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Down Home Texas BBQ

This morning (around 10:30) Alex and I hopped in the car along with my parents, my brother, and his girlfriend. The plan…go try out the #3 rated BBQ in Texas. It’s called Smitty’s and has been serving finger lickin’ good barbecue since around 1900 (although under different management). Kreuz Market (the rival BBQ joint) was no less than 4 minutes down the road and is ranked #2 in Texas. We decided to try Smitty’s though because they had side options…whereas Kreuz Market is all about the meat!

The building is old and unassuming. Upon walking in your smacked in the face with a plume of smoke that smells heavily of mesquite trees while you walk down a long, dark, ominous hallway. At the end of the hallway you see the smokers, fueled by burning logs, and stock full of some serious TX BBQ! We walked in and my dad was so overwhelmed that he made us all sit first and have a “plan of attack” meeting.

PL (Papa Lewey): “Alright, alright……what does everyone want?”
in unison: “Meat!”

We ended up getting an offensive amount of meat consisting of beef ribs, brisket, sausage, cole slaw, potato salad, baked beans, and plenty of lemonade. You had to ask specifically for barbecue sauce as most prefer not to disrupt the purity of their beef. The ribs were by far the best I’ve ever eaten (even though I usually prefer pork ribs) they were sweet and crispy on the outside and fell off the bone. Everything else was excellent as well…although we found ourselves saying things like, “yeah, Rudy’s sausage is much better” or “I like the baked beans at Salt Lick better.”

The eating area on the inside was no frills and filled with locals….and a handful of good ‘ole boys wearing sweat stained baseball caps and tight jeans. We sat there for quite some time, polishing off most of the meat (besides one sausage) and letting our food settle afterwards. A walk around the Lockhart city square was in order upon leaving, and not long after that we hopped back in the car to make the 45 min. drive back to Austin.

It’s been 4 hours since we finished eating and I’m still suffering from the meat sweats and food coma :-) Tonight will consist of resting, swimming, and eating lots and lots of fruit!

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