design sponge is kinda rocking my world lately.

April 21, 2009 at 7:27 pm Leave a comment

Everytime I go to I’m consumed with a constant sense of “want.”

OOOOH, look at that!

How did they do that?

I would never think of doing that!



The blog has done it twice to me today. And my mind and virtual pocket book are about to explode. You all know my love of Mediterranean plants, I’m sure you’re sick of reading the “S” word on this blog. So I won’t type it, not once. I’ll just show you many links and pictures of them to follow! Beware…it’s coming!


The first mind blowing experience granted to me by this morning was with this post. Flora Grubb (perfect name for a lady that has a thriving plant business) has this great shop in San Francisco. And if you remember, last week I posted about this, and today was so happy to find its origin. There are so many other vertical gardens that this lady has been a part of. I just want an entire wall in my house to look like that. Growing art…what a concept!


The second mind blowing experience can be seen here. You’ll see the orb accessory in the bedroom and living room images and a few closeups of it. I visited the site she said she bought it at….go here. They’re pretty affordable, but still a little more than I’d care to pay. But good friend Alec suggested I use a fish bowl to recreate this sweet creation. Maybe I will…but I think I need to take a healthy break from potting these little treasures, for now at least.

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bargain buys Last year this time…

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