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Swimming Stronger

I kind of had a breakthrough this week…as far as swimming goes. The first two weeks were brutal. I was battling with finishing sets and making intervals, leg cramps, shoulder pain, etc. However, this past Monday I finally caught my stride…for now at least! I had the “fresh” feeling that I would feel occasionally while swimming in High School. The “I’ve been working hard in the water, but am recuperating nicely” feeling. Hard to explain I guess…my strokes just felt smooth (finally), and even though I was still challenged by the work out…I just felt strong. Tuesday’s practice followed through with the same feelings…and so did last night’s. Now it’s time to start challenging myself a bit more…not going to get too comfortable. I still like the feeling of barely being able to lift myself out of the pool because I worked hard in the water.

So there’s that…I’m also still flying high since the inauguration on Tuesday. WE HAVE A NEW PRESIDENT YO! I love hearing him being referred to as the president…in the past those words evoked feelings of frustration and distrust…now they conjure up feelings of hope and prosperity! We’re in good hands once again, worthy hands!

On the house front we’re slowly but surely still making small improvements in the more neglected rooms (i.e. the office and garage). Yes, the garage, since before even moving in Alex has had grand visions of painting the garage a bold color and putting up wall graphics…we did the same to the office last night. We’re both excited with the outcome of the office walls and now need to purchase two new (very streamlined) desks. Thank God for IKEA…we’ve already picked them out! Pictures to come soon!

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