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Yes…I left without notice!

Last Thursday Alex and I left for Scottsdale, Arizona. A place where my brother and I spent a good part of our childhood. Some of my most cherished and loved memories come from summers where we would spend a month with our grandparents and aunt and uncle! Now said aunt and uncle (brother and sister…not married) have 5 children total. My aunt has a daughter (Mei Ling) and a son (Kevin) both adopted from China. And my Uncle has three boys (Zachary, Aaron, and Nikolai) all adopted from southern Russia.

We’re quite the multi-cultural bunch…especially if you take into consideration that my Uncle from the same side of the family was adopted from South Korea in the 50s, a cousin (from the same side) married a man of Thai heritage, and another cousin (a sister of the other) has a daughter who is half hispanic.

Alex and I plan to keep the tradition going…as does my bro who is dating a girl from Malaysia!

Anyway, enough bragging about how colorful we are….back to the trip. As always it was good to see familiar places and family faces! I love how my grandma’s house (even though she’s lived in 5 since I’ve known her) always smells the same. And her recipes always taste the same!

Our days were spent playing “hand and foot” (aka Canasta), over-eating (Nannie can’t stop cooking), playing with kids and new dog Bailey, and moving. errrr…..moving?!?!? Yes…moving!

My uncle was closing 3 of his 4 offices and Alex and I spent a good two days moving boxes, refrigerators, and filing cabinets. We were sore all over for the rest of the trip but it was nice to be able to help him out! Plus he’s giving us plenty of housewarming gifts for our house……like a fridge and 1,000 sq. feet of laminate flooring. So really…can we complain?

We also would take small day trips on our own around Scottsdale and Phoenix to see cool architecture (Frank Lloyd Wright was a huge influence in this area) and the ASU campus. We dubbed the campus to be a hodge podge of stucco and art deco buildings.

And since Alex has a few friends from college that now live in Phoenix we were able to hang out with them on our last evening there. The four of us enjoyed dinner at PF Changs, it was great to catch up, and weird to be hanging out with them in Arizona and not Ohio.

We arrived back in Austin yesterday evening and were extremely happy to see Saci and be back in our apartment where we can slip back into our schedule…


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