can I get a “Hell yeah!” for good ‘ole Slick Willie. I told a friend earlier today, that because of this, he’s kind of my hero right now…at least for the next 48 hours. The same friend also commented about how Bill Clinton is pretty much awesome and gets a lot of flack despite his accomplishments. Can anyone out there imagine Bush Junior pulling off a feat like this one? It would never happen, he’d offend Kim Jong Il in some way and then high tale it to the nearest Korean Barbecue restaurant. So again, good job Bill, you kind of rocked it…hard.

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