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sydney showing off

One of my favorite bloggers has been in Sydney lately taking some fashion shots of the land down under.


I adore the composition and colors of this one here. I mean, can I be her please? Afterwards I’d sightsee and shop with my favorite koala friend, perhaps even eat some Vegemite even though it tastes like a dead animal. When in Australia…

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sharp shoulders


I heart this model. For one reason and one reason only. She has sharper and larger shoulders than I do. YIPPPEEEEE! And she’s displaying them proudly in this ad…which was a Macy’s ad in my inbox this morning but that’s besides the point.

When I started swimming in high school my ever growing “swimmer shoulders” were brought to my attention by a fellow swimmer friend. Me and this other dude on my team were the female and male specimen of what true swimmers looked like. Since starting up Masters Swimming this past January I’ve been told that they look larger….GAH, NOOOOOO!

I wonder what event this model swam…because ya know, I’ve already decided that she’s a swimmer. SHE HAS TO BE! Oh and she apparently has an Asian husband…or lovah.

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cool cousin


The above picture is of my cousin Kevin. My Aunt Kyle on my mom’s side has two children she has adopted from China. Mei Ling is 13 and Kevin is 9…and they’re both super cool! Kevin was born with a birth defect on his right leg. Essentially his right foot grew where his knee should have been. Once he was adopted and in the States he received an essential surgery that amputated his right foot and was fitted for a prosthesis. Ever since he’s been a thriving, active kid with a great attitude.

He’s recently been involved in the Paralympics, primarily focusing in Track and Field. I’m told he excels at archery and has qualified for the National Games. Hearing about Kevin and seeing the pictures my aunt sends to friends and family make me so happy, so I thought I’d share!

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exploding polenta.

So the evening of our anniversary was…good. I came home and Alex had already mowed the yard and was cooking dinner in his apron that says “Alex” on the front. It was adorable.

Unfortunately we didn’t anticipate our recipe of beef ragu and creamy polenta to take almost three hours to make. whoospie. When it finally came time for me to prepare the instant polenta I failed to read the mention on the box that said, “Be careful, if the temperature of the polenta gets too hot (which it will since we’re asking you to BOIL IT) because it will turn into an erupting volcano of corn meal goo.”

Which is EXACTLY what happened. It was so very frightening. Huge, thick glops of molten polenta lava were spurting all over the place. At first I though, crap, this is going to be such a pain to clean (and it was), and then I started to fear for my skin. Because as it spattered onto my hand and elbow the skin immediately melted away. It was horrifying and I’m still waiting for my wounds to scab.

See that’s why you come to this blog…to hear about my wounds not scabbing yet.

Besides the food exploding everything else tasted good. Except the panzanella salad which we will not discuss…because it was a disaster and I wasted half a loaf of delicious ciabatta bread while making it.

BUT Alex found mini fruit tortes that were identical to our “wedding torte” at our wedding dinner. I have pictures that I will post tonight of them…but they were so delicious and so very perfect. He did well. AND I found a bottle of inexpensive Chianti from Montepulciano (a Tuscan town) that was sooo YUM.

Next year though…I think we’ll go out to eat. Because if this is any indication of what’s to come in our future anniversaries, well then I need to stay away from the kitchen.

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Un Anno

Happy One Year Anniversary to us! We’re exchanging our gift of “paper” tonight and cooking dinner from our Florentine cookbook. Perhaps I’ll add onto this post sometime tomorrow with pics of our future fabulous meal. I hope…


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Last year this time…

…we were here. on the Ponte Vecchio taking pictures of the sunset…pretty sure of it. Down to the minute I wouldn’t be surprised. Alec calls me a memory ninja and I totally agree!


And I once again long to go back and traipse about my favorite gelaterias, ristoranti, and monumenti. Today I was speaking with a man that works in my building whose son I went to high school with, he was telling me that his wife and him just went on a “small trip” to Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay. Sounds like an amazingly huge vacation to me…but I’d go on a vacay like that any day.

I need to get my passport renewed with this new name I have so taking international trips can once again be possible…

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design sponge is kinda rocking my world lately.

Everytime I go to I’m consumed with a constant sense of “want.”

OOOOH, look at that!

How did they do that?

I would never think of doing that!



The blog has done it twice to me today. And my mind and virtual pocket book are about to explode. You all know my love of Mediterranean plants, I’m sure you’re sick of reading the “S” word on this blog. So I won’t type it, not once. I’ll just show you many links and pictures of them to follow! Beware…it’s coming!


