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wacom wisdom


A friend let me borrow his Wacom Tablet over the weekend to work on my portfolio site. (psst. I’m still using it at work, and don’t have any plans on giving it back…shhhh). Again…Kidding.

All my friends that have sworn by them over the years are absolutely right. It makes illustrating and even “mousing around” so much easier. When I give it back I’ll look into getting one of my own. And when I do I shall name him/her.

Because I’m a weirdo.

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adorable potted plants


I practiced having a green thumb on Friday. The real test will come when we finally get around to landscaping the front flower bed.

There’s a Succulent Show in Austin on April 4th and 5th. So you know where I’ll be that weekend…at least for an hour or two!

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kite festivities


Not this past Sunday but the Sunday previous, we ventured downtown to the annual Austin Kite Festival. We went last year for the first time and really enjoyed kite/animal/and people watching. We prefer not to bring our own kite in fear that it will get snagged with everyone else’s. By the look of all the kites in the air, it seems inevitable.

Both years we haven’t been able to stay as long as we would have liked…but it’s a nice break from our usual activities and this year was the first year in a long time (I hear) that it was nice and sunny. The Saturday before was super super windy and would have been a disaster…I’m guessing there would have been a lot more kite deaths due to getting stuck in trees and the unaware funnel cake, resulting in a sugar explosion. What am I saying?


At times there seemed to be more dogs than people. Note, I don’t think dogs enjoy pink bonnets…In the picture above I’m seen consoling the mortified greyhound who will undoubtedly use all the proceeds from Greyhound Rescue to pay for a hit man. KIDDING!

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