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Happy Halloween!

This is a very politically charged Halloween for a lot of Americans this year! One of my fav sites at the moment is here, where I like to go and see the artistic pumpkin carving skills of my fellow Obama pals!

Below are some of my favorites!

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What’s this?!?!

Yes, “Joe the Plumber” is now on the campaign trail with “John the Grandpa” and “Sarah the Beauty Queen!

I’m sure there’s been no mention of the fact that this guy didn’t pay his taxes last year…tax evasion is something I view as un-American but let’s not forget, he lives in the part of the country that Palin dubs as the “Real America.”

So if you’re hoping to get your Joe Wurzelbacher poster signed…you better hustle up to one of those battleground states and get in line! Hopefully he’ll be there…he seems to not be the most reliable plumber at times!

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Some “racy” food for thought!

My good friend sent me this link this morning. Salivating and intense hunger pangs were the result!

The next time you need some quick inspiration for tonight’s meal…go here!

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Austin Eats – La Traviata

This past Friday Alex and I met up with our newly engaged friends Rosemary and John for date night. I picked our favorite Italian restaurant in all of Austin, the one that we compare all others to, La Traviata!

Alex discovered this place a little over a year ago on and we hadn’t been back since. We would try new Italian place after new Italian place and at the end of each meal say, “eh, I still don’t like it as much as La Traviata!”

So now we vow to not waste our time with any other Italian restaurants in Austin that vow to be authentic and “the real thing.” Because in Austin…La Traviata is the closest you’re going to get to the real thing!

We started off the meal with a beef carpaccio salad that featured fried radicchio, pine nuts, and arugula. The bottle of wine that was chosen was amazing (one of my favorite merlots to date) and paired well with my spicy rigatoni with lamb meatballs. I’m usually one to be picky about lamb, but there were no complaints with this dish. Alex played it safe with his regular favorite of Pasta Bolognese.

For dessert we all shared profiteroles stuffed with chocolate mousse gelato!

I can’t wait until we make our next trip back. I’m always thrilled with the food and the atmosphere is awesome. It’s tucked into a small space on Congress Avenue and always attracts a lively crowd!

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Two McCain/Palin supporters who obviously have a few screws loose!

I’m sure most all of you have heard of the two crazies I’m mentioning below. But with election day being a week away I thought it was worth blogging about…I mean these peeps are walNUTS!

The first, is by far the most deranged and in need of immediate therapy and a padded cell. A resident of College Station (of course) and a volunteer of the McCain campaign. Ashely Todd claimed she was robbed at knifepoint by a tall, black man in Pennsylvania last week because of her political beliefs. Even worse, she sported a backwards “B” on her cheek that the attacker supposedly carved onto her face. 

When I first saw the story on CNN I was shocked and horrified…luckily, no such thing ever happened…she made it all up, including mutilating her own face by carving a backwards “B” onto her cheek…maybe next time she does this she won’t rely too heavily on her mirror!

This next guy didn’t fake any attack, he however, named his newborn daughter Sarah McCain Palin Ciptak. Sheesh! And what’s worse…he did it behind his wife’s back after they agreed on the name Ava Grace. In an interview, Mark Ciptak of Tennessee told reporters that he wanted “to get the word out about the McCain/Palin ticket!” 

Whatever happened to a good ole yard sign or bumper sticker? 

In the end…two more Republicans jump the shark!

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Alec told me to do this…so I did!

I get down at work…supposedly.

see my friends being dorks, here and here!

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I Voted Today!

Today I went on my lunch break to vote in my first Presidential Election. Back in ’00 when Dub-yuh was elected the first time I was too young to vote…and in ’04 I was in Italy and was too lazy and unfortunately didn’t care enough to register for an absentee ballot.

There were no lines at the location I chose on the first day of Early Voting here in Texas and I was greeted and helped by the elderly :-) They were so sweet, one lady even proclaimed to me, “Dear, I won’t be here much longer, I came to vote today for people like you!”

awww, how sweet…hopefully that meant that she voted for change!

