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Alice Louise Press

I adore stationary as most of you know. Being able to correspond to friends and loved ones via pretty papers is so important to me. And since I like to pass along new finds to my readers I thought I’d share this next one with you all as well…

Picture 4Our friend and fellow designer, Amy Lesniewicz is the founder of Alice Louise Press started in 2005 and operated in Northwest Ohio. All of Amy’s creations are made on an antique press. The combination of simple design and this lovely printing process is just stunning. I urge you to visit her site and take a look at Amy’s unique collections!

Recently Amy was nice enough to answer a series of questions about herself and Alice Louise Press!

Picture 2

What made you decide to start Alice Louise Press?

Because I am a graphic designer I was already being asked by many friends to design their wedding invitations for them simply because they were not able to find modern invitations out there. I quickly found out that tasteful wedding invitation choices were very slim and most were outdated and tacky. With places like IKEA and Target people were finally appreciating good, clean design in their life more and more and so I decided to start my own line of stationery and invitations.

What is your inspiration when coming up with new designs?

I generally like to think of a theme when I come up with a new invitation design. Something that can be carried throughout the entire event, relating to either a place or base it even around a color. For instance I just did a new design called Fern just introduced last week and it was based around the new color Moss that just came out in our line. The color looked so botanical and so the design Fern was born out of it.

Where can we find your products? where I’d be happy to take orders directly or go to the Store Locator link under Ordering to see what stores near you carry our line.

What are some of your short term goals for the Alice Louise Press?

We’re actually considering offering a digitally printed option for the budget conscious brides who love our designs but not the letterpress prices. Look for it soon on our website, probably this fall.

What is something you can’t live without?

My dogs, oh and cereal apparently! (Amy and I have a lot in common.)

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