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Just Say No to Pithy Oranges: Blog Challenge 2008, Day 2

Theme: Who is your favorite artist and why?

Well…..thanks a lot Barnesy, talk about a tough decision. I consider myself a very decisive person but get very indecisive when picking favorites…..of anything. I suddenly feel like I really need to nail my choice because it part encompasses who I am. And I don’t want friends or even total strangers to get the wrong impression of muah.

So here goes. Favorite Artist artist (this post will also include Favorite Music artist :-) is Chuck Close.

I had never heard of him until Freshman year of college in ’02 when one of our 2D foundation projects was based off his work style. Throughout college his name was referenced in many of my classes….probably due to the fact the the close by Toledo Museum of Art featured a decent amount of his work. I even had a Graphic Design professor who had an original Chuck Close hanging at the end of her hallway I noticed once at a dinner party.

What I like about him is the scale he works at. I love large scale artwork, it’s so bold and assertive. I’m also a fan of realistic portraits, which he is a expert with (I mean could the black and white portrait of himself look anymore like a photo…dang!).However, from far away so many of his portraits are spot on but when viewed close up you see that he created the piece by use of a grid that is completely abstract. There is so much more that I could blab on and on about but bottom line…the guy rocks!

Favorite Music artist:

This is another tough one. There are so many individual albums or even tracks of artists that I’m so in love with. But I’d have to say that my overall audio pleaser of choice would have to be Ms. Joss Stone. Her name alone is rock star…not to mention her buttery, soulful lullabies that send me into a trance every time. It helps that I was introduced to her while studying in Italy in ’04. So whenever I’m listening to her album “Mind, Body, and Soul” I’m brought right back to the cobblestone streets of Firenze!

Her newest album is equally fantastic and I never get tired of listening to her soothing and/or upbeat melodies. And she performs barefoot in cute little ensembles…you’ve got to lover her!

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Just Say No to Pithy Oranges: Blog Challenge 2008, Day 1

Theme: Describe an unexpected/quirky/bizarre experience had during your last trip to Europe.

This one was tough…there were a lot of things during our last trip to Italia (my motherland) that proved to be unexpected….a little bit quirky….and always bizarre (see pic of dog eating penne pasta with dog food on top)! However, I decided to choose one thing that blew my mind…as well as Alex’s.

My favorite food is authentic Italian……yes? Yes! It is! I’m always cooking it here in the States as my go to food genre and we go out and order Italian ALL THE TIME. So why, when I’m in the mecca of the greatest Italian food for 3 whole weeks do I become so mind numbingly sick of it after a whopping 4 days! Yes…..this really happened. I think it started happening one day when I ordered a mediocre plate of mushroom risotto…at a place that I thought was going to be spectacular. 

Another reason I think it may have happened is because whenever we’re in Italy I find it necessary to eat whatever I want whenever I want it. My general frame of mind being, “we’re rarely here…when’s the next time I’m going to be able to eat 3 pastries for breakfast….or a gelato every three hours.” So I may have burnt myself out quickly.

Whatever the reason it was a bit frustrating. In Florence, Rome, and Naples we were able to feast on almost any type of cuisine…kabobs (a fan favorite), burritos, Chinese…heck we even tried Turkish food for the first time while in Naples.

However, in Positano the food gods were not on my side. Italian restaurants seemed to be the only type we happened upon wherever we went in the small town. Which is fine…we WERE in Italy. I just found it to be a bit sad that I was craving falafel and Indian food while I was in the birthplace of pasta and pizza.
Don’t get me wrong though, we had plenty of Italian food……just not as much as we had expected. Alex on the other hand wanted to eat his own Margherita pizza for every meal. We counted and he consumed something in the ballpark of 12 pizzas during our entire stay.

Some food highlights from our trip include:

1. The legendary meal 11 of us shared at Il Latini in Florence. The quality and sheer volume of the food we consumed was impeccable. Goes down as my number 1 meal of all time.

2. The stuffed zucchini flowers Alex and I shared at Cafe Positano in……you guessed it, Positano. The view we had from our outdoor table were the most beautiful I’ve ever seen while eating.

3. The wonderful pastries in both Positano and Naples….especially Naples the city of sfogliatelle and Nutella stuffed anything.

4. The monumental breakfast we enjoyed on the rooftop of Hotel Vesuvio in Naples. The most lavish breakfast set against the beautiful bay of Naples.

5. The Margherita pizza at Pizzeria Brandi in Naples. Hands down the best pizza I’ve ever eaten…scarfed down at the birthplace of the Margherita!

6. The carciofi all Romana (Roman artichokes) eaten many times as appetizers in Rome. So buttery and delicious.

7. The shameful, sinful Crepe con Nutella that I awkwardly ate in Campo de’ Fiori in Rome.

8. And finally…….sad gelato eaten in Florence. First with Alec where we had mini panic attacks after seeing Sad Gelato man and second on our last night in Florence. Cookies and Amarena…..mmmmmm.

Buon Appetito!

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