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“No Way, No How, No McCain”

Did anyone catch Hillary’s speech last night at the Democratic Convention? If not I’ve provided a nice little youtube video below where you can see what is being argued as one of her best speeches ever! Obama supporters probably brought about that last statement but pish posh…her speech had me beaming with pride at the end and tears welling up in my eyes!

I even felt a little bad afterwards for not lending her and her campaign more supportive words before Obama was selected as the Democratic Nominee.

One of my favorite, and I think the most crucial, points that was made clear during the speech was her calling out her stubborn supporters and willing them to go out and vote come November…and not for McCain.

I just don’t get it, when avid Hillary supporters who are still weeping over her not getting the nomination defiantly state that they will never vote for Obama…and that NOW they relate more with McCain! I’m sorry?!?!?! Did I hear you correctly? McCain…how could you possibly relate more with him after being such a fan of Hillary? Their campaigns and values are on opposite sides of the pole and by no means run parallel.

I am 100% positive that if Hillary had been the Democratic Nominee that I would collect the pieces of my broken heart after Obama was cast aside and go out to the polls in November and vote for whichever Blue Nominee was on the ballot!

As my husband Alex has stated, and I think it’s a great perspective. Those individuals out there that are refusing to vote for Obama are being immature and petty. It’s like breaking your toys when you’re a little kid because you don’t get your way. It’s pointless! And it’s only going to hurt you in the end. Is it really worth having another Republican in the White House for another 4 years?!?!

In any case, Thank you Hillary for going out last night and uniting the Democratic Party…we really needed to hear what you had to say!

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