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A little of this and a little of that!

We had a great past weekend here in the ATX!!! On friday evening, Trevor, a friend from work invited Alex and I over along with another coworker for dinner at his place. I was told beforehand that he had a great apartment but wondered how great it was since it was probably an average apartment, I’d driven past the complex hundreds of times. Upon walking in I notice that there are wood floors throughout his apartment and red accent walls. Apparently he complained enough to upper management and they put the floors in for him. Man, it’d be so awesome if our complex would pay to give us wood floors…….man!

Anywho, he cooked us an amazing meal of Potato, leak and fennel soup (delicioso), fresh cucumber, cilantro, and lime salad (very refreshing), and Chicken Mango Curry (it was fantastically spicy) and plain amazing. For dessert, Kearney made a homemade apple pie that we drank with our espresso. Overall, a great evening of food, music, crazy cats, and stimulating conversation!

Saturday we got a lot done while running errands in the morning and watched our family friend’s kids. As an exchange, the mom, who is our dog’s vet gave us six months of free heart worm pills for Saci, wahoo! I love exchanges like that, so economical!

Sunday was great, I slept in ’til 8:45….it felt like it was 10:45 when I got out of bed. I guess that’s what happens when you consistently pop out of bed every morning at 7:30am (and when I say “pop” i mean groan, moan, and drag my ass out of bed). After breakfast and a few episodes of “Coupling” we ventured to one of our most favorite areas of Austin, “SoCo,” short for South Congress and walked to a restaurant that we’d heard of many times just never tried. It’s called HomeSlice and it claims to be the “Queen of Pies” in Austin, which begs the question, who is the “King of Pies” in Austin?!?!?! Anyone, anyone?

The place was great, we could tell it was a fan favorite as it was packed (however we didn’t have to wait for a table, which was awesome). It claims to have NY style pizza, my all-time fav! I ordered a slice of margherita while Alex got a slice of pepperoni and pepperoni/mushroom. It all tasted fantastic. Oh and to drink I got a bottle of lemonade made in Austin. It was one of the best lemonades I’ve ever had and I consider myself to be a connoisseur of the cold, tart American classic! You gotta love it when the ingredients are lemons, mineral water, and sugar cane. Perfetto!

After lunch we walked up and down SoCo and window shopped. We bought a few bars of chocolate from a boutique, Alex got classic white chocolate/vanilla while I got super fancy milk chocolate/coconut curry. I partially got it because the wrapper was so beautiful but I enjoy a good chocolate risk taking event. I’ll let you guys know how it turns out.

Then we realized we both had cravings for cupcakes and we were in the perfect spot. Alongside SoCo is an old-fashioned, silver, stream-lined bus that has been parked in the same spot since March 2007 (it’s brand new but you wouldn’t know it) called “Hey Cupcake.” The line was long, great sign! I ordered a Red Velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting while Alex got “The Standard” which was yellow cake with chocolate frosting. And we of course shared a carton of ice cold milk with it. SOOOO YUM!

The day ended with a long jog in a local park with Saci and a great meal of roasted veggies over pasta! Un Buon Weekend :-)

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Not too much going on except…..

…that I’m in super, crazy, manic planning mode for the upcoming Italy trip. I’ve discussed this before on the blog, but something about planning something to the nth degree makes me really happy and accomplished feeling. I’ve started even writing down lunch/dinner/gelato outings in my planner for the week we’re in florence. And I’ve decided to kind of lay off the planning once we leave for the honeymoon on the Amalfi Coast, Naples, and Rome…..just because it’s our time to spend together as newlyweds and relax……and treat ourselves of course!!!!

I’m so excited internally about everything that I’m close to erupting…..very close. Hopefully more posts to come soon, however, they may be very reminiscent of this one as Italy is ALL that is on my mind as of late!

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It’s the first day of spring…

…and Austin and the seasons are on the same page! Just a few days ago the trees that had lost their leaves during the winter months (if you can even call it winter) started to get their new light green, springtime leaves :-) This is my favorite time of year for looking across the hill country and seeing the speckled landscape. The cedar trees still remain their constant shade of dark green while the new ones are brand new “springtime green.” The drive to work has become a bit more scenic and everything looks just so much more colorful….aww spring. However, in about 2 weeks the pollen will begin to form like crazy on all cedar trees and have this girl coughing up a storm. Late March/early April is when I develop my man cough as Alex calls it.

I also realized that next month this time we will just be arriving somewhere special! This weekend I want to go buy some new rollaway carryon bags…I’m sure Alex will insist that his trusty black duffle bag will do the trick…but I insist on the rollaway feature!

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Weekend Activities

Ever have one of those weekends where you just can’t seem to get anything done and everything seems to just not work out? Well…this weekend has been the opposite of that for us (wahoo)! 

We started off with a mild amount of events planned but as friday came and went we seemed to be somewhat full of activities. According to my dad, “[I] always need an activity” to keep me occupied :-) 
My uncle from Arizona who has three boys (6, 11, and 13) all adopted from Russia came for a visit. The first part of his visit to Dallas to see my aunt, uncle, and cousins started off with a rocky start due to hyper active children so we were a bit nervous to say the least. But when they got here everything went off without a hitch and we enjoyed everyone’s company.
The two oldest loved hanging out with Alex…..playing basketball, video games, and goofing around, they really seemed to look up to him. They left this morning….and are driving back to AZ as I type, yuck, I think it’s something like a 16-18 hour drive. 
Also yesterday we were able to meet up with a friend that we get to see a lot of since she lives about 5 minutes from the apartment and were also able to see an old friend from my highschool. We all met at Chuy’s, our fav Tex-mex in Austin and then came back to our place for some good conversation…Saci was definitely showing off :-)

Today the weather was amazing for the third day in a row so we took advantage and went for a long hike in our normal spot off of Old Spicewood and our now back relaxing, doing laundry, and will head out later to a friend’s house for some authentic Indian….sweet! 
Italy is just about month away and I’ve been telling people lately that I have a weird feeling about it now. Not a feeling that something bad will happen, just that we’ve been planning and talking about it SOOO much the past year and it just feels like it’s not going to happen. Just something that we talk about it but keeps getting pushed off. I almost prefer to not even talk about it…because the anticipation is KILLING me. I often shy away from Italy-based conversations lately as I’m sick of saying/hearing the same words. I’m ready for the “action” part of this scenario and I’m sick of the daydreaming/planning part. Just get me there!