Another lady said, “Thank you Love!” when i pointed her in the right direction for voter lines!

Now if these sweet oldies can make their way to the polls then so can you, get out and Bar-rock the vote!

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Austin Eats – Thai Fresh

Sunday I woke up and stated, “Hey, I want to do something different today!”

“Like, what?” Alex said.

I don’t know if any of you remember how Alex took me to a Thai cooking class for my birthday this past April. While there we learned how to cook four different Thai recipes and met Jam, a lovely Thai woman who hails from Thailand but now lives in South Austin with her husband and son.

We also learned that Jam was in the process of opening a Thai grocery store/restaurant/cooking school. Well last week we both received an email announcing the store’s opening on St. Mary’s street in S. Austin. And today we decided that going there, picking up Thai groceries, and finally cooking those learned Thai recipes would be our something “different.”

Finding Thai Fresh was relatively simple and it’s in a great very “Keep Austin Weird” neighborhood! The store shares a parking lot with a “green” coffee shop and looks insanely appealing from the outside. Upon walking in one can’t help but notice the great aesthetics that comprise the store. From the modern, stained concrete floors to the stainless steel appliances this place has got some great character.

Finding exactly what we needed for Jam’s authentic recipes was super easy because all of the recommended brands of Panang curry paste, coconut milk, fish sauce, and Thai basil were in plain view! There’s a great section of produce from local growers and a spacious seating area for cooking classes or simply just for dining.

Afterwards, we headed to the Whole Foods headquarters to pick up groceries for the next two weeks. I have a love/hate relationship with this store…the food and other products are the best of the best so it = love….but it’s all so expensive and I want everything, so that = hate. But I guess I don’t mind paying a little bit extra for some extra quality.

Also, I saw a mother breast feeding with a fully exposed boob while asking a stocker where she could find falafel…meh whatevs.

Once home we started cooking Panang Curry with chicken, onion, squash, and Thai basil leaves. It turned out to be very simple and made so much food (we’ll have leftovers for the next 3 days or so). The entire apartment smelt like a Thai restaurant and the two of us were able to pat ourselves on the back with a job well done!

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Austin Eats – The Salt Lick

There are few BBQ joints in the Austin area that conjure up the same down-home goodness nostalgia as The Salt Lick. I don’t really know the history of this place, but I’m sure it’s chalk full of good ole boy grandeur. All I know is that we don’t go there that often because it’s kind of out of the way (all the way out in Dripping Springs) and that you can smell the famous meat pit from miles away.

Meat lovers beware…once you walk in you have reached your true mekkah! As my fair one has once proclaimed about a previous BBQ post, the sheer amount of meat and smokiness is pornographic and almost wrong :-)

My bro and his fiance are in the beginning stages of building a home in Dripping Springs (so lucky them, The Salt Lick will be a regular hangout for them). While we were out as a fam scoping out their lot and model homes we decided to take Alex here for the first time.

He loved it and dubbed it his fav BBQ restaurant thus far…I’m sure he’ll sample many others down the road. The sauce is a little different than most in Texas as it’s mustard based with more honey than usual…the outcome is a sweet and tangy loveliness that one can’t help but smother their ribs and brisket in. The cole slaw and potato salad are also like none I’ve ever had…no mayo here folks. Their secret recipe is vinegar based with plenty of sesame seeds scattered throughout!

This last trip we didn’t have room for dessert (their cobblers are amazing) and I’ve heard that their cream pies don’t disappoint either. But no fear, I’ve already made somebody promise me that they’d share some delectable desserts with me on our next go round!

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Just in case you were wondering…

…below is the REAL Joe Six Pack…..err I mean Joe the Plumber.

Let’s see if Palin and McCain call out even more Joes with the remaining three weeks. All this talk of “Joe” makes me want to go here and sip some!

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