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Just Say No to Pithy Oranges: Blog Challenge 2008, Day 6

(alec’s) theme: the story of Saci. (For me it’s the story of Mika, but “The Story of Saci” has a ring to it, almost like a 70’s TV-movie.) Like how you got her, your first day with her… you know.

This is my favorite blog theme to date! Good one Barnesy :-)

The story of Saci is a very special one. We had the name “Saci” picked out for quite sometime…she’s named after the art school we studied at in Florence called Studio Art Centers International (SACI)! Upon talking to a long time friend who deemed “Saci” the perfect pet name, I tucked it away safely in a special place until we found the whiskered love of our lives!

Alex moved to Austin on January 1st, 2007 (Happy New Years to us) and we moved into our wonderful apartment together. I wanted a dog right off….I come from a long line of individuals that treat dogs as members of the family (it gets a little weird at times). Alex on the other, being the voice of reason, said it’d be best to wait 4-6 months until we were used to living with eachother.


One day in late January 2007 (not even a month after he moved here) Alex called me on my lunch break. I was elbow deep in a sales bin at Express when Alex informed that “[I’d] be so jealous because [he] was playing with puppies” at Petco’s outside adoption day.

I was jealous….but I was also trying on awesome tube tops. He called me back seconds later while in the dressing room to inform me that he’d found her. She was a basenji mix sitting in the corner of a cage while obnoxious puppies bit her hears and annoyed her.

“Get her……just come home with her” I said. He was surprised asking if I wanted to meet her first. I knew that this was my chance to get a dog though and I really trusted his judgement.

That evening I left work and went straight towards the nearest Petco. Alex and Saci met me there moments later. My first glimpse of her was her sitting all proper (she still does this) in his backseat looking straight ahead out the front wind shield.

We’ve been a tremendously happy family of three ever since! She’s so docile and sassy, she’ll calmly lounge with us on the sofa while watching our favorite shows or “get crazy” as we throw her toys around for her. She is always a fan favorite with guests as they can’t get over how calm she is and the fact that she hardly ever barks. We joke that she barks “once a month” after which we reset the timer for another 30 days.

We still need to work on socializing her with other dogs. As her first reaction is to nip and growl, after which she’s totally cool. It’s interesting really, I guess she’s telling them, “hey I’m Saci, I’m tough….please don’t take advantage of me!” We also need to work on taking walks and her not pulling our shoulders out of the socket.

Nonetheless we both feel as we have the perfect, little 2-year old girl….one who likes to snuggle with us before bedtime…….drink wag-a-latte coffee drink……and lounge in the sun on the back patio!

P.S. she’s my mom’s first grand child and gets sooo spoiled at Grandma’s house!

…’s the story of Saci!

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