The first mind blowing experience granted to me by this morning was with this post. Flora Grubb (perfect name for a lady that has a thriving plant business) has this great shop in San Francisco. And if you remember, last week I posted about this, and today was so happy to find its origin. There are so many other vertical gardens that this lady has been a part of. I just want an entire wall in my house to look like that. Growing art…what a concept!


The second mind blowing experience can be seen here. You’ll see the orb accessory in the bedroom and living room images and a few closeups of it. I visited the site she said she bought it at….go here. They’re pretty affordable, but still a little more than I’d care to pay. But good friend Alec suggested I use a fish bowl to recreate this sweet creation. Maybe I will…but I think I need to take a healthy break from potting these little treasures, for now at least.

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bargain buys


I’ve been converted. Thanks to Alex and low prices.

Just a few years ago I couldn’t be bothered with bin shopping or the countless hours (minutes in my case) you can spend going through a sales rack. I knew that there were buys out there to be had but I was one that liked to walk into a store, see a nice clothes display, and then find that specific item below the display.

Now I raid the shelves and racks of stores like TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Ross Dress For Less. They still have clothes displays near the front of the store with a few more name brands (which I enjoy), but the real deals come about near the back of the store.

Just yesterday I scored three shirts, one cardigan, and a fancy pair of capris all for $70 including tax. I was elated and very satisfied with my spring and summer time finds! So next time you start feeling the effects of the economy (i.e. everyday) but want to update your wardrobe, purse/shoe collection, kitchen appliances stop in at one of the stores I mentioned…there are good things there, great things.

The image above of the yellow cardigan is from I have been eyeing that garment since late winter and instead of paying $59.50…I found an identical one from Anne Klein at TJ Maxx yesterday for $10.00, schwing!

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i really love…

…having a fully stocked refrigerator.


And organizing groceries so every time I open the refrigerator I’m faced with pretty food. I know. When we get home from the grocery story we have a routine.

Alex hands me groceries as I neatly arrange them. And then I open the fridge and exhale in delight because I know that the next morning I can have a heaping bowl of cereal with strawberries and bananas. And a glass of OJ. Calcium is delightful in the morning time.

When the fridge is empty I survive on peanut butter smeared on crackers….for breakfast and lunch. Dinner will be creative time and I’ll throw anything I have (i.e. hot dogs and/or carrots) into a marinara sauce. Don’t cringe, it’s totally happened before. And I actually thought it was pretty genius.


So full fridge meant full tummies this Sunday morning. My parents came over, and while my dad helped Alex install a blind in the front guest room I made a quiche and bacon. MMMM BACON! We hardly EVER eat bacon, nonetheless make it ourselves and it filled our house with such a delightful meat aroma that Saci will be full for days off it.

As soon as I opened the packaging I heard the pitter patter of her feet and instantly found her by my side. It was actually quite amazing. Don’t worry, I didn’t give her any. I wanted to though, but I didn’t.

I do however, have a full mug o’ solidified bacon fat sitting by the sink. Any takers? If so email me your address, I’ll spread it on a cracker and ship it to ya!

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travel itch.


It was almost exactly last year this time that Alex and I were jittery with excitement and anxious with anticipation for our upcoming 3 week long Italian adventure. It’s gotten me in a mood of nostalgia, I’ve been going back through online albums lately of our time there last year and how it was more perfect than I had planned. And holy crap did I plan. If you’re ever at our house ask me to see “The Binder.” In this binder I created tabbed sections and logged each and every detail of our trip. I had hotel and apartment details down to the renter’s middle name and favorite gelato flavor. I had restaurants in every neighborhood of every city that we were visiting that I was told by the Travel Channel and other bloggers that we should try. I even had key phrases I may have to utter at particular instances jotted down in there for the “just in case” scenarios. I’m getting organizing thrills and chills just thinking about this epic binder. BUT BASTA (enough)! This is about me wanting to travel…again and more.

Preferably it’d be to a European or Latin destination…but Alex and I are lending the American economy a hand during these “shoot me in the face” times and are traveling nationally. On May 1st we’ll be driving to Denver from Austin. DRIVING TO DENVER FROM AUSTIN. Since I’ve already complained to everyone I know in person about the road trip that hasn’t even begun I will complain to you all…again! Any good road trip suggestions? I really wasn’t prepared for these sort of adventures as a kid. If we went somewhere, chances are we flew there.

On the way back we’re stopping in Santa Fe, where we’ve already made arrangements to rent a cute little house that’s within walking distance of the city center. booyah.

I think I’ll be fine, I can do this. I’ll watch some birthing videos before hand and start practicing the breathing techniques. I’ll be fine.

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