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work fun

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Kevin and I had fun with Apple’s Photobooth application yesterday. We should make this a weekly habit….

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Alex and I know a couple that got married on a whim and within only a month of knowing each other. We have bets on how long it will last because they’re completely wrong for each other and aren’t known for making good decisions. However, it’s their right to make this bad decision, go down to the courthouse, obtain a marriage license, and reap the benefits of marriage in the United States.

It’s a shame that the gay couple my mom cares for (one 92, the other 82) can’t have the same benefits. They’ve been together for at least half a century.

This is a sad sad world sometimes!

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pattern parade

I’ve had a thing lately, a thing for beautiful geometric patterns. Whether they appear on websites, pillows, stationary, or head bands…I see them and immediately want them.

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Throughout this post I’ve added sneak peaks at some of the patterns I’ve created via Adobe Illustrator during my free time lately. Since we’re in the midst of decorating our office (Alex picked up the last of the furniture from IKEA on his lunch break today) I’m thinking I’d like to print some of them, frame them, and hang them in the office for some added texture and visual interest.

Picture 7

I’ve also thought of creating my own stationary. Oh ideas ideas…what shall I do with all of you?

Picture 6

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