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Best Burgers

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Texas Monthly released a list in this month’s issue of the 50 Best Burgers in the State of Texas. Most of them are in the state’s larger cities like Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, and San Antonio. A good handful also exist here in Austin. Yesterday, a few coworkers and I headed to #30 at the Roaring Fork for the “Big Ass” or “Half Ass” Burger. It was a really really good burger and the fries were awesome. My only complaints were that the bottom half of the bun got a wee bit soggy from all the burger juices and there was a tad too much raw onion on the burger. Besides that the flavors were right on and I would definitely order it again.

Next up, the #2 Best Burger in Texas at close by Counter Cafe

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orange vs. brownie

Alright, I’m going to give this orange I packed in my lunch a try…but if it totally sucks I’m heading straight to the cafeteria to buy a brownie. they’re surprisingly delish.

July 28, 2009 at 6:36 pm 3 comments

Oh yeah…I have a blog.

It’s just so easy to fall out of the groove. I have an excuse though, I was in Arizona at my grandmother’s house that doesn’t have a computer. It was a good chance to be almost totally unplugged. She also lives on the foothills of McDowell Mountain and I get almost NO cellphone reception there. It was magical at times.

So because I don’t have a topic in mind…and the date of my last entry is silently mocking me, I thought I’d post a simple picture of one of my favorite things. I found it on Alec’s tumblog, she knows me all too well. I’ve posted pics of succulent walls before, but this is by far the best one yet!

Picture 3

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I’m off…

…to Scottsdale, Arizona for exactly one week. While there I will be spending some quality R&R time with my grandma. Y’all be good!

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I finally saw Twilight and now my life is complete because I can understand and gasp*, perhaps in participate in Twilight related conversations (in real life and online).

I recently read this post on and lol’d with delight. My favorite excerpt is below:

all the vampires in Twilight use a whisk instead of a comb to do their hair.

LOVE IT. That description of the cast’s hair styling is so DEAD ON.

Oh, and don’t worry I won’t leave until I comment about that hideous vampire banner I’ve posted…Robert Pattinson looks realllyyy special there…kind of like an autistic bird, i’m just saying. Did they tell him to purse his lips and look pathetic? Really?!?!?!

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beautiful bathroom

I want this to be my bathroom. Except when I start to calculate how much they must have spent on the glass mosaic tiles alone my head begins to spin. But hey, some things are worth it.

Picture 1

…but yeah, I’ve made up my mind. This is what I want for Christmas!

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This poor child…

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Who signs a writhing and screaming baby? Oh yeah, the former governor of Alaska.

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Weekend Wonders

We celebrated my mom’s birthday this weekend. Among the foods we feasted on were Thai Chicken Satay with peanut sauce, Malaysian Beef Curry, Roasted Vegetables, Mango Daiquiris, and Oreo Cupcakes. All was homemade…I was responsible for the latter two. They both came out screamingly well. I made an army of 24 Oreo Cupcakes from a recipe that came highly recommended from my cupcake twin. We gave lots away to neighbors and thanks to my husband who ate two for breakfast there are only two left in the fridge.


If you’d like to try the recipe you can go here to get it. I warn you that your friends and family will think you’re incredibly awesome afterwards! Oh, and for the mango daiquiris, I simply looked up the ingredients for them online and added pinches of this and that until they tasted just right. The ingredients are as follows: coconut rum, mangos, sugar, lime juice, and crushed ice


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wedding mood board

I’d never heard of a wedding mood board until last night when I talked to my newly engaged friend Kristi. I’m super excited for her and her fiance (whom I’ve never met but seems like an amazing guy) and was stoked and totally flattered when she asked me to be one of her six bridesmaids. I’ve never been a bridesmaid before and would love to be a part of their special day. Their special day will be exactly two years after Alex and mine’s (April 24th, 2010) in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Picture 6

Kristi is a fellow designer and super duper talented one at that. Her engagement ring is beautiful and has some vintage flare so she’s going to carry that fabulous theme throughout the wedding. I’m in love with her bridesmaid dress idea as well as the pearl encrusted cupcakes, and the feathery hair accessories. Bravo Kristi, you done good so far…especially since she’s only been engaged for a little over a week!

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Proud Planner Parent

Do you ever walk up and down the journal/sketchbook aisle at your local Barnes & Noble or Borders and drool over all the beautifully designed covers? I do it ALL THE TIME, and very very, so seldom give in to my desires to buy them all. I usually deem them to be too expensive, or “what on earth will I do with ANOTHER journal?” So all the lovely designs get passed by…until last week when I finally gave in and bought the lovely journal you see pictured.

Photo 12

I was in need of a planner because mine had run out of pages long ago and I was tired of storing dates and appointments in my head. I always feel better when they’re written down. This particular journal was not meant to be a planner and was a book of just lined paper…so I asked my wonderful mom to stamp months and dates in it for me. I picked it up at her house today on my lunch break and am now busy scribbling birthdays, appointments, and to do lists throughout it.

oh organization. i love it.

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