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Pretty Papers


Just ordered this cute little notebook from etsy. It was a modest impulse purchase…one can never have too many brightly colored notebooks to jot thoughts and drawings into.

Dozi’s paper products are quite nice…take a look!

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Snappity Doo – Blog Challenge 2 – Inspirational

This made me really happy and hopeful! This guy is kind of amazing…I HAVE to see “Milk.” And there HAS to be equal rights for everyone. I really think that this is one of those things that we’ll look back on 30 years from now in disbelief that it was legal back then. When I’m faced with a person who tells me that “it just isn’t right for two men or two women to get married” I answer back with, “well back in 1967 it was still illegal for Alex and me to get married.” That makes things really uncomfortable…good!

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Snappity Doo – Blog Challenge 2 – Name(s)

This weekend was not good for me…or for my blogging at least. We were super busy, did a lot of fun things as well as productive things. Yesterday I made a list. I love lists. This one had many items on it, some devoted to cleaning, other devoted to calling old friends, and we were able to cross off each item! Awww, success! But not for the blog.

So today, I will post twice. Yesterday’s topic was chosen by Alec…and I can totally understand why she chose this topic…read hers and you will too!

picture-110My name for this post will not be my own, rather “Adele.” Only because she is currently one of our favorite musical artists AND we scored two tickets to her upcoming show in March! YAY! We’ve been waiting to see her now for over a year. She was at ACL this year but alas, we did not go due to just getting married in Italy and purchasing a house. Two justifiable reasons. Her buttery yet strong vocals bring us both right back to the streets of Florence where we first started listening to her in April. Basically hearing her reminds me of one of the best times we’ve had…getting married and traveling around Italy. Also, the show is at La Zona Rosa, a venue we’ve never seen a show at yet.


Also in names, we learned the names of four of our neighbor’s across the street from us. They brought us freshly baked chocolate chip cookies as a “Welcome to the Neighborhood” gift. Three months late, but whatever, better late than never!

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Snappity Doo – Blog Challenge 2 – Museums

Alec is right. I chose today’s (err yesterday’s) topic because I declared it while I was in a Museum…how extremely convenient!


Alex has been wanting to visit the AMOA (Austin Museum of Art) ever since he moved down here in January ’07. Today (err yesterday) we were finally able to cross that off the list of “things to do in Austin.” I’m not extremely familiar with the museum, only having been there 3 or 4 times prior. It was the first place I ever drew a naked man…or woman. I was 18 and took a life drawing class to get some extra work for my entry portfolio for art school. Let’s just say that I’m glad I got the worst life drawing experience out of the way first…when I was a teen. Because that meant i could handle anything after that. The guy must have been AT LEAST 78 and was the teacher’s husband…oi. Old, floppy balls are hard to draw.

But anyway, I digress, the exhibits that are currently at the AMOA are Clifford Ross’s collection of black & white and color photography called “Outside Realism.” As well as Lordy Rodgriguez’s collection of obscure maps called “States of America.” We chose a lucky day and time to go to the museum too because each artist was there and led a group of visitors around their pieces to explain them in depth themselves! It was great. And especially great after running into a new friend who enjoys art and culture as much as we do!


Ross’s collection of photography is what I enjoyed the most. He had a series called “Music Waves” of the surf and waves during or right before a hurricane would hit shore. They were spectacular, the shapes, motion, and textures he captured…some looked like frothy milk explosions while others looked like snow. I would love to own some…someday when I’m rich and can buy art like a crazy Medici.

Rodriguez’s collection of hand drawn maps were daunting. The amount of work and precision he put into them was amazing…as was the subject matter. He basically recreated the entire map of the United States based on his own memories and experiences. Also adding new states such as Internet, Hollywood, and Disney. The colors used were bold and creative and one couldn’t help but get up close and really appreciate the craftsmanship that went into each and every square inch.

So we enjoyed ourselves…good museum visit for sure. The addition of the artists actually being there to talk to us and answer our questions proved to be extra cool! Go Museums!

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Snappity Doo – Blog Challenge 2 – Spring


Ahh Spring. In Austin there are many instances throughout winter that trick one into believing that the favored season has come early. However, there’s nothing like green washing over the earth once again and covering the grays and browns with blooms and leaves. sweet leaves. I remember my freshman year in college, after surviving my very first northern winter, the exact day that the leaves returned to the trees. It was like magic. One day they were gone and the next they were there…budding and bringing sweet relief to the sad captives of winter.

I think people are just happier in the spring. Plus, it’s the season where I celebrate a birthday each year. And I love days that are all about me! I proclaim it to the world and am always sad on April 7th, the day after…it’s a lot like December 26th. a big fat bummer.

