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Happy 3-day Weekend to us!!!

Aren’t long weekends fantastic?!?! Thanks to our country’s Independence we’re still enjoying it :-) Thursday evening we went back to one of our favorite Indian restaurants in Austin, Sarovar, which boasts authentic southern Indian cuisine! Even in the parking lot you can breathe in the spices. Needless to say it was the spiciest Indian food experience I’ve ever been a part of. I was melting into my food, it was so delicious I just couldn’t stop eating my vegetable dumplings in curry sauce as well as my other assortment of soups and sauces since we opted for the Thali. My fav part of the evening was laughing hysterically with Alex everytime the lady filling our glasses would call him “ma’am!”

Friday (the 4th) we meticulously cleaned and waxed both our cars. I love when things are clean, I could be Monica’s best friend on “Friends!” That evening our neighbors had us over for some barbecue and then we ventured downtown for Austin’s annual Auditorium Shores Firework Show. It takes place on a huge lawn overlooking Lady Bird Lake behind the new Long Center and Palmer Events Center.

The city’s skyline takes centerstage as fireworks are set off, the Austin Symphony always plays along :-) I just love the sound fireworks make with the loud booms and sharp fizzling noises….takes me right back to childhood!

Saturday (yesterday) we had somewhat of a lazy day as we watched more episodes of “Arrested Development.” We’ve made it to season 3 and are excited since we hear it’s the “best” (aka most ridiculous) but are also really sad since we only have 12 new episodes left :-( Luckily the movie will come out soon enough to satisfy our “bizarre comedy” palates!

The rest of the day was spent grocery shopping and preparing food for dinner guests. We invited our friends Eddie and Eric over for pan fried tilapia with an olive/artichoke tapenade, a peso pasta salad with pumpkin seeds, tomatoes, and sauteed mushrooms, and then for dessert I prepared a citrus semifreddo. Everything tasted yummy but the dessert was my fav. I yoinked the recipe from Giada de Laurentiis (“Everyday Italian” on the FoodNetwork). It was so tart and the amaretti cookie crust was so sweet and delicious. I recommend giving it a shot. But be sure to allow at least 8 hours for the semifreddo to freeze/set completely!

Today will be spent relaxing and enjoying the last moments of such a great weekend.

I’ve been meaning to write about an album I recently purchased on iTunes by Priscilla Ahn. I had heard her one night on Jay Leno performing the album’s single, “Dream” and commented, “wow that song is so pretty!” The next day I was given a starbucks iTunes single free download card and she just happened to be the featured artist. After listening to a few other songs on the album entitled “A Good Day” I impulsively bought it and now peacefully sway to her whimsical tunes very reminiscent of Amy Mann……or at least I think so! But go check her out, she’s great and the CD art from the album is soooo pretty :-)

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