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Just Say No to Pithy Oranges: Blog Challenge 2008, Day 4

(alec) Theme: a “discovery” you’ve made – something or someone you think everyone (cool) will be talking about soon. It should give you that feeling of “getting in on the ground floor.”

Well we’re about halfway there……today was rough. As we got home late from doing top secret things I’ll reveal once the blog challenge is over :-)

Okay so here goes. Because I can’t just pick 1 or 2 or even 3 “finds/discoveries” I’ve chosen three categories with a few of my “discoveries” per category!

Category 1: Ways I’ve “discovered” to make my life easier:

-When planning a dinner party choose main courses and desserts that can be made ahead of time and be stored in the fridge/freezer for a few days before guests arrive. Great examples would be items such as lasagna, casseroles, custards, etc. Also fresh fruit with a dollop of whip cream work awesome for low key/healthy desserts.

Another nerdy pre-dinner party “discovery” I’ve made is to set the table the night before…that way dishes and glassware don’t become dusty and it’s 5-10 minutes that you’ve saved already :-)

-Be a defensive driver. After being rear ended twice I never want to fall victim or cause an accident. Who does? right?!?!? Therefore, I’m always driving right on the speed limit or a little under and am aware and conscience at ALL TIMES. Rarely am I talking away on my cell phone or multi-tasking. Those who apply makeup, READ, or send/receive text messages in the car annoy me!

Catefory 2: Financial “discoveries”

-If living in a duo and if possible…live off one partner’s paycheck while putting the others away in your high yield savings account! Alex and I wish we would have started this earlier…it’s just money in the bank :-) Also look into high yield savings accounts such as HSBC (we just got one) or eTrade. You’re guaranteed a higher interest rate than having your money just sit in a regular savings account and you’re at no risk of losing money in today’s volatile market!

-If you’re not yet in a duo…pack your lunch instead of going out to eat. I allow myself one lunch a week with coworkers that I try to save for Thursdays or Fridays. Rather than paying $10 everyday for lunch you can put that money away for more important purchases down the road!

Category 3: Musical “discovery”

-Funny, I just caught a glimpse of this girl on MTV’s “You oughta know” just yesterday. Her name is Charlotte Sometimes and she’s sassy and molto talented. I really enjoy her track called “How could I just kill a man.” Somewhere down the road I’ll use the $10 I saved from packing my lunch one day to purchase the album on itunes!

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