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I’m sorry if you’re not mature enough to handle this…

A lot of you know that I love watching Dancing with the Stars on ABC every Monday evening. I watched this past week but of course was not quick enough to catch what caught. Thanks to my loving husband who knew that sending me this link would make my day. We’re classy folk.

So Unfortunate!

So Unfortunate!

Sorry we’re bringing this important news story to you late, but we somehow missed that last Tuesday, as millions of wholesome American families sat around their living rooms to tune into the prime-time TV show Dancing With The Stars, a heinously wayward boner came all too close to touching the rear-end of poor 17-year-old contestant Shawn Johsnon. Need we remind you that she’s had the attention of a pyscho stalker lately?

The perpetrator (unless that’s a microphone stuffed in those pants) is her dancing partner Marc Ballas. To be fair, erections can happen at any time, in any place, and for any reason. Hey, maybe Marc just thinks The Lindy Hop is a real turn on?

If the image isn’t large enough and you’re a perv like me you can go here to see the larger image and article!

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birthday weekend

Birthday Tulips from a friend

Birthday Tulips from a friend

Isn’t it great when your birthday falls anywhere from Friday-Monday and you’re then allowed to proclaim that the entire weekend is your birthday weekend? Maybe I’m the only jerk who does this to my poor husband, family, and friends. My 25th birthday is this coming Monday (the 6th) and we’re starting the celebration tonight with a group of friends at a closeby Mexican restaurant.

Saturday I’m having the annual family party at my parent’s house where I have my mom make me my favorite meal and whichever dessert I’m feeling like that year. Tomorrow night’s menu will be Ribeye steaks, mashed potatoes, peas, VINO, and red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting. YUM I want it NOW!

Sunday will more than likely involve me frolicking about in more beautiful spring time weather. Perhaps through fields of Texas wildflowers….haven’t decided yet, there are just so many choices.

Monday will be made special with Alex giving me his gift and going to his Leadership Graduation….more on that at a later date!

So just in case you’re wondering what will be going on in my life this weekend….a whole lot of ME…it’s all about ME ME ME!

Just kidding, I’m not a raving lunatic…not yet.

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