It’s the morning after and our ears are still ringing!

September 27, 2008 at 4:02 pm 2 comments

Last night Alex bought tickets for us to see Jamie Lidell at The Parish Room on Sixth Street. The show was at 10pm so being the super planner that I am I made sure we were out of the apartment by 8:30 to drive down there, find a parking spot, and make our way to the club.

We were the second people in line behind Jamie’s youngest fan in Austin and stood there for another hour and fifteen minutes. The doors opened around 10:30 and we discovered why people speak so highly of The Parish Room. It was a long rectangular room with a bar and seating area around the perimeter. We could tell while holding our spots in the very front that it was going to be a very intimate show…or at least for us since we were so close!

The opening band was Black Joe Lewis and The Honeybears and we had no idea what we could expect from them. Austin 360 wrote about Joe Lewis being a very talented guitarist…but that’s about all we knew.

They were busy with their sound check when we entered and once we heard them doing some “test runs” we knew we were in for a treat. Their show was just short of an hour long and was so outstanding!

Black Joe Lewis and the Honey Bears are an eight-piece outfit of twenty-something devotees of hard blues-funk. Fronted by young guitarist and soul shouter Joe Lewis, these talented newcomers on the Austin, Texas, music scene have unleashed one of the toughest, rawest funk EP’s to come across this reviewers desk in many years.

One of the downsides of shows in my book is all the waiting around. Since it’s also the weekend of ACL there are thousands of people in-town (not including the locals) to see live music! We noticed quite a few in the crowd last night with wristbands and dust smeared on their faces. The girl next to me was so tired from the first day of the three day festival that she was NAPPING on the floor and leaning against my leg…I do what I can!

About 45 minutes after the opening band left the stage Jamie Lidell and his crazy teamsters entered the stage with a jolt of energy and a wave of aromatic weed. No wonder these guys took so damn long to get on stage!

Now I fear that I won’t do his performance justice with my amateur synopsis so I’ll just leave it be by saying that it was so many amazing things. I had no idea this guy was so versatile and full of energy! Some of his standout songs of the evening were “Little Bit of Feel Good,” “Another Day,” and “Multiply” where we pretty much sang the song to him!

His music was intoxicatingly innovative, or maybe that was just the dynamic duo who danced, popped X, and rolled joints in front of us (take note to their drug induced hand movements in the below video:-)! Despite not having drank a drop all night I’m recovering from a Live Music Hangover having stood for 4 hours straight, damaging my eardrums, and getting into bed close to 3:30am. Gah, we’re so OLD!!!


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Who’s Excited?!?!?! abstract brushstrokes

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  • 1. Alec  |  September 27, 2008 at 6:02 pm

    I’m glad you had fun, love. That Jamie Lidell is a talented mofo in the studio–I’m happy to know he can deliver the goods live as well.

    P.S. Holy what the HAND? It’s like a drunken Bob Fosse was standing in front of you.

  • 2. Eryn Chandler  |  September 27, 2008 at 7:03 pm

    yeah, and if you could believe it, his eyes were even crazier :-)


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