Acupuncture…friend or foe?

August 24, 2008 at 9:50 pm 2 comments

Friend! Definitely! But before I share my Eastern Alternative Medicine experience with you I’d like to tell all in need of a good laugh to go see Pineapple Express.

Since the flick involved a lot of the same actors and makers of Superbad (which we adore) we knew we’d really enjoy ourselves. We saw it at the famed Alamo Drafthouse where we were able to eat a meal while watching the movie, the food is nothing special, yet the concept rocks!

We laughed the entire time and I fell in love with Saul, Jame Franco’s lovable pothead character. Don’t go into the movie expecting it to make a lot of logistical sense…it doesn’t, but it makes you laugh really loud :-)

Ok…so acupuncture…yes?

Alex’s company recently held a silent auction where a donated $75 acupuncture session was up for bid. Knowing that I have been interested in the practice for awhile Alex bid on it for only $30 and won it! I called and made my appointment with Christine at Blue Heron Acupuncture and two weeks later there I was lying on a massage table in this woman’s home having her poke me with needles. Haha. Ok, it wasn’t as strange and creepy as I just made it out to be. Christine was incredibly welcoming and answered all my questions with ease and made sure that I had a relaxing and positive experience.

The session started with me filling out a form of my health history, you know the drill, and we spoke about my sleep, eating, and exercise habits. I was deemed healthy and already very relaxed, which she said is great but I may not be able to feel the full benefits of acupuncture as most her patients are high-strung individuals with stressful jobs and who have sadly forgotten what it feels like to relax!

I laid down on the table and relaxed as she lightly tapped the thin needles into certain pressure points, about 9 total.

Did it hurt, you ask?

No, but on a few of the needles I could feel a dull sting, in response she moved the needle a few millimeters from the current spot and re-tapped it in. Va bene.

After the needles were assembled she placed a heat lamp over my feet (as they cool down significantly during the process), a blanket over my torso, and a scented eye mask over my eyes. Ambient noises of waves crashing was turned on in the background and I was left to relax for 30 min. So basically…naptime. While she was gone I would move body parts around to re-stimulate the needles and would in turn feel a numbness and heaviness in my muscles…slightly euphoric I would say. But nothing ground breaking. I guess if I had an ailment such as a sprained ankle or chronic back pain acupuncture would definitely be the way to go.

For now I’ll stick to massages as I find them more rewarding.

Christine explained to us on our way out the benefits of Eastern medicine and how she uses it for EVERYTHING from headaches to the flu. She also mentioned that she hasn’t used antibiotics for the past 25 years…wow. I would love that type of independence from American healthcare…at least for the small stuff.

So along with my other new hobbies I’m wanting to educate myself more with Eastern medicine, I think it could really impact Alex and I in a very positive way!


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  • 1. erin :: the olive notes  |  August 25, 2008 at 1:59 am

    I’ve always wanted to try Acupuncture…but always go for the massage. Maybe I’ll keep doing that since you said that too. But, it would be good for a problem or something. Chris had the fire/cup/suction type done once. I love the alternative medicines and would love to never take a pill again.

  • 2. Eryn Chandler  |  August 27, 2008 at 5:37 pm

    I recently watched an Anthony Bourdain show where he was in China and had “cupping” done…the fire/cup/suction technique!

    now I want to try that :-)


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