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HOW Design Conference 2009 – Austin, Texas


I really lucked out this year since the famed HOW Conference was in the good ‘ole ATX! Being able to go and share in the excitement with fellow creatives was so refreshing and really, just what I needed.

I had a handful of friends that I perused conference workshops, seminars, luncheons, and other events with. (I even ran into an old professor from college) It’s always better when you have people to bounce ideas off of and discuss what you have just learned. It was amazing how easy conversation flowed between complete strangers, we all really just wanted to get the most out of the 4 day event.


Overall it was a great success. I, like every other person there, attended one or two not so great sessions. Whether it be the speaker that was suffering, their content, or sometimes both. However, there were plenty of excellent and stimulating sessions and workshops that totally made up for their peer’s flops. The Closing Keynote was by far the most inspiring for me, and I really think for most people. Mark Randall spoke about how we as designers can make differences in our communities…and it wasn’t too broad as I really expected it to be. His words and his message truly seems doable by simply starting small and locally. I won’t get into too much detail, but check out his word at Worldstudio Inc. in New York.

P.S. this conference was the keeper of the best SWAG of my life :-)

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blog find

I found this wonderful blog today. It’s a feast for the eyes and well, all the senses really….who else out there likes to eat paper and fabric besides goats? Just Me?

Picture 21

Not too long ago I scoured it and took about a buh-gillion screen shots of anything and everything that inspired me. And since I’m fresh out of the HOW Design Conference that was in Austin this year I’m crazy inspired. More about this year’s HOW Conference to follow.

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