Lately I’ve been listening to a mix of songs that are playful and full of spring time whimsy. One in particular was introduced to me by none other than Alec…who knows me so well that whatever direction she points me in is always a good one. Some may be offended by the lyrics and title of the song…but that’s pretty silly folks. The message is one that I feel and try to pass on daily! When it comes to the featured topic I really think the haters need to practice apathy and just let it all go. It’s not worth it. Anyway, PLEASE take a listen and don’t turn up your nose.

Happy Almost Spring!

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Snappity Doo – Blog Challenge 2 – College

My college experience was so great.

picture-18Those four years flew by and so much happened within to ever recount. It was a time of new people, new experiences, cold Ohio winters, art projects, studying abroad, and becoming a better version of myself. The person I came to Bowling Green, Ohio as was not the person I emerged four years later as. I came out of college smarter, more confident, more prepared for life’s challenges, and with eyes wide open.

It was also at college where I literally forgot how to study. In high school I studied so dutifully for each and every test and quiz and would come out victorious with my ‘A’. Freshman year went pretty much the same way for me, but come sophomore year and all the art projects and papers I was writing instead of tests that I was taking…I literally could not and would not study. I would pretend to, deem it pointless, and settle for the ‘B.’

It was at college where I said goodbye to old toxic friendships and said hello to friends that allowed me to be myself without pettiness and too much drama. There was still a good amount of drama. It was also the place where I did things that were totally out of character, like put a frozen salmon under some guy’s bed that was the world’s biggest arse. Or go out every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday to bars and frat parties (such a departure from who I was in high school and who I am now).

Since there’s so much to say about my transformation in college and am now quite sure how to say it I’ll just end this with…it was a good time. A time that I wish sometimes I could go back to. I had at least 20 friends within a 3 mile radius of eachother and pretty much always had something to do. I miss the friend thing. Now it’s a lot more work, a lot more planning ahead, and a lot more expensive. The days of beer pong, flip cup, and corn hole are over.

Being grown up and on your own is good though. Never again will I have to settle for Natty Light or 8am classes or professors that BS their way through the semester. Instead I’ll go to work, make a living, sip my moderately priced wine, and spend time with my husband who gives me whatever I want :-)

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Snappity Doo – Blog Challenge 2 – Books

Today’s topic – Books (Alec, my personal encyclopedia, picked it)


Alright books. I like books. I like to read them, set beverages on them, use them as doorstops (kidding), and collect them in unattractive stacks in the corner of my office. We’re in serious need of two new desks, a filing cabinet, and a bookshelf for the office. IKEA will do us good once we get around to that nook of the house. One thing at a time….we need to lend our attention and funds to the lack of landscaping first!

Back to books! About three months ago I was on a roll with books. Picking one up and being able to finish it within the week before moving onto the next. Since then I’ve fell into a book reading lull. Perhaps because the one I’m currently reading is reading a bit slow for me. But because I can’t quit things I refuse to cast it aside just yet. I’ll force feed myself the dialogue if I have to. To be fair though…it’s getting better.

I have a pile of books I need to read sitting on my unorganized desk at home…mocking me. Titles include: How to be Lost, The Daily Coyote, It Sucked and Then I Cried, and about five others whose titles are escaping me. I’m also not one of those people that can read more than one book at a time. I start confusing characters and story lines and it’s just better for everyone if I just stick to one until I finish it.

So now that you’re aware of my book reading/organizing neuroses I can move on to the architectural structures that house them…known to most as libraries. Oh man I love these places. They’re houses of knowledge where nerds flock and ideas flourish.

As a kid my mom would take us to the Austin Public Library weekly, we’d pick out books that she would read to us at bedtime and wander aimlessly by ourselves through the non-children sections. I remember telling the librarian my name was “Katie Lewey” because I SO wished my name was Katie when I was 5. I guess I was a very convincing tot because that’s the name that was put on my library card. My mom loved it.

I also have vivid memories of looking in wonder at a breastfeeding book when I was about 5 or 6…I couldn’t put the thing down. And on each subsequent trip back to BookStop I would covertly bee line it to that particular book shelf and that particular book to sneak a peek. I was a sick kid I guess…whatever haters…it’s completely normal, I was curious! pssh.

In any case, I think I turned out pretty normal despite my “menacing” behavior in libraries and book stores. I blame the books, they sparked my creativity and curiosity. And dangit, I NEEDED TO KNOW HOW I WAS NOURISHED AS AN INFANT!

These days I enjoy old historic libraries the most. On our family’s last trip to NYC, years and years ago, we visited the New York Public Library. It was awe inspiring and quiet and creepy (good creepy). I could spend weeks there…with small fresh air breaks to get the “old book” smell out of my nostrils. It’s one of those smells that smells good at first but the “after smell” gets ya.

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