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I saw this clip and story on the Today Show this morning. Meredith Vieira warned me to grab a tissue before watching it…..I didn’t and was reminded that the back of my hand is not absorbent.

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For Sunday brunch…

…we visited one of my favorites. I love this place so much…the location, the ambience, the dishware, and most importantly THE FOOD! Ya know, the very thing that fuels 85% of my blog posts :-)

South Congress Cafe boasts such an impressive array of choices….the menu, well it’s dynamic and the recipes described are always crowd pleasers. What sounds better than Carrot Cake French Toast or (beyond creamy) roasted bell pepper and potato pancakes? We took along friends Kearney and Robin who had never been to SoCo Cafe and (I think) converted them to believers :-)

I always start my meals there with a cup of their Kona decaf (which comes in the purple mug), we all munched on their mini corn bread muffins and enjoyed the view from our street-side booth. For brunch I ordered their omelet special….stuffed lovingly with prosciutto, roasted bell peppers, asparagus, and queso blanco. On the side was that divine potato pancake mentioned above and fresh fruit (unwilted, just peeled fresh fruit). Alex ordered the venison meatloaf, which was of course bueno. And because each table must have ONE, Robin ordered the carrot cake french toast (it tastes like candy) and allowed us to savor its goodness :-) Next time I’m wanting the crab cakes….

Afterwards we walked around the trails of Zilker Park and happened upon the dog park. While there we talked about how awesome dogs are and uttered phrases like, “oh, look at this little guy” or “puppy puppy puppy!”

The rest of the day turned into a super lazy Sunday that involved napping under rapidly moving fans, taking walks after the sun has set, and watching the Food Network.

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