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Just Say No to Pithy Oranges: Blog Challenge 2008, Day 3

(my) Theme: Pick a dream travel destination you’ve never visited and write a detailed account of your perfect day there!

Dream Day: Tel Aviv, Israel

Israel is a new one for my travel list. And it’s an extra dream location because I’m sure I’ll be apprehensive to even consider traveling to the wonderful land that is Israel for a very long time. Sad, I know. Sad, that war, violence, and hate are keeping so many of us from discovering beautiful countries and cultures. But enough about the sad and more about this dream day!

I would arrive in Tel Aviv fresh and lively….because I would have flown first class (with the seats that transform into fluffy beds of heaven [with chocolates on the pillows]) and been able to sleep the majority of the flight with my best girlfriend in tow.

Upon arriving to the airport we wouldn’t be greeted by uniformed IDF soldiers with machine guns, rather helpful airport attendants who helped us on our way into a cab. The cab heading of course towards the hotel that boasts the most luxurious pool and cabana area. We’d drop our luggage, grab a quick drink by the pool where we’d dangle our feet about and quickly set off on foot.

I think I’ll be hungry by now so we’ll meander to the Hakarmel Market in the heart of Israel’s most popular city. While there we’d stock up on olives, fresh figs, and pistachios while playing the “market” game with the boisterous vendors. The boardwalk along the Israeli Mediterranean Coast would be the next stop where we’d window shop for great swim suits for an upcoming swim and possibly the most perfect pair of Israeli made heels :-) Talking with locals (we’d be fluent in Hebrew of course) and admiring the look that all Israeli men have would be followed by snacking on street food like watermelon with chunks of feta garnished with mint and lemon juice.

A quick jump in the ocean would prompt hunger pangs. Back at the hotel we’d slip into our most fabulous cocktail dresses and frolick to Doxa, the chicest place to have a reservation in Tel Aviv. The menu is small but of divine quality. A main course that night would be something like ricotta/lemon stuffed ravioli with a light citrus reduction. Drinks would be expensive but extremely worth every toxic sip and dessert would be sweet, tart, and scandalous………… Tel Aviv.

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