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Friday Date Night

We had a very unexpected date night. The one where you choose a restaurant that could be hit or miss and rent a movie that you’re not sure you’re going to like. The night seemed to work out perfectly!

We started off by trying a new Indian restaurant not exactly downtown (where we usually venture). This weekend is the kick off of SXSW (a big music, film, and interactive festival Austin is known for every year) and we knew that downtown would be swarming with out-of-towners. The restaurant was called SarOvar and didn’t look very promising from the outside. Although, some of the best restaurants aren’t exactly crowd pleasers from the outside. When we first got there we both had trouble breathing……err. Basically we had heard how spicy this restaurant was from reviews and if you took a deep breath when entering the restaurant you could definitely tell that that was no lie. We were literally breathing in pepper particles……there was no mistaken it (yikes)! So strike one already… was hard not to cough every now and then from the peppery air quality. Then we sat there for a good 15 min. before a waitor/waitress even came to speak to us about the menu or anything. Alex has a great ability to go with the flow most of the time….whereas I get annoyed when I don’t receive the service I expect in restaurants. I was just telling Alex how I was about to get up and complain when our waitor came by and welcomed us. Strike 2. However, he turned out to be a really friendly guy….and we could tell that he probably was just really busy and didn’t realize how long we were there. Okay fine, Plus 1. We asked a lot of questions about the menu since it had options and meal deals we’d never seen before, our waitor was super knowledgeable about Indian cuisine and even steered us away from their Coconut Curry as he said the chef was still perfecting it……wow Thanks! Plus 2, we’ve broke even now. The food came out and I so wish I had brought my camera with me since the small cups of sauces and the meal itself was so intricate and we had so many choices! I ordered the vegetable Korma while Alex got the Chicken Tika Masala. Since we made both our meals “Thali” for an extra $3 we also received curried lentils, curried peppers, two different types of soups, yogurt sauce, and rice pudding. It was allll so delicious. Plus 3!

We left and popped in “Wonder Boys,” which we picked up at Blockbuster before we went to the restaurant. Alex had seen the movie before and loved it. It’s a dark comedy that is so quirky and well……unexpected. SO funny, if you haven’t seen it definitely go out and rent it (right away :-) Robert Downey Jr’s character was hilarious and Michael Douglas played a cooky professor just trying to deal with his life that is spiraling out of control!

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Some inspiration…

…I found a picture in a furniture magazine a few months back and decided I wanted to paint from it. So paint from it I did.

First I went out to Hobby Lobby and purchased the biggest canvas I’ve ever painted on! I love working big :-) Along with that I bought a new brush that was on sale as well as some liquin medium that helped to thin out my oils and allows the brush to glide more easily across the canvas.

The final product is attached! We’re now trying to find the perfect spot for it in our bedroom. It’s a bit large so that may prove harder than I had anticipated. oops!

I have a lot more painting ideas floating around in the cranium….now I just have to pick and choose.

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Sono nervosa…

…for my candidate of choice. A lot of people have been sharing their politically inclined posts lately so I thought I might share my thoughts as well. As you can see I’m an Obama supporter….and for the first time in my life I am excited for the upcoming election. I’m excited for the possibilities of change. The word has been flaunted throughout the campaign but I think this country is so ready for it.

After the Texas and Ohio primaries on the 4th I’m really nervous that Hillary is going to take after Bill and play “comeback kid” in this election. I still have the caucus results to rely on (which I proudly participated in). Here in Texas we do things our own way…of course :-) As Alex puts it, “it requires a degree in Quantum Physics to even begin to understand the cluster F$%#& of variables that are thrown into the Texas voting system.” To put it simply, if you vote in the Texas primaries (considered early voting and lasts for a few weeks) you’re eligible to vote in the Caucus….which basically counts your vote twice. Woop! They say we will have to patient for the results. However, I’ve received a slew of emails from other Obama supporters stating that dozens and dozens of precincts were overwhelmingly leaning towards Obama.

In the end, I just don’t think Hillary will have a chance against McCain and I want to put our best candidate forward to get the job done. I’m sure everything will change as the weeks progress…hopefully in Obama’s favor!

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Bridal Shower…….for me?!?!

I had a bridal shower thrown for me this past Saturday. I had known about it for almost a month. My cousins and aunt from Dallas and my mom threw it for me…..along with the help of my friend Sam and a neighbor from down the street. The food was great and I was able to see a lot of people I hadn’t seen in so long!

My cousins and myself

The wonderful Italian spread (of course!) There was a two-tiered Italian Cream Cake my cousin Jess made in the background

There was a toilet paper gown competition (I got to judge)

I opened lots of great gifts…..including panties and lingerie (EEEEEE!!!)

I’m not used to being the center of attention so opening a mountain of gifts in front of 30 some people was a little awkward….other than that everything was fine and dandy :-)

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