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…I’m going to drive a Vespa. Pictures WILL follow. Alec don’t hate me.

Oh yeah, it was foggy today, still no mountains, I KNOW!!!!!

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in Denver, still no mountains

We made it. We made the long haul from Austin to Denver in one day. I’m super proud of us for making good time, remaining in good spirits, and not straying too far from our directions.

The high point of the trip was Alex’s uncanny Bob Dylan impression. The low point…massaging his ass while in the final stretch.

There were a few turn arounds due to me. Oops. Got lost in the ever changing scenery and missed a change of country roads.

We’re both still in awe of the landscapes we experienced! From rolling hill country in and around Austin, to flat prairie land, to red rock plateaus, the vast wasteland in the Texas panhandle.

Once entering Colorado people, trees, and animals became so very scarce and there were towns that were so very teeny and desolate that it kind of made me sad. I just couldn’t imagine being that isolated.

We made it to Denver around 9:20pm Austin time after leaving the house at 6am. It was dark and cloudy when we arrived and are still yet to see any mountains. at all. Hopefully we’ll see a peak or two today while we tour around Denver with friend Kaitlin and eat some real food.

I can’t bare to look at another granola bar, banana, or baked Lay chip. So I’ll be in hot pursuit of a Denver omelet….gimme gimme!

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